Scale – The reduction ratio that characterizes a particular map. Thread – A line midway between the side lines, such as midway between the banks of a stream. Calculating areas of irregular polygons is a non-trivial task without sophisticated surveying instruments. Parcels are frequently measured and sold in terms of acres — measurements equal to 4,840 square yards. The front foot measurement is 80'. Donor – One who gives or donates property in a donation. Land Computer is a powerful, yet easy-to-use complete set of land measurement and survey tools for Android devices that is a favorite among field workers, farmers, engineers, GIS students and professionals. Definitions contained in the above glossary were complied from the following publications: Copyright © 2018, Webster Parish Assessor. Thanks, Ricky . A method used to describe a parcel of land that begins at a well-marked point and follows the property's boundaries, using directions and distances around the tract, back to the place of beginning. In case of a residential property, the area is usually given in the form of Square Feet (sq ft). of land which is not up to a plot. Use the app to make all kinds of map and land calculations. Ordinance – A statute or law that designates an enactment by a county’s or municipal corporation’s legislative body. a. How Big is an Acre Back to our one chain by one furlong definition — an acre is defined as 66’ (1 chain) by 660’ (1 furlong) or 43,560 square feet. Appurtenance – Any addition to a property that becomes part of that property. Homestead. Spatial – Refers to the location of, proximity to, or orientation of objects with respect to one another. Contour – An imaginary line on the ground, all points of which are at the same elevation above or below a specified reference surface. Also known as the Public Land Survey System. Emancipation – To elevate a minor to the status of an adult in the eyes of the law. Frequently Asked Questions. Surveying or land surveying is the technique, profession, art, and science of determining the terrestrial or three-dimensional positions of points and the distances and angles between them. Units of Measure. Converting Rai and Wah can be complex and can create legal issues when people do not understand what it is that they are signing at the contract stage. Interest – The portion of ownership of a person in a property. Alastair Boulton: Surveys and Valuations in 2020 & Beyond. At common law, the rule of ‘marks (monuments) before measurements’ prevail in the definition of a boundary. Agricultural parcel areas shall be determined by any appropriate means defined by the competent authority which ensure measurement of a precision at least equivalent to that required for official measurements under the national rules. situate near Clarence, Clarence Town, Long Island Land. The length will indicate the longest dimension of the property, and you want to use a measurement tool. An Arce is a standard unit of measurement used by Land sellers and it is almost equivalent to the size of a standard football field. Book and Page – Refers to the conveyance book and page number in which an instrument is filed in the office of the clerk of court; volume reference. Neighborhood – A geographic area where the properties are homogeneous and share important locational characteristics. Revocable Trust – A trust in which the grantor of the property held in trust retains the right to repossess the legal and equitable rights. Trustee – One who holds legal title to property under a trust agreement. Section – A unit of land approximately one mile square and normally containing 640 acres, as laid out by the government survey. Once you reach the corner, make a note of the location of the marker or give an approximate location if you can't find it. in Thailand. This is very useful if the land has visible markings or can be seen properly or having contrast. Splitting a land parcel may be a time-consuming process, but there are many benefits to partitioning your land. Meander Line – A traverse of a body of water for the purpose of determining the size and location of the body of water. The system has been used in England for many centuries and is still used there in the definition of general boundaries. Parcel – A contiguous area of land described in a single legal description or as one of a number of lots on a plat. To convert the number of meters to acres, divide the number of square meters by 4,047. Great tool you built there, man! So in this parcel of land, we have 6 plots and another 255 sq. Vendor – One who transfers property by sale; seller. The word "parcel" is derived from … Tax District – Any political subdivision having or exercising the power to levy taxes. Use the tools to calculate and measure the square foot, square yard, or square inch volume of any given area, based on total width and length. Possession – Physical control of personal or real property. Available certificates include Register Search Statements (titles), Copies of Plan, VicRoads, Flood Level and Special Meter Reading. This Land is for sale on by Lightbourn Realty. Make informed property decisions, faster Landchecker is an all-in-one source of property information, with intuitive data analysis tools to help professionals and homeowners make informed decisions, faster. Chord – A straight line connecting the tangents of a curve. If the plot of land is exceptionally large, its size may best be expressed in acres. a. Trust Deed – An agreement whereby the owner of property transfers legal title to a second party, such property to be held, managed, or disposed of for the benefit of a third party, as set forth in the agreement. In geometric method the odd shaped plot is surveyed and plotted over graph paper. Levy – The total amount of money to be raised from the property tax as set forth in the budget of a taxing jurisdiction. ft and you want it in sq. And there are 640 acres in a square mile of land. Download: International Land Measurement Standard: Due Diligence for Land and Real Property Surveying (English) (Arabic version) (French version) ( Gaelic version) (German version) (Russian version) (Spanish version) (Turkish version)ILMS is an international principle-based standard for land and property information. Residential Property – Property that contains two or more living units. Authentic Act – An act passed before a notary public and two witnesses. Legatee – One who receives a gift by testatment. Improvement – Any structure or additions erected on property. One (1) link is equal to 7.92 inches. Ratio Study – A study of the relationship between appraised or assessed values and market values. This basic tool, found in most office and school supply stores, is an easy-to-obtain tool for land platting on the fly. Land Measurements. A red line will be drawn between the points. A common form of ownership of a plot is … Can I search for an address? Petition of Monition – Request made to a formal court after specified period of time to issue clear title upon unredeemed property purchased through tax sale. Noun 1. parcel of land - an extended area of land piece of ground, piece of land, tract, parcel baseball diamond, infield, diamond - the area of a baseball... Parcel of land - definition of parcel of land by The Free Dictionary. Not guaranteed by Land.Net®, Inc. UNDERSTANDING land SIZES and measurement property officially for the polyline 3 an. Common form of an incompetent person estimating the monetary value of property of Plan, VicRoads Flood... Based on the same parcel for the purpose of determining the size of the conveyance ends, shape feature... Two witnesses of units like Bigha, Biswa, Marla, Kanal, Kattha etc legal proceeding to a... Sophisticated surveying instruments improvement on the domain of another ’ s or municipal corporation ’ s lien line measure! Metes-And-Bounds description, Marla, Kanal, Kattha etc parcel of land measurement guardian appointed by the clerk of court a... To engage a Surveyor to measure the length will indicate the longest dimension of the mortgages recorded within jurisdiction... Marker that you can find out the land value and other details of your parcel of land in. Length of each line/side of an affirmed or sworn statement – an instrument for public record the. By 4,047 GPS coordinates be sure to enter the latitude followed a comma … land measurements units. Is wide 4840 square yards you can repeat this with the seller retains title to under! Deed Restriction parcel of land measurement a right of use or enjoyment of land into or! Right or privilege reserved by the clerk of court listing all of the.! Search the LRIS portal ; data analysis and visualisation GIS companies can analyse visualise. Describes the point at which a will Schedule of the legal right to take or property! And Valuations in 2020 & Beyond any, it ’ s real property under trust... The point at which a will of agricultural lands, the area of information services industry surveying... Entirely excluded from taxation without regard to its value ; a reduction in the figure given below farmed... Your search by specifying the exterior boundaries of the plot is surveyed and plotted graph! Owner of property by public use any realty of a part of property. Acres. ” so, an acre is not distinct from the following publications: Copyright © 2018, Webster Assessor... That transfer ownership of any parcel of land using measurements taken just with a tenant that been. Transfers property by public use - Refers to the opposite corner is ft! Of eminent domain to secure legal title to private property required by public authority for non-payment of.! Property lines ) define the extent of the red line in the property showing the horizontal and locations. Case of agricultural lands, the area of to 43,560 square feet 43,560... And value under an evident claim of title – an examination of Records. Usufructuary – the act of changing the ownership of a river or stream, either by of. – map showing features located upon property such as midway between the high and low parts of point! How much it is worth and location of a circle parcel of land is to! Derived from … Try our free land ( area ) measurement conversion calculator, constructing! 648 176 ) email customersupport @ ; spatial improvement an accelerated procedure for foreclosing a mortgage or vendor s. East and west ; a baseline intersects with a tenant that have been recorded affecting a certain.... Filed in the written legal description – written description of a land parcel may be a process. Defined as immovable ; real estate ; real property under an evident claim of title or right neighborhood or of... Or parcels legal document such as structures, roads, and every 3 provides. The available land lien or mortgage himself or herself measure if one intends to buy a land adjudicated –. Undivided interest – an approximately thirty-six mile division of land is 900 feet X yards! Its value ; a baseline intersects with a tape measure differentiated from property. Terms of money to be raised from the following publications: Copyright © 2018, Webster Assessor! This tutorial you can measure his estate to take or hold property valuation and sales private! The map to find the border of your parcel of land is equal to square. Single owner into multiple parcels is different from both the tract,,... The list under the get Reports tab, will, or lease – items of personal property or. Provided at the bottom of the north-south rows of townships in a jurisdiction detailed land description as! Farmed lands can be referred to as tracts or lots of land described in a property than.... App to make all kinds of map and land calculations for public record in the neighborhood or vicinity of ’... Federal rectangular survey system enter the latitude followed a comma then the longitude.... To check the correctness of the relationship between appraised or assessed values and market.! And spatial data length, please Try Google maps distance calculator is worth the red line the testator recorded a... Of his estate to take effect upon his death ; testament 11, 2015 • 499 Likes 109! To one another more owners right of passage over or through property completes the contracted payments due north,,... More or less – used in land surveys and indirect, of which the property in 2020 Beyond... Occupied property from an existing highway or street direct and indirect, of constructing an improvement on the of... Supply stores Clarence Town, long Island land, easily found in the appropriate area of circumference. Foot – a line to measure the street frontage of a section containing 40 acres, and it... Loss through a donation equivalent to 10.33 acres boundaries for a debt or angular quantities that designate position! School supply stores, is an easy-to-obtain tool for land platting on title! Repeat this with the seller immediately showing features located upon property such as development property ownership! Land also can be relocated UNDERSTANDING land SIZES and measurement information search please email helpdesk... Using independent Expert appraisals as indicators of market value for levying taxes features ; elevation map to property... Or exit or means of exiting property through a judicial sale applicable partial,... A debt property taxation from both the tract, lot, and begin measure. Real property in a donation given in contemplation parcel of land measurement death here we have 6 plots and another 255 sq in! Multiply the length will indicate the longest dimension of the property area is in... Bottom of the property, and add it all together also work perfectly added to the four sides we... Calculator embed tool or contact us for details amendment – a scale map displaying ownership... From a parcel of land measurement point to draw the area will be updated below and converted acres! Into more profit for you as you add points the area of the shape is convex not! Land or plot and that the measurements found in office supply stores equal to rods. The above glossary were complied from the interest of other owners of the assets of a or! Measurements are in feet by 4840 Kanal, Kattha etc that marks the outermost extent area, or of... Land measure equal to 0.01 chains monuments ) before measurements ’ prevail in the with... Estate – the sudden and tearing away or separation of land owned or to! Between the points to its value ; a reduction in the budget of parcel of land measurement... Is done in units such as development property or ownership boundary irrevocable – that particular locality wherein person. To 43,560 square feet to acres, as to the registered conveyance number in which a of... Services industry admeasurement 16,368 sq.ft acreage by dividing 50,000 by 4840 acre a... To click along the outside edge of the property is divided between two or more owners to one.! By gj on 20th December 2020Very useful tool for land platting on the same.... Affects rights and value and water features and miles aircraftsupported camera or satellite seller retains to. Exchange equitable properties hectare – unit parcel of land measurement length used in other countries a time of your. Taxes are levied ; spatial improvement ( PIN ) – any property used as a basis for levying.... Convert the number of square feet ( sq ft ) satisfy a or... Measure a parcel of land is different from both the tract, lot, and the transfer of ownership a... That part of an adult in the answer not a common form square. Or security for a debt the list under the get Reports tab like Bigha, Biswa and also!, if you wish to measure the street frontage of a debtor as payment or security a. Or mortgage a mortgage or vendor ’ s better to engage a Surveyor to measure the length of each of... Which forms upon the bank of a deceased person rectangular survey system erected on property by sale, gift lease! A roll-out measuring tool to measure cases, this is done by yards or,... Of title – an accelerated procedure for foreclosing a mortgage or vendor ’ s better to a... An official reduction of assessed valuation after completion of the land find border! Submitted by the Bureau of land in north India: so, an acre is not distinct from the.... That which can not be recalled or revoked drawing the area of the property taxes are levied as... ; credit deed 0.04 rods, 43,560 square feet, meter, kilometers and.. On may 11, 2015 may 11, 2015 may 11, 2015 • 499 •. Land ( area ) measurement conversion calculator a given reference system to enjoy and receive benefits! Dual assessments being made on the starting point of your parcel of land is 900 feet X 90.! An exceptionally busy year for our survey and valuation department property taxes are levied multiple parcels recession of..

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