There's a lot in a name, but the strange-sounding names for British dessert foods tend to be the exception to the rule. Great Britain is home to many cultures, people, dialects, and weird food habits. Almost anything, in fact…. Although, I probably will wait a while before researching the eyeball thing too heavily. Essentially it’s a hard boiled egg that is then peeled and wrapped in sausage meat of various varieties before being coated with breadcrumbs. Turn your nose up if you must, but you’re mocking generations of working class Londoners if you do so. The chip butty is just two pieces of white bread, butter, and a handful of thick-cut fries (chips, as they call them). This holiday, it's easy to get caught up in the frills. Terms and Conditions | Privacy | Cookies | Copyright | Advertise | Advertising Policy | Contact Us Salt, onion, and spices are then added to it and the mix is encased in the sheets stomach! Worm Charming. The best way to describe this food is that it is green, slimy and looks like badly boiled cabbage. In comparison, this is just a pie that contains bits of steak and kidney and potato, floating in gravy. 1. Many of these weird and wonderful names for British foods have been handed down over the centuries. British food isn't bad. British food isn't bad. 8. It may look a bit disturbing but Bubble and Squeak seasoned with salt and pepper is actually delicious. All of which overshadowed two salient points: a) deep frying sweet things isn’t new and wasn’t invented by the Scots, and b) what if deep fried Mars bars are really nice? Despite the odd name, though, this comfort food is very delicious and popular in Great Britain. Register now with Britain Explorer and you can stay up-to-date with our latest additions. Then pop it in your picnic basket and head for a sunny field. It’s not. Suddenly chip shops, which had been happily battering and frying haggis and black pudding (and sausages, mushy pea fritters, spam, fish, fishcakes) for years, were doing likewise with anything at all. The origin of Scotch Eggs may be a mystery but they are still one of the most popular strange British foods. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. ... Weird food habits. In this region it is still common for it to be served boiled and seasoned with vinegar. Back in Victorian times, when oysters where the food of the common man, it used to be steak and oyster pie, but once prices went too high, the shellfish was replaced by kidneys. July 2, 2015 By Jonathan. The greatest British contribution to world food is clearly cheddar cheese, but fish and chips runs it a close second, and if you’re going to have fish and chips, you need to have mushy peas. And while lavish feasts are shown in movies and documentaries, the truth behind royal diets can be pretty strange. For those who don’t already know “Dick” is British slang for a man’s reproductive organ and a spotted reproductive organ is never good. 10 Very Strange British Traditions. Stargazey Pie To really understand our brethren across the pond, it's best to study their humorous food wordplay. People who weren’t breast-fed themselves? Here are my top nine weird (and wonderful) British delicacies you need to try sometime in your life. Marrowfat peas and a little bit of bicarbonate of soda, that’s the secret. They come in a variety of flavours: Sardine and Tomato, Salmon, Bloater … Black Pudding looks greasy but has a dry texture in the mouth and a strong flavour. Millions of Haggis are produced every year and shipped to every part of the world where Scottish communities traditionally serve it as part of the Burns Night celebrations. You should try these strange delicacies even though you think you shouldn’t. For a little taste of life on the other side of the pond, give these eight British dishes a try with this round-up of recipes! So great! Brit Food: Fun Facts about British Food You Might Not Know – Infographic. Visit our 'Images of Britain Gallery' to see some of our best and most interesting photographs of this remarkable country. Lorcan Fearon Community member. Eating beans on toast for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Experts claim it has undertones of olives and oysters. December 11, 2013 By Derek. Baby Gaga Ice Cream As with many foods that look revolting it is said to be very good for you as it is high vegetable protein, iodine and iron as well as several other important vitamins. When traveling across the pond, you should expect to come across various foods you’ve never heard of before. It’s a pity that Laver bread looks like slimy spinach because it’s said to be tasty and very good for you. I’ve personally tried them all, with one exception, and I am here to tell you that a) they are not gross and b) I did not die. The meat mixture would then be blended with breadcrumbs and onions before being packed into a caul. Haggis Laver grows well around the west coast of England but can also be found off the coast of Japan and Korea. The twins trying weird British food! Who said British food names are weird!? Let’s get started with this British food mukbang! Then order from the British Corner Shop – Thousands of Quality British Products – including Waitrose, Shipping Worldwide. You will either love it or hate it. ... A soft-fondanty filling with a cinnamon dusting make these strange … As an American expat living in the U.K., I have discovered lots of traditional British foods with funny names. Quite recently, and in a spasm of uncontrollable political correctness, several hospitals in Britain renamed this pudding “spotted Richard”. 7. Victorian Children states that it was especially popular during this time, and British Food History explains that treacle was actually used as a medicine during the 17th century. Take a boiled egg, encase it in sausage meat, roll it in egg yolk, dip it in breadcrumbs and – yes, I know – deep fry it until golden brown. 2. It's just misunderstood. Here are 10 odd regional delicacies that prove just how strange UK food can be. From Scottish restaurant to milk bar of Newcastle to whisky bar of Glassglow, here are the five weird British food that looks odd and unusual dishes to foreigners. Black Pudding These are great even if a little strange. BBC America's full episode service and you must have They use weird spellings and weird names for things, such as calling diapers 'nappies' and cigarettes 'fags' and saying 'mum' rather than mom. Which is a shame. This food was quite strange for me when I tried it at the first time ,but now i … 1) Eating beans on toast, every meal. How the name of a food became a term for homosexuality is still debated and ranges from the mistranslation of the yiddish word faygeleh (little bird) to the 19th century all-boy private schools of England. Yes, we Brits are known for our bizarre food fancies. A little scorching just added to the flavour. These food oddities however are very much rooted in reality and not only demonstrate the British love for unusual monikers but also its ingenuity when it … In Cambodia a tarantula is considered quite acceptable for dinner and a Mopane Worm (caterpillar) stew is not uncommon in Botswana. Faggots became very popular during the hard times of WWII and are still sold in butchers and supermarkets. It is made by mashing either roast or boiled potatoes into the cold cooked cabbage and then frying the mixture in a shallow pan. Put simply, it’s a sophisticated form of cheese on toast but all grown up. Many English wrinkle their noses at the idea of happy French people gobbling down servings of snails doused with garlic and yet one of the great traditional foods of northern England is the common periwinkle, a form of sea snail. Because they are so small they were often measured in pints and two full beer mugs is said to be able to feed six children or four adults. 10. The weirdest food I’ve ever tried is the Nitro Ice-cream in Da Lat City in Vietnam. Scotch Eggs brightcove.createExperiences(); The tastiest are probably those made from a combination of standard pork and Cumberland filling. Mel Hill is New Chairman for The Camping and Caravanning Club. You've taken a food item traditionally eaten in the UK with cream and jam - and decided it would be better with some weirdass sausage-jizz-sauce. Thanks to this patients can now grin and ask their nurses whether there’s any chance that they could have a spotted dick. The greatest British contribution to world food is clearly cheddar cheese, but fish and chips runs it a close second, and if you’re going to have fish and chips, you need to have mushy peas. As far as food traditions and delicacies go, Britain has got some weird ones. Bubble and squeak is a meal made from leftover cabbage and potato usually from a Sunday roast. *rubs hands together*. In case you haven't gathered - this is not a popular food item in the UK. Weird British Food News: Girl Lives Entirely on Junkfood, The Great British Donut Invasion. And we would rather it stayed that way - it looks ghastly. Home › British Food. LET'S SMASH 2000 LIKES? British cuisine has long been categorized as "bad" for its supposed poor food, lack of imagination, stodgy puddings, and weak tea. To the casual onlooker the finished meal might look a little like several toads submerged in mud although many chefs and historians believe that there must be another origin to the name. Regardless of the fact that there is a vast variety of remarkable foods available from every corner of the World it is estimated that tens of millions of Faggots are still eaten every year. But when coupled with the appearance of what is a traditional pie (fish heads protruding from the pastry topping), it definitely qualifies as one of the weird British foods. //
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