It's difficult to see morph in a sentence . A bear’s morphology holds that its weight is heavier on its hind legs, making it look tall and robust wen it walks She morphs into the Galactic Guardian and Defender of the Cosmos. Yet their morphing did not end there. Different from traditional sentence generation that generates sentences from scratch, and text editing that generates sentences from a prototype sentence Guu et al. Sentence with the word Morphing. What is morphing in a sentence? Answer for question: Your name: Answers. Due to its morphology and body makeup, only reproductive ants have wings. one who can read write and make meaning of text to a new meaning which in broad term means fluent, competent, able to interpret. 1. recent questions recent answers. : 2. Stem cells morph into all the tissues in the human body. Text morphing provides a new direction to generate sentences. Watch those test scores rise, those outdated textbooks morph, those nonexistent supplies suddenly materialize. Recent Examples on the Web: Noun More often than not, conversations about his job morph into conversations about life, and about the fears and worries that bond those who can split a double-team for a reverse dunk with those who haven’t played sports since middle school dodge ball. Another word for morph. Morphing; Frog fought the morphing force. A software package called Morph selling for under 3. Morph definition is - allomorph. The old oaks started morphing into the face of the old. This blinded their sight, morphing what they. Examples of Morphology in a sentence. What does morph mean? Using morphing technology, called interpolation or multiple master tech, a designer can create an intermediate between two styles, for example generating a semibold font by compromising between a bold and regular style, or extend a trend to create an ultra-light or ultra-bold. Morphology studies have shown that the flexible fins of certain fish allow for the control of fluid forces. I think it's yet again starting to morph." A particular use for morphing effects is modern digital font design. I was intrigued when I saw the use of the term "literacy" and multiple categories, as I have been watching the term morphing from its original meaning "literate" meaning "one who knows the letters" i.e. The horns morph into the letter " V " of Viagra. Learn more. Morphing definition: Morphing is a technique which involves using a computer to make an image on film or... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples See more. 30 sentence examples: 1. Find more ways to say morph, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Morphing in a sentence. morphing meaning: 1. present participle of morph 2. to gradually change, or change someone or something, from one…. The definition of morph is to become something else. They are ever morphing, ever changing, ever ecstatic. Foolproof pay me while I slee; In determining the correct appropriation for funding the development of a product improvement; You can an employee when you temporarily can’t give them paid work if the employment contract allows this. Morphing definition, the smooth transformation of one image into another by computer, as in a motion picture. They morph into the exact brands of cells that are missing. 2. Today's Ithaca could then morph into Homer's Doulichion. How to use morph in a sentence.

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