CesiumJS is a JavaScript library for creating 3D globes and 2D maps in a web browser without a plugin. If you're new to JavaScript, you may be wondering what the difference is between using a classic `for` loop versus using the `forEach()` method on arrays. Must include the javascript file with the name of the map you want. Reply to mkyong . Leaflet is a JavaScript library that became popular for creating mobile friendly Web maps applications. Polymaps is a JavaScript mapping library for creating interactive maps with both SVG-based vectors as well as tile-based maps for raster data. Read this tutorial to learn how to use Leaflet library with PHP and MySQL to create an alternative to Google Maps and implement it on your site. In this post, I'd like to discuss why you might want to choose one over the other. sudheer kumar. Google Maps is a favorite for its geolocation services worldwide. Examples of how to do common event, element, ajax and utility operations with plain javascript. Read on to see how that works. Thanks for your sharing, So, do you have alternative way to sort a Map by ts value? As an alternative, I would suggest using SVG, which avoids these limitations entirely: Accurate SVG maps of every nation and the world are already available for free (Wikipedia is a great resource, as is Régis Freyd’s MapsIcon project) with plotted outlines that can easily be turned into hyperlinked hotspots. Get code examples like "map alternative javascript to return only true items" instantly right from your google search results with the Grepper Chrome Extension. map. With the power and scope of GIS growing as new tools become available, Jason Baker’s article on opensource.com celebrated the arrival of GIS Day on November 19 by discussing three viable alternatives to Google Maps API for creating interactive web maps for a range of use cases. To show how the segments get decoded I will be referencing Mozilla's Source Map JavaScript library. This then lets us know that line 1 (lines are kept count by the semi colons) column 0 of the generated file maps to file 0 (array of files 0 is foo.js), line 16 at column 1. Regardless, I hate to say that I think you're giving bad advice here. This is a JavaScript library which allows you to use Apple Maps on your website. Let’s look at how we can find a particular element in all the four built-in javascript objects for different use-cases. directions google-maps gps map-online maps navigation routing satellite street-map. Use Object.entries(obj) to get an array of key/value pairs from obj. I have done this in the cartogram below. Unions of string literal types # Let’s start with an enum and convert it to a union of string literal types. How to perform common operations in JavaScript where you might use loops, using map(), filter(), reduce() and find() Published Apr 13, 2018 , Last Updated Apr 16, 2018 Loops are generally used, in any programming language, to perform operations on arrays: given an array you can iterate over its elements and perform a calculation. Its syntax is as follows − array.splice(index, howMany, [element1][, ..., elementN]); Parameter Details. Google Maps JavaScript API error: MissingKeyMapError; For web developers: If you have access to the source code of your application, look for the