Hong Kong The 8/8/2020 Lions Gate Portal indicates accelerated ascension. Egypt Palestine The rose will be carried into the Apex of the Sedona Hexagram in sacred ceremony for the Lion’s Gate. When the portal fully opens on the 8th and the spiritual alignment happens, there is an intense surge of light which awakens our dormant DNA, activates our human energy field, and transmits high vibrational frequencies and codes of awakening. You have waited eons and transitioned through multiple lifetimes to be here, in this moment, present and fully in service to the divine. French Polynesia Croatia … This oil can awaken ones passion and purpose. Here are a couple ways to harness it: 2021 Bustle Digital Group. This year, it is quiet, for you have already passed through the Triple Eclipse Portal between the 5th of June and the 5th of July, and this prepared you for the Lions Gate. -- Select -- In ancient times those who followed the Path of the Rose understood the symbology of the leaf, stem and flower of the rose. South America Posted on:July 30, 2020. Canary Islands Channel Islands Montenegro It will be a time full of power. Things in our lives may have shifted and we may be feeling unsure or uncertain of … Vietnam You are invited to join us for our online Lions Gate Webinar Series. Channeled by Jenji at www.matahariji.com. It has … Phyllorhodomancy is known as the prophecy of the rose. Andorra Wonderful to use if one is experiencing heart-ache or disappointment from a broken relationship. TIME August 8th, 2020 8:08am your local time (it is recommended to use the guided audio below for this meditation) 1. 2020 Lions Gate : Online Webinar Series. Please don’t take this explanation as something you need to fear, instead see this as being handed guidelines and tools to maneuver these times. Lithuania Estonia Updated: Aug 5, 2020. Uganda Zimbabwe, Region * required It will start closing by 12 th August. Comoros Christmas Island Bahamas Philippines Facebook. Brunei August 8th is when the portal is fully open, so take the time to be in stillness. The sacred fire of the goddess creates new landscapes. Austria Dragon Power is the most profound source of power on the planet. The portal opening of 2020 will allow access into our ancient Atlantean memories. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness. So what is the lion's gate portal and the power of 8/8? This category can only be viewed by members. Thailand During this time, Sirius aligns with the Sun and the Earth grid. Our year – 2020 – is a symbolic influence this Lion’s Gate. For me, this year, Lion’s Gate feels particularly potent. The Lion’s Gate (also known as the Lion’s Portal/Stargate/Gateway) is marked by the yearly alignment between the Earth and the star, Sirius. Australia / NZ & Pacific Australia Singapore Togo Libya "Leo is a raging fire sign, and its energy can attract all it desires like a moth to a flame," Brown says. Come join us, and share/invite others. Denmark The Lion’s Gate portal is always potent, and each year different cosmic and planetary alignments add magnifying frequencies to this cosmic download. Lions Gate Portal 8.8.2020 Posted on August 8, 2020 by Aurum Astrology Every year on and around the 8th day of the 8th month of the year (August 8th), there is a cosmic alignment called “the Lions Gateway”. Turkmenistan Antigua & Barbuda By JENJI, July 28, 2020 Ascension report: 8:8 lions gate royal marriage codes & feline DNA activation Dearest brothers and sisters. Kyrgyzstan Breaking the Dreamspell. Virgin Islands (USA) The energy of Sirius and its alignment with the sun on 8/8 can help us channel the energy to "instantly manifest what we want," according to Brown. Wake Island Gibraltar "Civilizations as far back as the Dogon tribe of Africa, Sumer, and Ancient Egypt tracked the Sirius star system across the sky, despite lacking any modern technology," ascension guide and quantum shaman Laura Brown tells Bustle. The Lions Gate Portal will start on 26 th and will reach its full state on 8 th August. Dragon Power helps you create a sense of wellness and clarity in your life. Jamaica Azores St Vincent & Grenadines Venezuela Sudan South Africa The oils were charged in ceremony in the Temple of Isis, the Temple of Sekhmet and between the arms of the Great Sphinx. Every year we honor this sacred time, and invite you to share this special time with us. All of these factors carry majorly auspicious symbolism and work together to make Aug. 8 a particularly lucky day for manifesting success and turning your dreams into reality — so if you're into setting intentions or connecting with cosmic energy, you don't want to sleep on the opportunity. Lion’s Gate Portal 2020 By Tiffany. 2. Yes! Cayman Islands Belgium Nicaragua Mongolia Malta 8-8-20 Lions Gate Ascension Portal And Divine Union by RhianTF | Ascension Windows , Divine Union , Soulmate , Twin Flame Union In this article I share the information I’ve channeled for this week’s Lions Gate Portal on 8th August 2020 especially for Twin Flames and Soulmates on the Ascension path of … Being the eighth day of the eighth month of the year charges this date with the energy of success — and better enables us to set clear intentions and goals. It’s known as the Lion’s Gate Portal and it’s a big opportunity to step into a new dimension of self. All Communications Peru 20/20 is the designation given for perfect vision. what’s so special about the Lions Gate portal? We invite you to join us and meditate together with Moon Omens Soul Family. While this portal is open – it peaks on August 8th – inviting you to tune into the energy of being divinely supported by life and the Universe. Saudi Arabia Indonesia Iraq Let’s begin with the deets on the Lion’s Gate Portal … 13 th marks the time to move forward guided by the Heart of the Lion and the Royal Lion Star Teachers. 2020 Lions Gate : Message from Archangel Michael. Website by Purple Dog Design. St Kitts-Nevis Chile The rose was used as a divination tool to speak directly to one’s heart for truth and guidance. Channeled Message from Sirius on Lions Gate portal 2020 - with an energy report from Lucy - Symbiosis, The Breath of Life & the New Earth in our Alchemy. Angola Dominica Posted on October 14, 2020 at 2:20 PM Accelerated Ascension energies in October and November. The Flight of the Phoenix, The Golden Bridge and the 11/11 Portal, Celia Fenn, 14 October 2020. Beautiful 7 minute Meditation Video at YouTube - click image above. When you strike the two together it creates a sense of relaxation so one can go deeper into their own memory to uncover knowledge of their personal journey. Monthly Membership to our subscription only content. The gifts and challenges of 2020 will continue to be felt as we navigate this new landscape beyond any time and space we have ever known. The Lion’s Gate occurs when the sun is in the astrological sign of Leo (the Lion). Burundi Brazil I then post your rose talisman which allows you to attract anything you might wish into your life. The Lionsgate 88 Portal is activated by the numerology of 8/8, the Sun in Leo Season, and the rising of the star, Sirius. Vatican City State In recent past years, the Lions Gate has been relatively powerful, with Full Moons and Eclipses falling within the Gateway period. Cook Islands By JENJI, July 28, 2020 Ascension report: 8:8 lions gate royal marriage codes & feline DNA activation Dearest brothers and sisters. Pitcairn Island Colombia Belarus The illusion is wearing off and it’s time to embrace truth. Grenada Nepal Extra patience, gentleness, kindness and emotional strength will be needed in moving forward through the thick layer of confusion and deception we are seeing. "As this portal bathes us with this energy, we are primed to get our manifesting flex on." This powerful oil revitalizes your energy field, helping to restore balance as we continue to integrate the higher frequencies of light that can create a sense of overwhelm, confusion and worry. It also protects one from negative influences and vibrations that lower you being in a state of higher love. The sound frequency of this tuning fork once again accesses the code stored within your own DNA that transcends time and space and allows tapping into the teachings of Maria Magdalena. The sound frequency is such a high vibration that it can instantaneously realign us to the stars, opening and balancing the chakra system, activating dormant telepathic centers. Faroe Islands East Timor Finland Cuba We know that this is a time when many individuals there on Earth who want to be of service are expecting to receive a bit more. The seed that holds the wisdom and remembrance of our soul purpose. Korea South Which is joined by the great Pyramids Of Giza creating a gateway of energy. The peak of the LIGHT of the “Lion’s Gate Portal” on Saturday, August 8th, was indeed intense and potent. So I’ve created a video (above) on how to make the most of the entire portal period (July 26 – August 12) as well as the apex date of 8/8. After the intensity of the events of 2020, we find ourselves looking for a little extra celestial magic in the Skies. Annual Membership to our subscription only Sabbat Celebrations content. Kenya The Lions Gate has ties to ancient Egypt and for Thousands of years has been observed and honored as a time of a great energetic portal opening. The lion is passion, the lion … The lion is a royal animal, it symbolizes power, inner strength, courage and is strong connected with the heart space. The memory of truth behind her role as an initiate from the House of David and a High Priestess from the Temple of Isis. Sirius in astrology is associated with wealth, passion, honor, and even fame and riches, while the glittering sun is all about confidence, willpower, and self-expression. Niue The Lions Gate portal occurs when the sun enters the sign of Leo As a Zodiac Sign, Leo is associated with the heart center and represents our unique and personal expression of the Divine. This gateway is marked by an alignment between the Earth and the star Sirius. Sao Tome & Principe United Arab Emirates The star Sirius (which is the second brightest star in the sky, next to our sun) is sometimes referred to as the "Spiritual Sun" — and that's because in astrology and other mystical practices, it's known to light up the spirit and help to illuminate our higher-minded goals and ambitions. The Lions Gate is a time of increased cosmic energy flowing between the physical and spiritual realms. Search for the memory of the golden pink sunsets. Numerology is often fascinating! Obviously 8/8 is one of the luckiest days of the year for manifesting, but what should we do to connect with it? Greetings of the most high. As the Lion’s Gate is being fully flung open, take a moment to write down what you would like to heal or purge from your life, what you want to continue to develop and nurture, as well as a list of at least five things you love and adore about yourself. Macau Asia / India Latvia Isle of Man Portugal The Portal Gate. The Lions Gate Portal will start on 26 th and will reach its full state on 8 th August. Burkina Faso We are talking about the opening of the Lions Gate Portal. Jordan Cape Verde We come forward now in this moment of your time, to share with you some essential and sacred information regarding the upcoming 8:8 lions gate portal… Samoa In recent past years, the Lions Gate has been relatively powerful, with Full Moons and Eclipses falling within the Gateway period. Get all our news and updates direct to your inbox! Sirius is 20% larger than our Sun. Lions gate portal is when the Sun and Sirius are synchronized together, creating a supercharged energy frequency. Honduras St Eustatius You’re always creating your reality, but when the Gate is open, everything moves faster and with intensified energy. As the Grand Reset continues, this is a powerful time to open the collective heart. Since the events that occurred at the Capitol in Washington DC on January 6th many... It’s a new era and a new year gifting us with the opportunity to live... New Moons bring a fresh start, and a new beginning. The Lionsgate 88 Portal is activated by the numerology of 8/8, the Sun in Leo Season and the rising of the Sirius Star. Weave The Web Martinique Sweden This combination of energy opens a galactic portal that allows high vibrational energy to be sent to Earth, which we can all tune in and connect with. Let's talk cosmos. St Maarten So, this year, you begin the transit as in the Sun moves into Leo, and as the Sun … Share this: Share Bahrain Montserrat August 1, 2020. Archangel Metatron Channeling. By Dr.Schavi M. Ali. 4 Lion’s Gate Portal 2019 Meditations To Help You Manifest … Tap on the video below or search in youtube’s search “moon omens” and you’ll find our channel as well as scheduled meditation video. This year, it is quiet, for you have already passed through the Triple Eclipse Portal between the 5th of June and the 5th of July, and this prepared you for the Lions Gate. Equatorial Guinea Cameroon Albania Accessibility Help. Meanwhile, the sun is at its most powerful point of the year (given that it's the height of summer and it's in its home sign of Leo), which gives this cosmic lineup even more vitality and energy. Papua New Guinea There are two tuning forks in this high vibrational healing tool. Israel You will begin to clearly see the relationship dynamics or negative situations that are personally causing you disharmony. This is where the Sun is in Leo and we witness the star Sirius moving closer to Earth, which is seen in alignment with Orion’s belt. 2. All rights reserved. "[The sun in] Leo is a natural leader that goes after what it wants." Cote D'Ivoire She is an international teacher and the founder of White Wolf Journeys, an enterprise specializing in creating transformational experiences to sacred sites around the world and inner journeys of self-discovery. The Lionsgate 88 Portal Posted on 08/03/2020 by EraOfLight — 1 Comment ↓ The Lionsgate 88 Portal is activated by the numerology of 8/8, the Sun in Leo Season, and the rising of the star, Sirius.