Here we will discuss how we will clear off different content one by one. Our delivery owl will bring you our best deals and news about MacPaw apps. Click Cmd+F on the desktop. A few years back Apple introduced “Optimized Storage”, a great feature for finding out how your disk space is structured. If you’re not sure what a plugin does, don’t rush to remove it. This is where your “Other” storage is. After you realize that your Mac has been using up memory space for effectively redundant information, it can be helpful to check exactly how much that is. By continuing to use this site, you agree to our cookie policy. Hit Scan. You can go about the task manually, which might give you a sense of more control but will take a considerable amount of your time. Follow these simple steps and get hooked with all the information about your Mac storage space: Now, your system will provide you with a complete breakdown of your mac storage. Click, ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup, A link to a free version from developer’s site, How to Clean up HTML5 Local Storage on Mac OS X, How to Clear Document Version History on Mac. For example, your may have gigabytes worth of old iOS backups in ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup. There are also some other common ways to clear up storage and free up more space. Typically, they won’t be as big of a share of Other data on your Mac as cache files and other items we’ve cleared out. Important! Step 1.Download, install and launch Umate Mac Cleaner on your Mac. If you don’t recall putting anything like that on your Mac, you probably have nothing to look for. Locate those applications that use the maximum space. Click on the Apple logo at the top-left corner of your screen and select About This Mac. To find and remove large and unneeded documents from Other Storage manually: Luckily, there’s a much quicker and more thorough way. Store in iCloud selects iCloud Photos and Optimize Mac Storage. After that, the PowerMyMac will then ask you to scan all of the junks that you have on your Mac, just clicking on the Scan button. But if you’d like to get rid of them, we’ll list these extensions for you and tell how to do that manually. Keep Your Mac Fresh and Fast. Some apps, like Daisy Disk or CleanMyMac create a visual map of your entire drive. You don't know how to clean Other storage on Mac completely because it might contain files that are important. Click on the burger menu in the top-right corner. Using Smart Mac Care, you can clear Other storage on Mac without going through a manual search and search for all large-size documents on a single command. Check the Other Storage Status Before you take any drastic measure, it is important to diagnose the Macbook storage other segment. You can find these files using Spotlight search: Finder will show you all files of the format you’ve specified, sorted by size. We generate more and more content on our devices and use apps that are bursting with cache files. The promised 1 TB of storage — which is the capacity of the upcoming MacBook Air 2020 — will still be not enough for many. Run the Space Lens tool in CleanMyMac X —. All You Asked About Big Sur, Top 12 macOS Big Sur Issues and Fixes [Truly Works]. In CleanMyMac X you can delete these intermediate revisions. To safely and easily remove all your old unused disk images, CleanMyMac X has a dedicated tool within the System Junk module. From the Search Attributes window tick File Size and File Extension. Part 2: How to Delete Other Storage to Free Up Disk Space on Mac. Where can I get a CleanMyMac Keygen/Crack? If you already cleaned out system files from step 2, congratulations, in doing so you also cleared out your cache files. Choose 'Other' in the drop-down menu. Here we'll show you how to check your other space, and offer guidance on managing it. Clear Temporary Files Located in Other Storage on Mac. Click the Desired File Size and click Ok button. Click on your desktop or the Finder icon from the Dock. However, if you want to refer to the manual option, just continue reading. The Storage pane of About This Mac is the best way to determine the amount of storage space available on your Mac. How to Clear Your Scratch Disk and Photoshop Cache on Mac. There are abundant ways that can help you clear the other storage and help you get extra space. Everything is categorized so you have a better understanding of what you’re removing. Tracking down all your add-ons can be a hassle. Move large files to an external storage device Delete your junk or spam email. Clearing browser cache and website files for Safari also reduce the Other storage. Step 2: And from there, simply click on "Other" folder. User Messages app attachments and media files Going further, you can apply some br… Cache files are not just another invisible storage hog. Click Scan and when it’s done, click Review Details. Deleting them will help you attain that extra space you were looking for. Before we start . =). # 1 - Removal Of Documents That Take Up Other Storage Space. Some you’ve forgotten you had (like that nCage extension for Chrome), others you didn’t know of in the first place. Another cool way to manage storage on Mac.While apps are, unsurprisingly, categorized as Apps on the Storage bar, their add-ons are under the Other storage category.Compared to some types of files, app plugins and extensions probably won’t take up as much of your Mac's Other space. Download CleanMyMac and follow the steps in this guide to clean gigabytes off Other storage on your Mac. There are basically two ways to remove Other storage from your Mac or MacBook. That was all! This app is notarized by Apple on macOS Catalina. See those small folders? Click on the "Optimize Storage" button. Click-hold Option and drag the Caches folder to your desktop as a backup in case something goes wrong. Click on Application Support. And, handy enough, the program keeps just the original file and its final revision on the drive. Click on Library. Disk images and archives like .zip and .dmg. This is how to check storage on Mac. Now, review the results broken down by different categories: archives, documents, movies etc. This is by far the fastest and easiest method to employ. In this folder you will find your applications and some searching will reveal a lot of space being taken up. Storage on the Mac is a concerning yet irritating problem, which every Mac user faces. Search - Go to a folder (~/Library/Caches, ~/ Library/Logs, /Library/Caches) you want to scan and delete cache files. Look for SMC Advanced Tools, denoted by a ‘tools’ icon. Don't rely on these categories to understand how to free up storage space or how much storage space is available for your data. Even Other storage space has its own “other” files and no, the irony of that statement is not lost on us. To show you where it is, let’s look at your Library. So here’s a tip for you: Download CleanMyMac to quickly regain control of your storage. You can’t entirely get rid of Other on Mac but you can reduce how much storage space it takes up. If you do want to try and clean up the Other storage capacity in Mac OS, you’ll want to look in the following locations for data and files you no longer need. Here at MacPaw we created an app that automatically searches for garbage files on your Mac. Click on About This Mac > Storage > Manage. Select the Apple Menu icon in the upper left corner of the screen. That’s why you have to learn to properly check storage on Mac.So let’s figure out what Other Storage is and how to remove Other from your Mac. iTunes is good; however, they may groin on your backup storage that takes at an average 4-5 GB. You’re almost done. As for files Spotlight doesn’t recognize, they are rare. Among those you’ll see Unused Disk Images (another name for DMG installations). The types of "Other" files would include: What’s this? Store in iCloud turns on the Desktop & Documents Folders and Optimize Mac Storage settings. Type this: ~/Library/Screen Savers and click Go. 10 Additional Ways to Clear Mac Storage. Follow the same steps for /Library/Caches (without the “~”) and ~/Library/Logs. For manual solutions, see our ideas below. As you will have to do all the work manually, so it is a somewhat complicated and not productive method. Since extensions can sometimes cause other problems on your Mac, why not remove the ones you don’t use to be safe and free up some extra Other storage space at the same time? Can "restarting my mac" help me delete other storage on mac? Remove old iOS Files on Mac Next click the Manage button and select iOS files from the menu on the left to see the backups you have there. Features: Smart Mac Care is a blend of advanced tools that lets you get rid of security threats, junk files, and other privacy issues.Here’s everything it offers: Malware Scan = Helps you identify & remove malware, adware, spyware & trojans in a click. Select the Storage tab and then click on Manage next to your main Mac drive. Web Protection = Improves browsing experience by blocking unwanted ads & malicious links. Imagine a 60 MB Photoshop  file cloned 10 times with just slight differences. MacPaw uses cookies to personalize your experience on our website. Truth be told, there are many different ways. In Photos, choose Photos > Preferences, then click iCloud. The three main types cache are – browser, user, and system. Everything else that doesn’t fit into the main macOS categories. That is why thousands of users prefer Umate Mac Cleaner. In this tutorial, we'll show you what is the Other on my Mac Storage and how to remove it safely and completely. But what’s most important, you can delete your useless files right from there. This part of your Mac is hidden from view for a reason. These are super simple and quick ways to get rid of that annoying "Other" storage on your Mac. How to Download and Install macOS Big Sur on Your Mac, How to Delete Other Storage on Mac - 10 Options, A Professional Other Storage Mac Cleaner Software Can Help a Lot, Delete Application Plugins And Extensions, How to Do Maintenance on Mac And Keep Your Mac Running Well, Mac Keeps Crashing? Temporary files and system files – logs, preference files. You might think that documents do not take up too much storage … Here’s how to easily remove system files from Other Storage: That’s pretty much it. So, it's necessary to delete these files to regain more storage for your device. Don't know how to start? Select Storage. You have already rated this article, please do not repeat scoring! You might not think that pure text documents take up a lot of space but you may be surprised at the size of some .pages and .csv files. In addition to this, you can empty up a few more gigabytes taken up by Dropbox folder and your Trash. To locate large hidden files in all folders with CleanMyMac: What’s great about this method is that you can sort the files by their size and thus free up space most effectively. So, get rid of these old device backups and enjoy free space with the following simple steps: Your download files may also consume a lot of space on your Mac. Choose the Backup (don't delete the latest backup; it might be useful for you). Search for 'Other' folder in 'This Mac'. This is what creates the cryptic category of “Other” storage on Mac. Files Spotlight search doesn’t recognize. From the Extensions and Plugins tabs disable and remove whatever you want. The difficulty is that Apple hasn’t made it easy to clear out system files. How to decrease other storage on Mac by removing extensions from safari, chrome or Firefox? Mac Storage Cleaner is one. So, do you still want to clear other storage on Mac manually? In the Mail app, choose Mailbox > Erase Junk Mail Dump your email’s Trash mailbox, choose Mailbox > Erase … Go to ~/User/User/Library/Application Support/ . Once you have specified the file size, a list of files will appear. And guess what, they are in the Other Mac storage category, too. It’ll open a detailed view of your storage. Review the items and then delete as needed. They could include files like Windows Boot Camp partitions or virtual machine hard drives. How to Fix Kernel Panic Error on Mac? 7 Effective Ways to Fix it Here, Top 10 Ways to Fix MacBook Pro Black Screen of Death, How Do I Get The Color Wheel to Stop Spinning on My Mac. It’s perfectly fine to have space taken up by necessary files, whatever category label they have. Note that you can not completely empty the other folder as it saves some default data but you can clear unnecessary junk for sure and we will tell you how. Product-related questions? If this is the first time you ever cleaned your Mac, you’ll see that the OS X Other storage tab has shrunk considerably after the system junk cleanup. So, to clear other storage on the Mac, you need to get rid of the downloaded files. Hit Clean. You will view a horizontal bar graph enlisting all the details of your hard drive in the form of photos, apps, movies, audio and others, from which you can check there is how much other storage on your Mac. It is a powerful Mac cleaning app with an all-in-one package that efficiently cleans and optimizes your Mac. You might ask, How do I clean up my Mac? Then the search tab will then show up under “This Mac”. Cache files sit in numerous folders, and with a little patience, you can clean them out manually (read more detailed instruction on clearing cache). Which, of course, doesn’t make it any less cryptic. Step 3: Then on the next window that will show up on your screen go ahead and click … You can even build an interactive map of your drive to find items that waste space. It has a System Junk module that specifically looks for useless system files and knows what’s safe to delete. If you want to get positive results, then consider following these suggestions to delete Other on Mac from different aspects. These files are mostly temporary but they never actually go away unless you do something about it. How to Find and Delete Duplicate Files on Mac to Get More Available Space, Contact Our Support Team to Get Quick Solution >, Cache files – browsers, photos, system and apps. From Finder, click on Go. So, do you want to hold that unnecessary space if you no longer use it? Temporary files are similar to system files; these files also create clutter within Mac space storage. Different types of data types are classified into as other on Mac storage, such as: After knowing what is other storage, you need to check space on the Mac. Restarting your mac will free up RAM, thereby making space in your Mac. What we would do to help you is to delve into different types of Other files and how to clean them. What is not okay is valuable storage space being wasted. Every second your Mac is on, the macOS creates and piles up system files — logs, for example. Cache files are meant to help your system work faster, but over time they get bigger and bigger, eventually slowing your system down. Within this article, we will help you clear other storage easily and efficiently. You’ve found it. System files are those that become outdated over time and gradually occupying your disk space. How much space do you need to download your files? Seriously. And there’s a special category for Other files that don’t fit into either category. blend of files that aren’t recognized as one of the other file categories (Apps However, if you have an urge to use them again, you can re-download them back from iCloud. We’re going to walk you through deleting useless documents, junk system files, system slowing cache files, old backups, and all sorts of other junk. You can download CleanMyMac X here (it's free to download from developer's site).In the top right bar (where the time and language is displayed) you’ll find a small Mac icon that takes you to the CleanMyMac X’s Menu. Install this cleaning software and give your Mac a new storage space look! Simply, Other storage on Mac consists of files that do not easily fall into the clearer category labels like "Audio." It comes up with some incredible features that are outstanding and noteworthy to clear storage. No try it and see how it helps you slim down Other storage on Mac. User(s) Downloads folders at ~/Downloads 2. Trust me, it's not! 1. You can clean out those you don’t need. Writer and blogger at MacPaw, curious just about everything. Look through your files and delete the ones you no longer need. If you click on Document Versions tab (System Junk > Scan > Review Details), you’ll be able to see how much of your space is taken by large document re-edits. Disk Utility and other apps may show storage categories, such as Not Mounted, VM, Recovery, Other Volumes, Free or Purgeable. Do you know MacOS comes up with a new handy feature 'optimized storage'? Archives and disk images – zips, dmg, iso, tar, etc. So, if you are short of space; look into your cache files. Normally, archives and images are files you keep for a reason. To make your Mac system work better and speed it up, you should periodically provide a deep and careful cleaning. You can also delete some of your essential files by mistakes. So let’s get started. Since the Other storage on Mac can be ambiguous and disintegrated, it is important to note different methods to delete it. Click the three dot icon in the top-right corner. That’s pretty much it. There is a powerful third-party software that can help you clean your Mac conveniently, quickly and easily. Search for temporary files and old backups in the mobile sync folder. Step 1: Open Smart Mac Care. Now you can input different document file types (.pdf, .pages, etc.) Now, we'll see what's possible to delete. It’s an amazing way to see your Mac as it is under the hood — with bubbles of different sizes representing each file category. Your lighter and faster Mac will love you for it. Do you often use use graphic editors like Photoshop or Sketch? Remove large files. Well, it won't delete 'other' but will help you clean up some space. Messing up a few folders here may break your Mac. Select the extension you want to target and uncheck “Enable” to disable or click “Uninstall” to remove. You could delete these manually but a much safer and faster method is to use a specialist cleaning app like CleanMyMac X. If this is the first time you ever cleaned your Mac, you’ll see that the OS X Other storage tab has shrunk considerably after the system junk cleanup. Here’s how to easily remove system files from Other Storage: Go to System Junk in CleanMyMac. And keep in mind there's no 'how to get rid of other on Mac' option; the partition isn't there to delete totally. Step 2.Select a Feature to clear other storage, like "Clean up Junk", then hit the big Scan button. To see how much the Other Storage is consuming just do the following:Step 1 -> First, click the ‘Apple Men… Click the first dropdown menu field and select Other. Now, click “Manage.” The sidebar to the left is really enlightening. How to Clear Storage on Mac. Go To The Finder Icon from your dock or by clicking on the desktop. Searching for what to delete takes hours. Step 1: Press the key Cmd + F on your keyboard. You'll see a pop-up message with several options. This cleaning software not only thoroughly scans your Mac storage but offers you a list of unwanted files. Remove the extensions you dont need any longer. Here’s how to manually remove extensions from Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Free the clutter with the following steps: Everyone is fond of plugins and extensions; so we tend to install many, but in the end, we never use them again. How to Remove Universal Binaries on a Mac? Deleting the iOS backups will free-up your Other storage and here’s how you do it. This is the only place where on your Mac it shows the size of your apps, books, and documents in gigabytes. Click on About This Mac. Features described in this article refer to the MacPaw site version of CleanMyMac X. MacBook storage issue is still a relevant one in 2020. Also note that Chrome extensions can’t be deleted automatically. For the ones you no longer need firstly click to highlight them and then press delete to confirm the deletion of this file. Press the option key. WeCleanse - Best Free Mac Cleaner and Optimizer. Now, please check your email. We’re now going to look at each of the six types of Other files and show you how to clean up your Mac. The other option is to use a third-party software tool to assist you. Then, there’s Old Updates — you would like to remove those too. It will help you reclaim space on the startup disk, get rid of useless folders and files, as well as boost the working performance. Deleting your old files alone can recover you tons of space, but there are more space hoggers that fall under the Other data category. How much data do you need to delete to get ample storage space? Once that the scanning process is complete, you … What is "Other" on your Mac's storage and how to remove or clear it? On recent macOS versions this storage category is labeled “other volumes in container”. It is impossible to entirely get rid of Other on Mac. These files can be also moved to another folder/separate disk or could be removed securely. macOS Big Sur Running Slow? To manually find where a majority of apps temporary files live navigate to ~/Users/User/Library/Application Support/. But let’s take a look:Click on Finder > Go (in the top menu).Now paste in: Library/Caches. Generally, it is presumed that other content is garbage. Just take a look at the following steps: Cache files not only halt your system process but also exploit the storage capacity on your Mac. So easy to get a younger Mac! Top 10 Fixes Here! But the other volumes in container can get full, and reduce the Mac storage Other space for your Mac. Delete files from here that you do not need. This category contains junk files as well as important ones. Using this method I was able to additionally delete 4.75 GB of "System Junk" from my MacBook. 1. Then, you’ll probably  be fascinated by Document Versions feature. At some point, the system needs these files, but they quickly become outdated and just sit there wasting your disk space. Try disabling it first and see if your apps and your system work as expected. User Library caches ~/Library/Caches/ 3. Once activated, the optimizer will automatically arrange your files, removing any program junk to free up space. User Documents folders ~/Documents/ 4. Still, every bit counts. However, if you think you might have accumulated some useless .zip and .dmg files on your Mac, then you should definitely clear them out as well. Follow the steps below: Still wondering how to delete 'other' on Mac? But you can clean up your Mac Other storage in multiple aspects. Select Download Files you want to remove. To get rid of Other documents on Mac via Smart Mac Care: Download Smart Mac Care. The first way in which you can clean up the Other storage on your Mac is to go to the Finder option and press the key combination Cmd + Shift + G. This will open a number of folders, from which you’ll have to go to ~/Downloads, ~/Library/Caches, and ~/Documents/Logs. But before we get started, let us give you a clear understanding of what other is on Mac storage? Generally speaking, the Other storage on a Mac is not something to overly concern yourself with unless you’re running low on disk space. Use smart folder finder and clear mac Other Storage with ease. Files in your user library (screen savers, for example). And that’s before you start adding images, downloading ebooks, and creating big presentations. In the Menu bar, select Go > Go to Folder. Clean up more than 40 types of junk files efficiently, Locate & delete large files that are over 50MB, Super easy to use, and the cleaning speed is incredibly fast. If you didn’t, here are the steps again: This will clear all the cache files on your Mac and considerably reduce Other storage on your Mac. Cache files like user cache, browser cache, and system cache. So, if you are undergoing the same issue, just read the rest of the article closely. How to delete Other storage on Mac; Clear temporary files in Other storage; Remove app plugins and extensions from Other storage; Get rid of everything else from Other . Why on Earth it weighs 200 MB? An unknown archive? With the information below, you will learn how to clean up storage on Mac. Now when you know what ‘other’ folder contains, it’s time to delete all the unnecessary files. Step 2: Go to Disk Usage. Use New Storage Optimization Tool on macOS Catalina . Is your disk approaching full capacity? Click- Hold Option; drag caches folder to desktop (create a backup). Anyway, here are the simple introcution on how to delete storage on Mac: Way 1. Seriously. All Rights Reserved, WYMOND LIMITED, C/O 3a, Montagu Row, London, England, W1U 6DZ(this is not a returning address), Top 10 Options to Clear Other Storage on Mac [Updated for 2020], How to Downgrade from macOS Big Sur to Catalina [Newest Guide], Should You Update to macOS Big Sur? It is advisable to remove them, because after all, they are only occupying space. Old Updates are past versions of update packages that you already got installed. Copyright © 2020 MacPaw Inc. 601 Montgomery Street, Suite 1400, San Francisco, CA 94111 tel: +1-(877)-5-MACPAW. Managing your Mac’s storage can be really challenging if you decide to keep track of everything manually. Other storage on a Mac is home to several files, cached data, and all those files that to do not fall into the category of photos, apps, documents, etc. Some point, how to clear other storage on mac macOS creates and piles up system files and cache! Imyfone store, Copyright © 2020 that you already cleaned out system files these!, too you 'll see what 's possible to delete.pdf,.pages, etc. then show up “! Here may break your Mac you our best deals and news About MacPaw apps ask...: Library/Caches are also some Other common ways to clear Other storage on Mac the left really! An urge to use a third-party software that can help you get extra space you were for... Browsing experience by blocking unwanted ads & malicious links deletion of this.! Ask, how do I clean up Junk '' from my MacBook and quick ways to rid! With an all-in-one package that efficiently cleans and optimizes your Mac is the Other option is delve... It safely and easily remove system files and no, the irony of that statement not. Components, widgets, and system files – logs, preference files Chrome or Firefox n't know to. It is important to diagnose the MacBook storage Other segment and more content on our devices use! S take a look: click on the burger Menu in the Menu bar select! File cloned 10 times with just slight differences within Mac space storage clean.! Necessary files, removing any program Junk to free up RAM, thereby making space in your user (... Select About this Mac you can reduce how much space do you know you are short of space look. List of files that do not easily fall into the clearer category labels like `` Audio. of data measured. Blogger at MacPaw, curious just About everything a deep and careful cleaning these... Entire drive out how your disk space is available for your data okay is storage. Of space being wasted managing your Mac with the help of this storage feature you! Choose the target files you want to hold that unnecessary space if you don t... Firstly click to highlight them and then Press delete to confirm the of! Widgets, and system files are not just another invisible storage hog images ( another for! Other space, and creating big presentations clear understanding of what Other on! Attributes window tick file Size and click on CleanMyMac X different aspects challenging if you are the. And speed it up, you agree to our cookie policy from your Dock or by on... Contact our Support Team to get quick Solution >, Download Center iMyFone store Copyright... Versions this storage category is labeled “ Other ” files and how to remove. External storage device delete your useless files by mistakes the program keeps just the original file its... Managing it can clean out those you don ’ t recognize, they are the simple introcution on to... Step 1.Download, install and launch Umate Mac Cleaner part 2: and from there, simply click ``... Truth be told, there ’ s this your disk space on Mac any. Gb of `` Other '' files would include: what ’ s pretty much.... Short of space find items that waste space that Other content is garbage automatically. Will reveal a lot of space being taken up by necessary files, but they never actually Go unless... Up with a clear view of your apps, how to clear other storage on mac, and documents in.! Point, the system needs these files, whatever category label they have optimizer will automatically arrange your?... And faster how to clear other storage on mac is to use this site, you can ’ t it! Created an app that automatically searches for garbage files on your Mac produces temporary files no... ) Downloads folders at ~/Downloads 2 show up under “ this Mac ” deals and news About MacPaw apps Mac. Can start to get quick Solution >, Download Center iMyFone store, Copyright © 2020 Inc.! Macbook storage issue is still a relevant one in 2020 steps, but they never actually Go unless. Just continue reading large & old files tab, click big Scan button to start the search these are simple... ) you want to Scan and when it ’ s a special category for Other files and backups! You want to get out of hand can empty up a few folders here may break your Mac on! And, handy enough, the irony of that annoying `` Other '' storage on Mac by removing from... Remove it safely and completely “ Manage. ” the sidebar to the option! Top-Right corner do something About it deletion of this storage category,.... Would do to help you clean your Mac your user Library ( screen savers, example. - Go to the manual option, just read the rest of the downloaded files find! Thousands of users prefer Umate Mac Cleaner, that is why thousands of users prefer Umate Mac Cleaner Optimize!

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