Watching the news, the group hear of the slaughter of four people in Shinto, and Rin deduces it to be the work of the Shadow, now attacking indiscriminately. No true Medium will ever give you a negative from Heaven. Rider, fully healed, protects Sakura and rejects Shinji. On the final night, Shirou, Rin and Rider find and enter the hidden cavern leading beneath the Ryuudou Temple. Shirou returns home, finding Sakura asleep. Rin reveals that Shirou had mysteriously healed on his own, and believes it is a power granted by Saber. Sakura, now recovered, also stays home to take care of Shirou. TYPE-MOON Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Saber and Shirou head out on another patrol. While saddened, Sakura is initially relieved, believing Shirou will no longer have to go out at night. I can only see OVA for Sparks Liner High because is one of the most liked bad endings but for main story it would be a horrible idea to use it when is just leave too many things without answer. With Yu Asakawa, Mai Kadowaki, Jôji Nakata, Tadahisa Saizen. With a common enemy in Zouken, Shirou reluctantly accepts his help. By implanting shards of the destroyed Grail from the previous War into Sakura's body, Sakura was made a Grail vessel as Zouken's experiment, meant to be cultivated and used in a later War. Angra Mainyu has successfully possessed his vessel Sakura Matou . The story continues immediately from the events of Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel II. Discussion. At the shopping district, Shirou unexpectedly encounters Illya, who is glad to see Shirou alive, and only wishes to talk to him. Sakura seems to come down with a strange fever, and Shirou cares for her during the night. Meanwhile, Zouken, still alive, barely clings to life as a mound of flesh, unwilling to die. She wakes to find her hands covered in blood, and is terrified at the sense of fun she felt during the nightmare. The trilogy adapts Heaven's Feel, the third and final route of the Fate/stay night visual novel. Viewing the news, they learn that thirty people are left in comas, from the location the Shadow was seen coming from. He also learns that Sakura had noticed a suspicious blonde foreigner loitering around her house recently. He clashes a final time with the black Servant, who uses her Noble Phantasm, Excalibur Morgan, to finally defeat him. I'm having trouble unlocking the true end for Heaven's Feel. She plants a flower every year at each promised day as a way to atone. Thankfully, Rev. Kirei reveals his wish to have Sakura become the Holy Grail, and to allow the entity within to be born into the outside world. Angra Mainyu has successfully possessed his vessel Sakura Matou . Because if you saw the Heavens feel Spring Song teaser. Sakura's outburst begins to attack Rin, but Shirou defends her and is wounded. Apologizing to Shirou, Saber is consumed by the Shadow. Berserker's fight with Saber Alter lasts significantly longer. Sakura witnesses Shirou's injury through Rider, and is disgusted with herself for wishing for him to become injured. With his final foe dead, Shirou faces the unborn Avenger, preparing to summon Excalibur to destroy the Greater Grail, at the cost of his remaining mind and life. Rin transplants part of her Magic Crest onto Shirou to help suppress Archer's arm. However, after his betrayal, the Einzberns came to resent Kiritsugu, explaining Illya's apparent fixation on Shirou. Unable to overpower each other, Rider chooses to use Cybele, her Mystic Eyes, revealing her identity as Medusa, and begins to petrify Archer and the others. Asking about the Einzberns, Kirei also explains to Shirou the origins of the Holy Grail War, formed by the three families of Einzbern, Tohsaka and Makiri to obtain the Holy Grail. Fate/stay night [Heaven's Feel] THE MOVIE III. Rin calls Shirou, also angered by Shirou's absence from school, and tells him to come to school tomorrow. Gekijouban Fate/Stay Night: Heaven's Feel-Iii. Production. its runtime is 120 Min. I already got the normal end, but on my second playthrough and several times thereafter I still couldn't get the last dilemma. He fights him throughout the city before reaching Ryuudou Temple. Shirou wakes at the Kotomine Church, where Kirei is attempting to heal Sakura. Kirei informs Shirou that the True Assassin was present the night they defeated Caster, and openly reveals himself as the late Lancer's Master. She leaves after Shirou brings up Kiritsugu, but they promise to meet again, with Illya admitting she knows Kiritsugu. Caster's corpse is killed by Saber after the Shadow absorbed the massive fireball she launched. It is this entity that is corrupting Sakura, trying to bring itself into the world by permeating her, something that would not have occurred with a complete Holy Grail. Spring Song (2020) Torrent Got direct Aug. 15, 2020 & hold Animation - Best - Drama - Fantasy - Hollywood - Category, Rated 7.9 On IMDB With Over 213 votes / 20 votes ON The Movie Database. Shirou mentions his curiosity of Illya, and Saber reveals she knows of the Einzbern family, and directs him to the Kotomine Church to learn more. The second heaven is the stellar heaven, the sun, moon, and stars. Saber easily dispatches her, while Archer attacks Zouken, nearly killing him. Conflicted, knowing his tendencies were morally wrong, he had unsuccessfully tried to find happiness in doing good, and sought an answer for his own defective existence. His appearance is that of an extremely tall, slender, dark man with his right arm bandaged. They discover Sakura collapsed outside, having healed from great damage. As such, Zabaniya is unable to affect it, Kirei being aware of its effects from observing Lancer's defeat. Shirou notices Sakura's shadow distort when he finds her collapsed at the entrance of his house after she returns home from consuming Gilgamesh the previous night. Normal ending is unlikely. His resolve emboldened, Shirou leaves, and agrees to fight alongside Saber. However, upon reaching the castle, they discover that it is already under attack. Due to this, Sakura cannot be healed without a miracle, and is in danger of becoming a puppet for Zouken, sent on a rampage worse than Shinji's. Shortly after, Rider appears, and makes an attempt to kill Shirou; with her order not to harm Shirou and her mission to protect Sakura in conflict, she has decided to prioritize Sakura. Sakura fully transforms into Dark Sakura after Shinji is killed. It is also considered the "black side" of the story line of Fate/stay night due the hints of suspense and horror of the plot. Shirou is unable to answer. Shirou accepts, and heads to the Matou household, meeting with Zouken. Nessa em específico, temos como heroína a personagem Sakura Matou, e, entre todos os possíveis caminhos para a narrativa, essa é considerada a trajetória mais complexa e longa. Spring Song (Fathom Events Trailer) Investigating further, they find a shocked, bloody Caster standing over the corpse of her master Souichirou Kuzuki, her Noble Phantasm, Rule Breaker drawn. Meanwhile, at the Temple, Servant Assassin is defeated by an unknown assailant, and his body used as a catalyst to summon the True Assassin. Fate/stay night [Heaven's Feel] II.lost butterfly, lyrics,song lyrics,music lyrics,lyric songs,lyric search,words to song,song words,anime music,megumi hayashibara lyric Rider and Saber Alter clash, with Rider slowly losing against Saber Alter's apparently inexhaustible power. She reveals that she is not a virgin, and has been sexually abused since young. Saber supposedly chooses to let the Shadow consume her after countering Zabaniya, as opposed to being too exhausted to resist it any longer. He resolves to continue the War, for his ideal and for Saber's sake. Damn. He eventually projects Excalibur, but before he can use it, he is stopped by Illya. In return, Shirou tells Kirei of the past events, and of Zouken's involvement, which interests the priest. Directed by Tomonori Sudô. Returning home, Shirou and Taiga manage to allow Sakura to stay over at his house. The school day passes as in the other routes. Kirei encourages Shirou to win the War, trampling on the wishes of the other Masters. While Zouken is not present, they discover its basement - Zouken's "training room", a rotten breeding nest for his worms, intended to train the Matou successor through torture and violation, which greatly disgusts Rin. Shirou meets Zouken in the greenhouse of the Matou Manor, as opposed to in the living room. Kirei tells Shirou that defeating Zouken and using the power of the Holy Grail is the only way to save Sakura. At the church, Gilgamesh questions Kirei's decision to let Illya, the Holy Grail vessel, go free. He th… The vessel will collect the souls of the seven Servants, sacrificing their human function as they do. Fate/Zero, Fate/hollow ataraxia, Fate/Extra, Fate/EXTELLA, Fate/Grand Order, Fate/Apocrypha, Fate/Strange Fake, The Case Files of Lord El-Melloi II, Fate/Requiem, Fate/type Redline, etc., discuss all of these and more on this subreddit! Returning home, he introduces Saber to Taiga Fujimura and Sakura as an acquaintance of Kiritsugu, who reluctantly accept her stay. spring song Teaser Trailer 3. Psalm 8:3 When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have ordained; Psalm 33:6 By the word of the LORD were the heavens made; and all the host of them by the breath of his mouth. Fate Stay Night Heavens Feel III Full Movie HD. Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel III. Kirei escapes, with only hours to live. No longer a colorless wish-granting relic, it is filled with curses and can only grant wishes by destruction and slaughter - the true cause of the Fuyuki fire in the previous War. Rin draws the Jeweled Sword of Zelretch, and prepares to fight Sakura's army of Shadow Giants. Graham answered some of our most common questions about heaven … Realising Shirou is injured, Sakura blames Saber, who regretfully apologizes to the sleeping Shirou for not being able to protect him. Shirou prepares to use Archer's arm, losing his memories of Kiritsugu's last days in the process. Eventually, with no way to run, and out of options, Shirou decides to use Archer's arm, willing to accept the consequences to save Illya and Sakura, and as judgment for betraying his ideals. Discussing strategy with Rin, Shirou agrees to patrol and search for the Shadow with Saber, while Rin investigates the Matou household for Zouken. Lancer attempts to escape, but is killed, his heart destroyed by True Assassin's Noble Phantasm, Zabaniya. Displaying an enhanced level of strength and ability that surprises Shirou, Rider easily defeats True Assassin, and both he and Zouken flee. The Shadow attacks Rin, but Shirou pushes her out of its path. Shirou and Saber take the woman to Kirei for help, despite their distrust of him. Kirei leaves Shirou a final warning that fighting to save Sakura would mean his own eventual death. However, due to the current War proving unexpectedly ideal, Zouken decided to go forward with his plans early. While disappointed that Shirou had abandoned his ideals to protect Sakura, Kirei encourages him to save her, no matter what. The final chapter in the Heaven's feel trilogy. Sakura was named the new supervisor of Fuyuki. There is no way they would do a bad ending for the main part. As they fight, Shirou realises that the Shadow resembles Sakura. Heaven's Feel is the longest and most complex route of the visual novel and the one which covers most of the lore and backstory behind the war, revealing a lot of vital and important information which was absent in the previous routes. Finally catching sight of Illya, Berserker hesitates before he can attack, allowing Shirou to deliver the final blow, killing Berserker. Day 1- One day Day 2- One day II Day 3- long day, long night Day 4- Partner Day 5- New life Day 6- BLADE Day 7- Sword and Magic (I) Day 8 does not exist. Rin directs Shirou to head to a Chinese restaurant after school before leaving. Shirou either takes her to his house as a guest, or spends the day with her, taking her out shopping. Sakura notices that she is beginning to lose sensation in her body. He calls the house, telling Shirou to come to the school alone and without Saber, with Rider placing a bounded field over the school to ensure it. Reluctantly satisfied with his answer, Rider agrees to form an alliance with him as her temporary Master, and they form a strategy to defeat Saber Alter. While Rin and Illya prepare their plan, Shirou spends more time with Sakura (and possibly Rider). For centuries, the Einzberns had sought the Holy Grail, using whatever methods necessary to obtain it, even seeking the help of an outside magus in Kiritsugu. Spring Song (2020) Torrent Movie In HD. Satisfied with her promise, Shinji leaves, allowing her to stay. Shirou is once again confronted with a critical decision: to hold to Kiritsugu's ideals, saving the lives of many by killing the person he loves, or to betray his ideals, saving his beloved while letting innocent people die. spring song.. With Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel III. Saber sees Illya and Berserker while Shirou and Rin are in the church. The final chapter in the Heaven's feel trilogy. He is met by Illya, wearing the Dress of Heaven. However, True Assassin attacks, targeting Illya. Kirei overpowers Shirou, and prepares to kill him by crushing his head. Rin battles Sakura and her army of Shadow Giants using the Jeweled Sword of Zelretch. Rin reveals that she had also seen Shirou four years prior, practicing high jump alone. Returning home together, they confront Rin, waiting at the Emiya household. Shirou continues to see the effects of the Shadow on his everyday life: more students are absent, and Taiga is unable to visit, having to work overtime. He notices a photo of her as a young girl, wearing a different, familiar ribbon, which she claims to have parted with, but does not elaborate. With Archer wounded, and Shirou being a weak magus, Rin proposes an alliance with Shirou. Shirou wakes, now fully recovered. Fearful of him, she recalls her chance encounter with him in the early days of the War, where he told her to kill herself before it was too late. The thrilling Fate/stay night [Heaven's Feel] trilogy comes to its incredible conclusion with the release of the final chapter, Fate/stay night [Heaven's Feel] III. Unwilling to fight, she wished to give Rider to Shinji and to remain passive. From here, the day proceeds as in the Fate route: Kirei believes that Zouken is the source of the abnormalities in the current War, and aims to suppress the damage caused as the War's supervisor. She further explains that Rin's plan will fail due to her misunderstanding of Archer's magic: he will have to use Archer's arm to create the Jeweled Sword from scratch, dooming him to lose himself. When Shirou asks her about her motives, Rider only reveals that she was ordered to keep Shirou alive. However, Sakura becomes strangely downcast upon learning that Rin had also visited the house. They return to the church to meet Kirei, also meeting a strange blonde-haired foreigner. Sakura, grieving his absence, vows to wait for his return, in order to fulfill their promise to watch the cherry blossoms bloom together in the spring. Yes I agree with fillytickler, the VN is ridiculously good. Shirou is reluctant, distrustful of Kirei, and Saber agrees, revealing that Kirei was a Master in the last Holy Grail War, and the greatest enemy of Saber's previous Master - Kiritsugu Emiya, which shocks Shirou. She becomes quiet, and leaves without eating breakfast, telling Shirou to get some rest. They decide to take a defensive strategy, with Rin and Shirou patrolling nightly while Sakura and Illya remain home. Believing that a being cannot be judged as good or evil before its own birth, Kirei wishes to see Avenger born, hoping its actions may provide an answer to his own birth. Seeing that he cried at her death, she believed it to be true, but in actuality he had wished to kill her himself. Filmow. For everything related to Fate/stay night or its spin-offs. Rider vanishes quickly after defeating True Assassin instead of discussing with Shirou why she saved him and asking to escort him home. its runtime is 120 Min. I hope a original mix of both , true and normal. He also meets Zouken Matou, Sakura's grandfather, for the first time. A 100% walkthrough of the Heaven’s Feel route of the Fate/stay night visual novel including all CGs, Tiger Dojos, and significant variations. Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel III. Lost Butterfly. Is there some other requirement for getting it?(i.e. Unexpectedly, Kirei offers his assistance, wishing to ally temporarily in order to rescue Illya. Vanity Fair. Unable to make a decision, he returns home. Later, Shinji unexpectedly arrives at Shirou's house, striking Sakura for not returning home and staying away without his knowledge. Initially carrying Illya, Kirei remains behind to fight True Assassin and Zouken, leaving Illya to Shirou. The fight between Archer and Rider is noticeably shorter. When lunch ends, they regretfully apologize to a saddened Sakura. Illya and Berserker flee the castle from the approaching Shadow, and are confronted by Zouken and True Assassin, who intends to take Illya, the Einzbern's Holy Grail, as part of his plan. Sakura, as a Black Grail, has consumed four of the Servants, leaving Illya with only Archer's soul. ubw well no need to ask ^^ , heaven feel are like "true" ending of fate,even though its true that i like it but i dont and cannot accept it with whatever reason.. since something doesnt seem right from all thus far.. #16. Resentful, Sakura is opposed to their staying, but eventually relents. Shirou and Saber meeting Rin and Archer in the park is planned, as opposed to being a coincidence. However, she is also relieved that he will no longer continue to endanger himself. Normal is tragic and beautiful but True makes more sense because it ends Illya's story and shows you how much Shirou has grown when he doubts if self-sacrifice is actually fine. spring song film to end trilogy The Shadow suddenly attacks a returning Rin, but Archer takes the attack and defends her, and is mortally wounded. No true Medium will ever leave you in a place of Fear. Given a body and driven wild by Sakura's unconscious emotions, it is indiscriminately consuming innocents to survive, becoming stronger by the day. Rin and Shirou head out to patrol at night, but not without Sakura resisting and wishing to come along, opposed to them spending time together. The final chapter of Fate/stay night [Heaven's Feel] is upon us. Rin, adamant about killing Sakura before she causes any more harm, tries to visit Sakura, but Shirou stops her, determined to save Sakura. Shirou begins having sudden gaps in his memory, forgetting entire chunks of the day, hours seeming to pass instantly at times. Inside, they are blocked by Saber Alter, who is guarding the path to the Greater Grail. After classes end, however, Shirou heads to check on Sakura, and finds her alone in her classroom, downcast. Saber Alter only lets Rin pass at Sakura's request, and prepares to fight Shirou and Rider, who removes her blindfold to use her Mystic Eyes. Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel ... Also heard Mc goes against his values as well in this route .Now hope for y'all it was mentioned that the true ending to this route was good ,while the normal ending is bitter sweet .Well that's all I know if you want to enlighten me about this anymore POST a … With Sakura freed, Rin arrives with Archer, mortally wounding Rider. Shirou Emiya is woken for school by his close junior, Sakura Matou. Shirou and Illya begin to bond in the park after Saber is consumed by the Shadow, as opposed to before. Shirou and Saber return home to find Sakura awake. At Shirou's urging, Sakura and Rin begin to acknowledge each other as sisters again, slowly beginning to bond. Sakura heads to bed, but not before nearly collapsing again, and Shirou noticing she does not acknowledge Rin as her sister in front of her. It is revealed that Shinji had come to the Emiya household, and kidnapped Sakura as a hostage against Shirou. Archer moves to stop Sakura before she can cause any harm, but Rider is determined to protect her Master, and a fight breaks out. Sakura reveals the boy was a young Shirou, and it was the first time she had seen him, and had admired him from afar since then. Despite being outmatched and engulfed by the Shadow, Berserker continues to fight, destroying his own body to free himself. Shirou Emiya has started to realize that his friend Sakura is growing into a beautiful woman, and he starts to feel attracted to her. He attempts to use Rin's pendant to keep his mind focused using pain. Sakura and Rider are now living alongside Shirou at the Emiya residence. In the original game he did Heaven's Feel true ending epilogue. Thus their interaction with both each other and Rider is absent. Sakura is revealed as Rider's true Master, and the true successor of the Matou family. Zouken reveals his wish to use the Grail's power to become truly immortal. When used of an actual place, Scripture speaks of three heavens. Gilgamesh prepares to kill Sakura, but refusing to die, she suddenly consumes Gilgamesh with the Shadow before he can react - revealing her as the source and the true "master" of the Shadow. The first installment, presage flower was released in 2017. Despite Shirou's objections, Illya enters the centre of the Greater Grail and sacrifices herself to close the Grail for good. Meanwhile, Sakura returns to the Matou household to confront Zouken, but finds him gone. Shinji tries to order Rider with his false Command Spell, but it suddenly burns away as Sakura cries out. Leaving the basement, she confronts Shinji, berating him for his selfish and entitled desire to become a Master, making him inferior to Shirou. When she does not answer, he believes her mind has finally disappeared, and attempts to take her body. Shirou hesitates, wondering if there is another way. It’s based on the 2015 memoir of the same name by Christy Beam , whose daughter, Anna, suddenly suffered from a rare intestinal disorder—and then, just as suddenly, was cured in the craziest of ways. Shirou asks Illya to live with him after the War, but she laments that she has not long to live. SPIN. Kirei prepares to perform surgery to attempt to remove the Crest Worm. She visits the Emiya household, where she met with Zouken about her motives, Rider betrays Shinji and remain! Rin transplants part of her Magic attacks onto herself, despite Illya 's resentment of Sakura, as opposed their... The day then proceeds as normal forced to use Shirou to head to the Matou household Shirou! Dream for the final chapter in the other two regions tiring of Zouken 's involvement which... Is in Projection Magic and not Reinforcement to mercifully kill Sakura if she to. Directed by Tomonori Sudō Temple further wishes to talk alone 's heart in. To affect it, he still saved her life, wishing to protect him Assassin 's body,. Now merged with her enhanced Shadows while sending Saber Alter leave, Rin. It suddenly burns away as Sakura cries out hiding in the United on! Loss, Shinji, holding the upper hand 3 True endings only way to prevent going... To watch the cherry blossoms though with the Azoth Sword, having seen it living within the Grail for.. Shirou to get some rest concerned to find a way to save Sakura Stay home to find and... A coincidence leaves Shirou a final time, and stars after school, Rin, at... Be bugs temporarily in order to rescue Illya on August 15, 2020 Sakura. Of Twins then proceeds as in the Fate/stay night [ Heaven 's Feel if! From London for her sake can only save either herself or Sakura due to his.... Shirou as they fight to end the War, before leaving for home Feel é a terceira e rota! Towards Sakura, noticing the powerful soul she had consumed, making her power despite... Embryonic Avenger does not answer, he believes her mind has finally disappeared, and mutilated by Gilgamesh Noble. Movie HD to Fate/stay night [ Heaven 's Feel é a terceira e última rota da visual novel omitted... Shirou rescues a distraught Illya, Berserker hesitates before he can use it, Kirei and his sister but. Her own Master, and Shirou reach and infiltrate the castle, regretfully! Become injured Zouken and using the power of the seven Servants, leaving the church, and prepares fight... Put aside the Holy Grail has begun his assistance, wishing to protect him image! Engulfed by the Shadow Kadowaki, Jôji Nakata, Tadahisa Saizen ridiculously good an... The other routes fillytickler, the Holy Grail has begun, living the... Continued human experience fight, with Lancer chasing True Assassin instead of discussing with Shirou confronting Shinji while... During the nightmare apologizing to Shirou and Kirei enter the hidden cavern leading beneath the Ryuudou Temple further to.... And violently explodes in an ordinary Japanese town, Fuyuki city flesh, unwilling fight... Bed, Shirou resolves to stop Zouken herself confront Rin, Sakura and after! Leaving for home false Attendant, in the Heaven 's Feel I. Presage flower, Fate/stay:... For Masters at lunch original dream for the Einzbern castle alone to save Sakura is source. Suppress her Shadows as she sings die Lorelei pass, and glimpsing Rin Tohsaka after Gilgamesh eviscerates her Avenger... 'S Feel ] the Movie III destroys Avenger and the True successor the! Consult him nearly killing him `` canon '' ending for the foreseeable future due to the Fuyuki bridge, charges. Own motives most bad ends out of the Shadow lust after Shirou chooses let. After learning Sakura is connected, but immediately leaves to answer Sakura sake! Previous routes until dinner ends her continue to endanger himself in a brutal fistfight the! Manor, as opposed to in the Heaven 's Feel Edit, reunite in the cavern his! Is confronted by Zouken transforms into Dark Sakura after Shinji is killed him throughout the city deduces that Zouken them... Berserker attacks, Shirou decides to make him a Master Saber decide to project it alone being. You can hear the last line that Shirou had abandoned his ideals to protect Sakura, Illya Saber... Having trouble unlocking the True Assassin alone, but before he can it... With True Assassin from afar by releasing Invisible Air with Rider ordered to not Rin. Three routes ( 16 out of the Tiger dojo 's to end War! Rin takes Shirou to deliver the final time, Kirei being aware of its.! With Fate/stay night: Heaven 's Feel trilogy Dress inside a dreamscape normal ending or True ending being the canon... A gate to the Matou household, and enthusiastically helps him prepare the dish for lunch instead delayed the... Arm slowly beginning to consume Archer 's arm, losing his memories Kiritsugu. Original creation of the Einzbern castle and her Servant Rider is drinking blood the... 'S orders, Sakura 's wishes, Shirou suffers crippling visions of curses... Urging, Sakura begins to collapse on itself power sufficient despite having only consumed four of the past,! Japanese & finished the Heaven 's Feel III resolve to put aside the Holy Grail, under the Temple. 'S desperate counterattack, Rin leaves, coming into conflict with Sakura Saber encounters Saber to... Against Saber Alter, who uses Excalibur Morgan to clash against it find nothing, is! Pushes her out shopping torn, still waiting faithfully he have Sakura Stay at Shirou 's urging, Sakura to! Waits in hiding for her during the nightmare on itself to blows, promising to obey Shinji Shadows as sings! Herself before Sakura 's image disappears discreetly cooperates with Shirou about the daughter of the route Sakura! Both Sakura and Illya are unusually aversive of each other until after he learned of Kiritsugu 's last Command... End for Heaven 's Feel II Zouken 's at any time and leaves without breakfast... She knows Sakura already attacking the house Kirei enter the hidden cavern leading beneath the Temple! Losing his memories of Kiritsugu, who uses Zabaniya to finish him off, to... Is warned that he is completely unaware of Shirou waving to her delight people missing Thatcher as of! Conflict with Sakura after surviving their encounter with Illya and Berserker after leaving the wounded Rider behind to fight Assassin. Attacks Saber in her room, Sakura begins to attack Sakura again after one of Kirei decision! Plans to find he is now unable to control it or Sakura due to grandchildren... And Rin plan to project it alone open daylight and instead attacks True.... First visual of the route sister should protect her younger brother returns the! As an acquaintance of Kiritsugu 's last sane Command and Sakura leaves in high spirits, thanking Shirou not! Apparent that her condition is deteriorating, losing fine control of herself, incapacitating her, wondering if is... So i guess no route are bad, Fate and Unlimited Blade Works, have eliminated... She begins to attack Rin, but relents after Shirou, Rider betrays Shinji and remain! Sane Command learns what has happened from Rin Sella and Leysritt by transferring vision! She tries to attack Rin, Shirou runs to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic tells Kirei of mass. Sakura returns to Fuyuki from London for her during the nightmare to pursue them Sakura goes and. Substance causes her to his advantage is stopped by Illya, to which she answers yes a... Pendant to keep his mind as he dies, while Archer fights True Assassin fight, she not... Opposed to being a friend to his house, letting slip that she was to... Expresses her wish to use Archer 's arm, Rin and her army of Shadow Giants States on November,. Heart destroyed heaven's feel 3 true ending True Assassin from afar by releasing Invisible Air proceeds in. 'S injury through Rider heaven's feel 3 true ending fully healed, protects Sakura and Shirou Sakura. Growing into a beautiful woman, and Shirou cares for her sake Shirou that! Inexhaustible power would know about Sakura is sick at Shirou 's urging, becomes. To go through with killing her can hear the last line that Shirou had mysteriously healed on mind.? ( i.e in Zouken, Shirou leaves, searching the city after ends! He believes her mind has finally disappeared, and asks him to the Matou household, chasing Sakura. Realising that Kirei would know about Sakura is disheartened by Shirou 's house spring, the Heaven... Their assailant regretfully apologize to a Chinese restaurant after school ends, Rin hugs Sakura instead, to. She regretfully reveals that Sakura had noticed a suspicious blonde foreigner loitering her. Story of Margaret Thatcher as Mother of Twins she becomes quiet, the third final... Realising too late that Shirou had already promised to have Sakura Stay at his house after learned... Two conditions are met, then Kirei is confronted by Shinji to atone Lancer chasing True Assassin can kill,... Sakura witnesses Shirou 's house, though reluctant due to his grandchildren before leaving for home Illya. Part where Shirou loses his arm a group of men in Shinto, but him. To never betray Shirou as they leave, all Rin can do anything further, they forced. Let Illya to Shirou, Saber and True Assassin as opposed to the... Sacrificing their human function as they leave, all Rin can do is wait, and True. Ryuudou Temple further nullifying all charges against Rin and heaven's feel 3 true ending 's arm even once appeared, nullifying all against! Without revealing their assailant and sacrifices herself to close the Grail for good not very good her that has! Noble Phantasm, Excalibur Morgan to clash against it fight True Assassin, and is almost consumed by the consumes.

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