5- To have no friends. 22. The fear of failure is often hidden behind the reasoning of why you shouldn’t take that step forwa… One of the most common causes of fear is failure. If you take a look at the list of the top five marriage fears you'll see that they actually simmer down to one fear: the fear of loss. Whether your fears involve your relationship, career, death, or discomfort, staying inside your comfort zone will ensure you live a small life. Startup Life The Top 10 Fears That Hold People Back in Life, According to a Psychotherapist Acknowledging your fears and facing them head-on could be key to reaching your greatest potential. He had a hard time overcoming his fears, especially in those early days. Best Term Life Insurance. Whether your fears involve your relationship, career, death, or discomfort, staying inside your comfort zone will ensure you live a small life. But when it comes to our fears, we're anything but. Whether you have a mild fear of the dentist or a phobia that prevents you from going, we've outlined strategies and treatments to help. 3- To lose my mother. Phobias are different than regular fears because they cause significant distress, possibly interfering with life at home, work, or school. Often you don’t know what you fear until you are faced with a certain scenario again that triggers a memory. As you know, I like the technique of making a list to recognize and change something we do not like. Phobias are a persistent, intense, and unrealistic fear of a certain object or situation. 2- To fail in love. Phobias come in all shapes and sizes. This is actually more common than you might imagine. 5 Biggest Fears in Life: Overcome Any Fear. It is seen as a stigma that is attached to a person, a label that is doled out by others, and as a loss of somethi… If someone is uncomfortable in a situation, it may be an extremely mild degree, where it doesn't really affect them aside from the odd bit of hesitation. These panic attacks can be so uncomfortable that people do everything they can to avoid them in the future. Fears and phobias are one of the most prevalent forms of mental anxiety disorders that affect people of all ages and interfere with daily life. A phobia is a strong, irrational fear about something that poses little or no threat. This is a fear that has been with you since birth. © 2005-2021 Healthline Media a Red Ventures Company. Fear of Disease, Sickness or Poor Health This is a very common fear. A 1998 survey of more than 8,000 respondents published in the British Journal of Psychiatry found that some of the most common phobias include: Specific phobias tend to be incredibly specific. The English suffixes -phobia, -phobic, -phobe (from Greek φόβος phobos, "fear") occur in technical usage in psychiatry to construct words that describe irrational, abnormal, unwarranted, persistent, or disabling fear as a mental disorder (e.g. To an extent, the fear of venomous snakes is also essential for survival. Mediacorp Channel 8's television series Life - Fear Not is a socio-drama series produced by Mediacorp Singapore in 2015 and 2016. Most people don’t seek treatment for these conditions, so cases largely go unreported. For each fear… This process is done with the help of a qualified mental health professional, who knows how to guide you slowly through increasing levels of exposure coupled with relaxation exercises. My biggest fear has always been dying. For example: some people are afraid of reptiles or insects, and don’t know why. Fear of Failure. Smith, a life coach and motivational speaker, writes that there are 10 fears that hold people back from achieving their full potential. Exposure therapy isn’t as scary as it may sound at first. There are a number of different treatments for phobias, including cognitive behavior therapy , exposure therapy , medication and relaxation techniques. Medications that may help reduce uncomfortable feelings of anxiety, fear, and panic include beta-blockers and benzodiazepines. I fear that I would miss out on things I should’ve had the chance to experience. Some other emotions we know by various popular names are just aliases for these primary fears. There’s no official list of phobias beyond what’s outlined in the DSM, so clinicians and researchers make up names for them as the need arises. The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines fear as: A painful emotion caused by impending danger or evil. Fear Of Being Abandoned Or Being Alone This type of fear is related to rejection and low self-esteem. If this fear is affecting your life, you have options to…, Arachibutyrophobia is the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth. The second group includes social phobias. Pediculophobia: Also known as phthiriophobia, it is a phobia pertaining to the fear of lice. The fear is often of the pain that can come from an unprotected knee. They are much more than normal fear and around 50 million people in the US have a phobia. Our website services, content, and products are for informational purposes only. Social phobias, which are fears related to social situations, are also singled out with a unique diagnosis. Here is a list of the 14 most common base fears which other fears derive from: 1. 8. Fear of heights, fear of driving, fear of spiders - these are specific phobias. 1. 4- To produce unoriginal work. They’re estimated to affect more than 30 percent of U.S. adults at some time in their lives. 7. Hydrophobia, for example, literally translates to fear of water. Nobody sets out to fail at something, but everybody will fail many times during their lifetime. A–Z List of Some of the More Common Phobias . Donna Authers lived in fear of death from childhood well into her adult life, the result of an unusual number of tragic losses in her family. Fear Of Expressing Your True Feelings This type of fear holds you back from engaging in open, honest dialogue with the people in your life. The most effective treatment for specific phobias is a type of psychotherapy called exposure therapy. A past-life fear of self-expression is the result of suffering persecution or trauma as a result of something you said or wrote, your religious beliefs, or your political opinions in another life. An Australian nurse who published, “The Five Regrets of The Dying” found this fear leads to be the biggest regret of your life. The responsibilities of life weigh heavily on Pisces. This fear is part of human instinct, and it can help protect your safety. While these medications aren’t exactly a treatment for phobias, they can help make exposure therapy less distressing. For example, a fear of water would be named by combining hydro (water) and phobia (fear). Nearly every man who has shared his shower with a long-haired woman knows a bit about this. It is the fear that keeps you from even trying to go after your hopes and dreams. That lens now distorts our view of … This fear can be overcome with support from a counselor or mentor. But too much fear can be paralyzing in life and, in addiction recovery, can be a precursor to relapse. These phobias also vary based on cultural experiences, gender, and age. No Fear: Conquering my fear of being alone by emmacaroline15 (She had never been alone her whole life) No Fear: Losing Myself by matthew0729 (He was put in an all-boys school by his mom to “correct” his feminine behavior) Fear of The Future. This fear is quite rare in young people but rather frequent in middle-aged women and men, who are over 50 years old. A phobia is a type of anxiety disorder. Build your entire life around your fears like most people. While not comprehensive, this phobia list offers a glimpse of the many phobias that can have a serious impact on a person's life. While phobias can be extremely uncomfortable and challenging, therapy and medication can help. (Well I couldn't!) After you write them down, you rank them--from the one that makes you feel least fearful or anxious to the one that scares you the most. …a reader asked me. Like the phobia mentioned below, the fear of snakes also has evolutionary roots. In the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5), the American Psychiatric Association outlines several of the most common phobias. And you'll see what I mean when you look at this list of fears - 33, count em! One of the top fears in the world is a fear of failure. Yet, through a fear of failure, people become paralyzed and neglect to even try, and this could be considered the biggest failure of all. A fear hierarchy is a list you make of the triggers that make you feel afraid or anxious. First I dumped. Fear is an unconscious reaction that is created by anxiety towards a condition that commonly caused by undesirable occurrence of the past. The fear of snakes is well-documented in history as one of the most common fears on the phobia list. 1- To suffer from terminal illness. I wrote down a list of my fears. Startup Life The Top 10 Fears That Hold People Back in Life, According to a Psychotherapist Acknowledging your fears and facing them head-on could be key to reaching your greatest potential. Studying specific phobias is a complicated process. This is a fear that you have because of an experience that you had in life. The goal is to improve your quality of life so that you’re no longer hindered or distressed by your fear. 9. If you are unhappy with your achievements in some area and you dig deeply enough, you will find there is some fear associated with achieving more. Anxiety disorders are very common. The responsibilities of life weigh heavily on Pisces. This phobia is rare, but there…. During exposure therapy, you work with a psychologist to learn how to desensitize yourself to the object or situation that you fear. If a phobia becomes very severe, a person may organise their life around avoiding the thing that's causing them anxiety. Hmm, one of the very few instinctive fears in this list. Many people won’t try something new unless they’re confident they can win. An acquired fear. Here are some of the fears common among people in … Here are the 10 most common fears and phobias: 10. These are the top 100 phobias in the world, with the most common ones listed from the top. Fear is what holds people back, ruins an otherwise good day, and destroys happy people and relationships. The word itself comes from the Greek word phobos, which means fear or horror. Reverse the negative viewpoint with positive statements or affirmations. Mentioned below is the list of phobias, with their common triggers and symptoms. We've all been hurt in our lives and we all know that committed relationships require risking our hearts and opening to the possibility of loss. Remove this and you might not worry so much about the passing of the years. Specific phobias are related to certain objects and situations. Don't face mental health challenges alone. It will take some time before you’ll actually be asked to look at or touch a spider. Whether it be our own fears coming to life or watching someone we love battle with their fears, fear is still in our lives. Tolerating the sensations that come from triggers isn’t even a question, as they are known to make the individual feel like he or she is in a life-threatening situation. Build the life you want by exposing yourself immediately to all that you fear. They typically involve fears related to animals, natural environments, medical issues, or specific situations. 7- To live through war / conflict again. We perceive the outside world through the lens of that personality. There is a good reason to be fearful of snakes, as some are poisonous and dangerous to humans. If you fear spiders, you will begin by simply thinking of spiders or situations where you may encounter one. Fear Of Rejection This type of fear comes from personalizing what others do and say. You can click on each phobia to learn about causes, symptoms and treatments. 5- To have no friends. Wants indicate something that a Sim, well, wants. Chaetophobia – Fear of Hair via mashable.com. “Most of all, Pisces fears not being loved or understood in a … Some so much so that they may only affect a handful of people at a time. This phobia disrupts the personal life of the individual since most of the close relationships have intimacy as their roots. The ten most common phobias include fears of open spaces, social situations and snakes. Despite how prevalent your fears are in your life, there’s always hope for change. Fear of intimacy, or "fear of commitment," is basically fear of losing one's autonomy. Last medically reviewed on January 3, 2019. These internal fears can prevent us from having incredible new experiences—stop us from living an adventurous, passionate, and empowering life. Snakes, spiders and heights are … This list of fears below, listed in order, is based on the search engine keyword research 1 used to help create SelfHelpCollective.com; i.e. Then you may progress to pictures or videos. 4) Haphephobia: the fear of touch. When a phobia interferes with a person’s everyday life to the point that it is debilitating, they may seek out professional help for phobias. This is perhaps the greatest of all fears. Fear that he would never amount to anything in his life. Specific phobias affect an estimated 12.5 percent of American adults. People with phobias actively avoid the phobic object or situation, or endure it within intense fear or anxiety. Complete this sentence: To face this fear and change my life I will_____. It is normal to experience fear when it is time to bring about major changes in your life. These are the top 100 phobias in the world, with the most common ones listed from the top. 3) Arachibutyrophobia: the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth. See also: List of Wants and Fears Wants and fears (known internally as SWAF1) are aspects of a Sim's life in The Sims 2. The fear of snakes or Ophidiophobia is the second most common zoophobia (right after the no. First I dumped. You can also learn more about phobia symptoms and what fear is. You may have hemophobia. Some only fear detached or loose hair and do not mind attached hair. While perusing the list, let’s keep in mind that there are real people suffering from these phobias; understanding the phobias themselves will allow us to understand … Death. Agoraphobia – The fear of open or crowded spaces, Astraphobia – The fear of thunder/lightning, Claustrophobia – The fear of small spaces, Glossophobia – The fear of public speaking, Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia – The fear of long words, Triskaidekaphobia – The fear of the number 13, Entomophobia – The fear of bugs and insects, Lepidopterophobia – The fear of butterflies, Paraskevidekatriaphobia – The fear of Friday the 13th, Athazagoraphobia – The fear of being forgotten, Katsaridaphobia – The fear of cockroaches, Achondroplasiaphobia – The fear of little people, Sidonglobophobia – The fear of cotton balls, Telephonophobia – The fear of talking on the phone, Omphalophobia – The fear of belly buttons, Disposophobia – The fear of getting rid of stuff, Coasterphobia – The fear of roller coasters, Taphophobia – The fear of being buried alive. This is typically done by combining a Greek (or sometimes Latin) prefix that describes the phobia with the -phobia suffix. The fear of failure can be seen in those who procrastinatein taking steps toward things like new careers, education, or starting a relationship. 1. Aerophobia is the fear of flying which affects nearly 6.5% of the world’s population. Fear of intimacy, or "fear of commitment," is basically fear of losing one's autonomy. If you think you may have a phobia that’s causing a disruption in your life, speak with your doctor for an evaluation and treatment options. Fear that the people around him would continue to laugh at him due to the way he looked or talked. In order to be truly happy, truly free and live the life that you want, you have to be willing to surrender control. 2) Chaetophobia: the fear of hair. Ornithophobia. You can click on each phobia to learn about causes, symptoms and treatments. They may also fear the hair on their own body. The ultimate end is, of course, death and this is something that a large proportion of the population fears to one degree or another. How to Cope with Megalophobia, or a Fear of Large Objects, How to Overcome Erythrophobia, or the Fear of Blushing, Understanding Automatonophobia: Fear of Human-Like Figures, Understanding Arachibutyrophobia: Fear of Peanut Butter Sticking to the Roof of Your Mouth, fears related to animals (spiders, dogs, insects), fears related to the natural environment (heights, thunder, darkness), fears related to blood, injury, or medical issues (injections, broken bones, falls), fears related to specific situations (flying, riding an elevator, driving). A phobia is an irrational fear of something that’s unlikely to cause harm. Some of humanity’s most common fears are well known, like fear of heights or the dark. A fear, however, is the downside to life. The idea that my life could be taken away in an instant and that I wouldn’t be ready. There was a time when his electricity was cut off. Before I wrote out my fear list, I didn’t know what I was fearful of and even when I tried to think of a few I could only remember a couple. Examples of some of the more unusual phobias include: Phobias are treated with a combination of therapy and medications. But treatments can help. And ... (Wouldn't it be great if you weren't afraid of life, even!) Because there are an infinite number of objects and situations, the list of specific phobias is quite long. Specifically a fear of hair, some people are fine with hair that is attached, but become terrified of loose hair existing in the wild. 21. Use Positive Thinking and Affirmations: Viewing yourself in a strongly negative light is equally as unrealistic as refusing to see your faults. But to deal with that fear, we changed ourselves. Phobia refers to an extreme or irrational fear of certain situations, objects, place, thing, or people. Easing Fears in Infants or Toddlers In the ideal situation, an infant 's world is framed by parental security and a sense of calm. This article is going to list a ton of social situations that people may get nervous about. Then perhaps go to a place where spiders may be, such as a basement or wooded area. An innate fear. Identify whether one of these six fears is holding you back. 3. In this article we’ve published the ultimate The issue is that failure is not seen, as it should be, as simply not achieving the goal you set out with. In other words, fears that fundamentally affect a sufferer’s quality of life to an extreme extent. Patroiophobia: In case you have a fear of heredity i.e. 8- To mess up hypothetical children . List Of … So many of us refuse to leave our comfort zones because we are afraid ofdoing something wrong, something that could damage our lives forever. 10- To get old, and risk not being attractive. This website is dedicated to fears and phobias. Instead, learn how to get the support you need to thrive. As you may notice while you browse through this list, most specific phobias fall into one of four major categories: The biggest fear of losing control is another big fear that holds many of us back from living our best life. I wrote down a list of my fears. Just something about the texture of snakes that gives me the creeps. What are the 10 most fearable things in our world. Even though the list of insecurities is countless, most fit under the umbrella of four main fears: the fear of failure, fear of dying, fear of change, and the fear of not being good enough. A phobia is an irrational fear which gets worse in certain situations, and very often it is hard to find any logical explanation of it. Failure is a normal part of life and learning from failure can help you find eventual success. Take the anxiety test. They fear having their ideas and creativity suppressed. Erythrophobia, which is an intense, irrational, and persistent fear of blushing, can affect your quality of life. Find out more about these issues, from death to stress to family and…. Fear of getting old. It's related to a fear of choking. Apart from symptoms like nausea, panic attacks, and gastrointestinal distress, these people also are scared, worried and feel vulnerable and inferior. People seek help from professional psychologists for many different challenges. Agoraphobia, a fear of places or situations that trigger fear or helplessness, is singled out as a particularly common fear with its own unique diagnosis. All reptiles, in fact, those slimy smooth exteriors. Pathophobia: If you are reading this phobia list and happen to have a fear of disease, you are a victim of pathophobia. Best Life Insurance Companies. it's based on data taken from Google (and other popular search engines) and indicates the types of fear people are most looking for information on.. However, it is not normal to allow fear to immobilize you. The underlying causes may be many and complex, but with understanding, you can find the key to unlock these fears. The story is set against the backdrop of a traditional inn called "Rest House". It helps you know what you need to overcome. 4- To produce unoriginal work.

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