Depending on how long you've been driving it like that. Had to wait till the next day while my car sat in an autozone over night . I can reach over into the rear compartment and push against the padded leather column on which the retracted seat belt is hanging vertically and the noise immediately stops.. Long story man . You want your BMW to continue to provide a smooth ride throughout Mobile, and to do that, it requires care and making sure everything is in working order. If I���m even going like 40mph and there is uneven surface I don���t hear anything. 184000 mi US $1500: Power steering hose leaking. Bimmerfest - BMW Forums > BMW Model Discussions > 3 Series & 4 Series > F30 / F31 / F32 / F33 / F34 / F36 (2012 - current) > 2013 335i squeaking brakes PDA 2013 335i squeaking brakes I recently had a new alternator and brakes put on my 2003 BMW X5 (4.4i). I���m having horrible squeaking/creaking noises coming from the front drivers side area of my car. It makes this LOUDDD whistling high pitch sound when i'm at a red light, or in park. It stops after a while. There is also a clicking noise that i hear but i cant point out if it is coming from that side of the car, i can only hear it when i am driving slow. ... no CD charger), is making a static noise from all speakers after driving for a while (about 30 ��� The noise is typically described as a humming noise and ��� As I step on the gas the noise becomes louder. ... all G37S has a annoying squeaking while going in reverse due to its larger break design. After around 30 mins of driving, the clutch pedal on my car starts squeaking. I have been driving the car for about 3 months and it started 3 weeks ago. Bmw squeaking noise while driving Bmw squeaking noise while driving Intermittent squeaking noise coming from suspension. this noise only happens when the engine has been running for a while.. like 15-20 minutes. Had to tow to shop. Reservoir and hose replaced. When the squeaking begins, it's while driving with the top up. My car has a manual transmission. A metal tab (brake wear indicator) attached to the brake pad backing plate will rub against the rotor *PE UPDATED 1/11/13. This does not seem to me to be in the area of the window cassette seals, which by the way look absolutely new on this 8K mile car which is always garaged. BMW Makes Noise When Braking. I've owned 3 BMW's, including an '08 335i, ... Only happens up to 25mph and any faster the squeaking noise goes away. The whole turbo system was replaced by dealer under BMW extended warrantty for turbo in 335i N54 engine per class-action suit. The average cost for BMW 335i xDrive Drive Belt Replacement is $127. It's coming from the front of the engine. Do you know what may be causing this? 2016 bmw x1 brake noise while driving and not braking Hi guys, I've been following this website and reading all the threads since I got my x1 November of 2015. I can hear it inside the car with windows up or down. Not sure if you can hear it from the outside or not. After a while it stops and starts again. Then the engine kicks in and the car moves a little even when holding the break.. Any idea what this could be? Water pump failed while driving. My x1 is the 2016 f48 X drive model, the car is a little over 10 months old at this time but I only have 5000 miles on it. I have experienced a squealing/squeaking noise from a N55 135i before which wasn't belt/tensioner related, it was the front main seal and a rather common issue apparently. Bmw 323i Squeaking noise. ... then didn���t have a bolt to use to add the new pulley on. sptt144. Worn brake pads can result in a loud squeaking or grinding noise while driving, especially at low speeds. ... You will hear a squeaking noise in most cases, ... BMW Makes Noise When Driving. 1 Answer. One such method is to drive past an observer at a low speed while applying the brakes. Not fixed on "completion ... Noticeable humming noise while driving. ... are you aware of the bmw 335i with the m package. Aside from the break dust, I can not stand this issue about my car. Replaced water pump and thermostat. It is only when going over bumps or uneven road surfaces at low speeds. 08-10-2013, 11:56 PM. *PE Read More » I won't own another BMW for a while. Drive belts become noisy because they start to dry out, crack and become glazed which causes them to slip on the pulleys until they warm up, at which point the noise will go away. No issues that I can tell while driving t ��� read more BMW 335i GT xDrive Squealing noise when steering wheel is turned Inspection costs $85 on average. To diagnose it you simply open the oil cap with the engine running while the squealing noise is there, if the noise goes away when you open the cap then you know its that front main seal. My car has 40000 miles. lately i keep hearing squeaking noise ��� 2007 BMW 325i After I stop, there is kind of a buzzing noise coming from ther rear right end of the car, right by the rear right tire. Drop it off at our shop and pick it up a few hours later, or save time and have our Delivery mechanics come to you. If you hear a squealing noise while turning the steering wheel, ... A complete power steering failure while driving can be very dangerous and unexpected for even the most experienced drivers. Drives: Graphite 2008 BMW 335i SP. However, if I leave the car for a while and then come back to it, the noise has stopped. Replacing your brake pads early may prevent the brake rotors ��� when i accelerate it goes away.. kinda. Is the squeaking noise I'm hearing coming from the "idler pulley"? I've recently started noticing some squeaking from somewhere on the front end while driving at low speeds. I know this thread is old but my '09 335i makes the same noise. If your exhaust system is loose and wiggles back and forth, I would expect that it could make a squeaking noise ... Having same issues bmw 2013 , squeaking when I accelerate , sounds like the passenger wheel Squealing noise while driving. Join Date: Jan 2012. Location: Springfield, VA. iTrader: squeaking noise while driving. 80000 mi: Turbo whining/cracking sound detected while changing oil at dealer. Should you hear a squealing noise coming from your BMW, the best course of action is to bring it to the attention of our service center, as we���ll work to identify the cause and fix it for you. Loud squeaking or squealing noises after startup are commonly caused by worn drive belts. There is now a squealing sound that happens only when the car is in motion. My 2003 325 bmw makes a squeaking squealing noise when I start it. BMW 335i xDrive Drive Belt Replacement RepairSmith offers upfront and competitive pricing. If you hear noise when driving, the most likely cause is a bad wheel bearing. I have bmw E60 545i i having a problem while turning the steering wheel on the right i can hear a noise what could cause ... Hi i have a 2007 BMW 335i coupe, and there are noise when i turn my steering wheel left to right, ... hi i have a 2005 545i e60. bmw: while driving vehicle, at times would be rough running; white or blue smoke seen exiting exhaust system and the engine oil is consumed above specifications. The noise was not there when driving straight, ... in many cases, as noise. BMW 323i: Engine has a squeaking noise coming from the front ... 1999 BMW 328i E46 Sometimes I can hear a whining noise as if a belt was slipping. A Bmw 335i Gt X Drive Brake Rotor Replacement costs between $332 and $796 on average. Also the squeaking comes and goes, it is not always there and when it is there and i apply the breaks it is still there.