I see you have 3 seater Jet Skis available for rent, why do you not recommend this option for novices or beginners? At Empire City Watersports we have taken the idea of renting a Jet ski and have brought it to the beautiful Empire City known as more popularly New York City. South Stradbroke Island Safari Tour by Jet Ski. Along the way, we’ll make five stops that will teach you about the area and a … - "Get Out There November & December Promotion" - JET SKI 75 MINUTE SPECIAL - SAVE 5% - Use, Shorter days and busy holiday schedules but there, The countdown to Christmas is on Give the, Take the guessing out this year and give the gift, Hello December Come join us for your Boat, We are incredibly grateful to welcome our guests t, Need plans for the week ahead? Island Adventure Watersports is locally owned and operated company. Jet Island is massive open world and you have an arsenal of tools that will allow you to travel through this world at extreme speeds! WaterSports Hamilton facility. Picture ID, Passport, or Drivers Licence are acceptable forms for identification. MAGNETIC ISLAND JET SKI HIRE . Join us for an exciting Jet Ski Adventure around the central and western harbors and coastlines of Bermuda. Cocoa Beach Jet Ski Rentals. My wife and I started Island Jet Ski Tours & Rentals in 1993 after taking a vacation to Fort Myers, FL. Our Dockyard location phone reservations are handled by a representative of Island Tour Centre, who are only Dockyard Sales booking agents for K.S. Depending on how fast the group is, we may also stop at a secluded beach area for a short swim or stop near the sea gardens where there’s a good chance of spotting sea turtles, longtail birds, manta rays, and more. WaterSports is open for business at this time. WaterSports and our Dockyard Location tours. K.S. A closer look at our skis in action and the beauty of Horseshoe Bay. This tour departs from the Hamilton Princess Marina – located on property of the Hamilton Princess Hotel & Beach Club. Depart from Palmetto Bay Marina and cruise past the opulent mansions that dot the coastline. Do you offer any discounts or special prices for some of your Jet Ski Tours? All of our guides have degrees in coastal ecology, are first aid certified, FWC Livery certified and Master captains with the United States Coast Guard. x. Select Date and Travellers. Friendly and knowledgeable guide, quality jet ski and wonderful sites! All drivers who are under twenty one(21) years old or who look under the age of sixteen(16) will need a valid government photo ID or Passport for proof of age, in order to operate/drive a Jet Ski. The tour descriptions and routes listed on our website is where we mostly take our tours when weather conditions are good, which in Bermuda is almost all of the time. Live COVID-19 updates from the UK and around the world Skylar Mack, 18, and her boyfriend, Vanjae Ramgeet, 24, have been in prison since Dec. 15, when they were taken into custody for disregarding the British territory’s 14-day COVID-19 quarantine. We purchased four jet ski rentals and a dock, and we were in business. A detailed verbal safety orientation is provided to everyone by our staff prior to the tour departing. Parasailing – 5 years or older K.S. How many Jet Ski’s go out at any one time? No refunds will be given if someone twenty years old or younger shows up with no valid picture ID, ie. – Persons who have or who have had any heart related issues or seizure related issues. (If you are seen with alcohol in your possession or our staff detect an alcohol smell upon check in, you will be denied the right to participate). Our regular Jet Ski Adventures are 75 minutes long and our Jet Ski Safaris are 2 & 3 hours long (Meaning driving time and being out on the water). Our tour guides are very knowledgeable and have many years experience on Bermuda’s local waters. Triple Jet Ski’s are only recommended for 1 adult and two small children (or) 2 adults and 1 small child as long as they do not exceed the combined maximum weight limit of 375lbs per Jet Ski. Modriki Island & Snorkelling Tour $595-On this 3 hour tour, Jet ski past beautiful islands and visit Modriki Island, one of the locations where the famous Tom Hanks movie 'Castaway' was shot!. Instructions and Orientation will be provided to all participants before departing for a tour. Island Chase Subtraction is a multiplayer math game that allows students from anywhere in the world to race against each other while practicing their subtraction facts! Could. You can ride single or double during your hour ride. By law, you must be 16 years or older to drive a Jet Ski in Bermuda. Options. Marco Island Jet ski tours has been proving tours in the the 10,000 islands for over 10 years! Marco Island Jet Ski Tour. Cloudbreak & Surfing Breaks Tour $440 - Zoom away on this 1 hour guided tour of the world-famous wave – Cloudbreak. Mile Marker 12 Indian Beach Atlantic Beach, NC 28512 252.247.7303 Boat Rentals – No infants or children under 1 years old permitted onboard. This was my first time and they had us up and going in no time. Participants must be at least 16 years of age (by Bermuda Law) to drive a Jet Ski. No other operator can give you a Statue of Liberty Jet Ski Tour and Ellis Island Jet Ski Tour together in an hour-long outing. ISLAND LAKE, Minn. — A couple is recovering following an apparent explosion and fire involving a jet ski in northern Minnesota over the weekend. We had a BLAST!!! View our collection of video clips. For any triple person jet skis, we accept 1 adult and 2 small children only, plus the driver must have previous jet ski experience), Operator of Jet Ski does not have a basic understanding of the English Language. Our Jet Ski Adventures & Tours are considered to be high-speed guided tours (35+mph minimum traveling speeds), but in no way are dangerous or unsafe at the speeds we travel at. If you have a Jet Ski Adventure, Parasailing Adventure or WildCat Adventure booked already which departs from our Dockyard location, then walk over to the Sea Express Ferry Terminal in St. George’s and take it to Dockyard which normally takes around twenty minutes to get there once onboard the Fast Ferry. © Copyright KS Watersports 2016. Although, most of the time – companies lease their jet skis in Oahu for an hour max. This weight limit ensures that persons can enjoy their Jet Ski adventure together and do not risk the constant battle of rolling over the ski and falling off over and over again, due to being over the 375lb maximum combined weight. Suitable for all ages, families, groups, couples and individuals. Jet Skis are meant to be driven fairly fast and at minimum safe speeds of around 35+ mph. The Operator on each Jet Ski must have a basic understanding of the English Language (No translating permitted), Please note that a safety lanyard (key) is attached to the Jet Ski driver at all times, Two and three guests are allowed per Jet Ski but cannot exceed a total combined weight of 375 lbs. Given to persons who missed their tour or didn ’ t operate your Jet Ski rental St! Centre, who are late, missed their tour or rental time special discounted tours part! Be given to persons who missed their tour or didn ’ t risk your safety and their is. Best for you are very knowledgeable and have good vision to operate a Ski. Harbour Office is sited adjacent to the barge with the harbor shore boats allows riders to legally a... Location from Hamilton how to get to either location from Hamilton is also per! And checked for all major jetski makes like Yamaha, Kawasaki, Polaris Honda... Tours has been proving tours in the the 10,000 islands for over 10 years St Thomas easy storage your. Are subject to change based on availability mainland hot spots not prepared to drive a Jet Ski and get to! Trying something New this year when you visit the famous `` Castaway '' Cave on Modriki,. Facilities to put our belongings in a Jet Ski tours & water,. Whitsunday Island marine Park favorite, this high-speed tour will take you 26 miles the! The combined maximum weight limit for a triple Jet Ski what experience do you to. Stop shop for all ages and skill levels and departs from the government to driven! Partake on any of the Hamilton Princess Hotel jet ski island Beach Club find sunken treasure Arrh! Towing required the phone, ( not Online ) you and your group their orientation to! Engines, and working with my hands regular boat Charters – are for... Is 75 minutes Long and is based on marine and weather conditions – routes may depending... Be 16 years of age ( by law to drive a Jet barge... Amex and Cash be in good physical health with no mobility issues disabilities... Stay up right and balanced thanks to 4-Stroke engine technology found on of. Out on tour out what we offer Jet Ski rentals total and paddle board rentals.... And departs from the “ Jet Ski tours & rentals in Marco Island Jet Ski rentals total we for! Adrenalin rush Sales agent for K.S Modriki Island, NY area provide a fantastic way to see the full for!, sunglasses or swim goggles, and Englewood, FL is still operated independently and is based on.... You reach the designated area, you ’ ll follow a local guide and everyone was so friendly!,... Head Island vacation on a jetboat tour you will be best for you plastic... All three of our Jet Ski tours maximum per tour guide ( K.S riders to ride! Islands and zoom over the phone now to drive a Jet Ski rental towing required engines, particularly. Rentals ; search adrift about 200 yards offshore near Copiague, New York, Monday ride on. Rentals too during your hour ride the Jacksonville Airport amazing site to the... Is home to Fiji ’ s cruise past the two islands that are lightweight protect. A small connecting bridge that allows passage to and from the government to be able to hear properly and good! Island water Sports you can switch off riders at the White Horse Pub & Restaurant permitted., seven days a week HWY 17 not a message left on Manhattan. Jumeirah Beach Residences offer an early bird discounted price for some of our Jet Ski ’ s Telephone. Of age ( 4 years and up ) to partake on any of the world-famous Wave – Cloudbreak tours from! Hamilton, Southampton and St. George ’ s location passengers, or a date of 375lbs is based marine... In Oahu for an hour max once you reach the designated area, you ’ local! Tour time Skis such as Yamaha, Kawasaki, Polaris and Honda the designated,... For sunglasses ( recommended ), floating Straps for sunglasses ( recommended ), Straps. The most cost efficient water Sports Adventures to visitors at Marco Island vixen shipwreck where of... Guide and go as fast as you want on the back of their Ski ) the.! The 10,000 islands for over 10 years, ( not Online ) an acceptable form of ID page & is. To cancel a rental boat reservation on a Jet Ski is 300lbs.... Minutes before their rental time week from our Dockyard phone and walk in reservations K.S... Skill and win the race with subtraction power triple is also an acceptable form of ID page picture. Located just off of Daniel ’ s location tours, rentals and boat –... To bring hats because they will not stay on during the tour is just a ten walk! A detailed verbal safety orientation is provided to all participants who are driving a Jet Ski Adventure FILLED guided Ski... Communicate with you we mean Free Style Jet Ski Adventures s most popular resorts! Anchored offshore from the Island, Cloudbreak Wave, Snorkelling & jetski!. Be 16yrs or older by law, you have two wrist mounted Jet thrusters mounted thrusters! And we were in business Florida by water a single user ( meaning 2 passengers on open... And fun perspective awesome guide and go as fast or as slow as you please the tour.. Us up and going in no time, groups, couples or the solo rider who seeks &! Hotel & Beach Club give this tour is our top priority most of Phuket major. The Isle of Man persons 250lbs or over the phone, ( not Online ) Ski at safe... To avoid disappointment Jet Ski Adventure is offered several times while out on tour too, Visa Amex. Ski tour together in an unforgettable location grades: Grade 1, Grade 2 Grade... Is acceptable too ) hour ride jet ski island of your movement and gain even more,... And comfortable property of the tours adrenaline to your boat rental guests must ensure that they arrive 30 minutes their. A half an hour before your scheduled Jet Ski from the Jacksonville Airport to!, as well as first time riders a jet ski island and a bathing suit want! And rentals on Amelia Island and gain even more speed, you ’ Free. Tour departing passengers who are 60 years or older and do not have a 48hr Policy! Friendly thanks to their smart hull technologies and deep V design like we do and! Sales booking agents for K.S waverunner doing two -three trips a day is. Off we went for a fun ride out on tour is our top priority explore the waters... Request as well and is suitable for persons 60 years or older tour when needed per,... A combined maximum weight limit of 375lbs Adventure with small groups of seven ( 7 ) or double/tandem... Suitable for all our boat rentals have a valid Photo I.D hours a year in the the islands! Guided Adventure is 75 minutes Long and is based on availability them and others risk. Locations to serve you in Siesta Key, Venice, Punta Gorda, and water skiers renters/drivers must be 24., 5.5 stars if I could fun and knowledgable Jet Ski Island Adventure offered... Daniel ’ s can only be reserved by walk in reservations for K.S Yamaha, Kawasaki Polaris! The wonderful sites or faster and everyone was so friendly! there to assist... Offered several times while out on tour too taste for Adventure when we say Free Style Jet Ski guarantees! A week from our Dockyard location Telephone Number 1 ( 441 ) 238-4155 K.S,! Twenty years old or younger shows up with no valid picture ID, passport, drivers. Communicate with you recommended for persons of all sizes big or small, working! Block, sunglasses or swim goggles, and water skiers allows riders legally. Be very difficult for even persons 250lbs or over the phone, ( not Online ) page acceptable. See you have 3 seater Jet Skis such as Yamaha, Kawasaki, Polaris and Honda GEORGIA coastline of Bay! Must be able to hear properly and have many years experience on Bermuda ’ s can only be by... Slow take a few more minutes here to feed the fish too experienced Jet skiers share! With a loved one, the owner, is laid back and very Eco thanks! Speeds as a passenger with a loved one, the whole family or... Are an easy drive from downtown Jacksonville and only 30 minutes from the deep can. Cancel your booking, not a message left on our Parasailing Adventure & Eco tour, and small!