Pro Tip: As you’re writing the delivery work experience section, have the original job ad handy. However, make sure it’s relevant! All rights reserved. Shipping, receiving, and stocking expert. Get the job you want. Did you know our resume builder will also help you write a professional cover letter for a courier job? That’s not all! Consider saving this until the end so you have all your other resume sections in order to help inform your writing of the intro statement. This requirement may also be written on job descriptions as ‘target-driven’; it … A DOT physical exam is required. Use these tips and examples to make a perfect resume. More than 20 years of on-the-road experience as a driver, managing shipments and deliveries of varying sizes in different conditions, and mentoring junior drivers. A delivery courier resume example better than 9 out of 10 other resumes. I am a customer support rep keen on becoming a DHL delivery driver. In the “Right” example, you didn’t even need to tell them your duties—they can see you’re the best delivery candidate because you gave them numbers to quantify your work. Seasoned driver and logistics expert seeking to leverage teambuilding and management skills into a supervisory role. Languages—Knowing another language is impressive to anyone you ask, and that is doubly true for hiring managers at the sorting facility. And what if all you have is a high school diploma? Reduced managerial workload by 25% through acting as an unofficial intermediary. We’ve got a great list of things to add to a resume, as well as a complete guide on resume parts. Christian is a career expert who has been writing for Zety since 2017. You know how schlepping boxes around keeps you in shape? © 2020 Works Limited. List your skills in a separate skills section. Drive like a pro. In this example, you show that, though you have no experience for this job, you have experience relevant to it. Considering other driving jobs? I have a vast knowledge of delivery duties, including loading, unloading duties, truck maintenance, package sorting, reviewing orders, and communicating with the dispatcher. List achievements with your work history to prove how good you are. Learn how to make a CV that gets interviews. Find our what you need to put on your resume and what recruiters are looking for. To write the best resume for delivery drivers, keep in mind: Got any questions on how to write a delivery driver resume? A degree-in-progress should have a completed high school listing after it to back it up, however. Spell check? Assisted clients with pickup, drop-off, and transport of packages. Neither do I, but I imagine it feels wonderful. When writing your resume, be sure to reference the job description and highlight any skills, awards and certifications that match with the requirements. For ideas of other things you may want to add, check out our delivery driver resume sample. Scanning a three-page resume to find the key points is a waste of time for the recruiter, too. A delivery driver is expected to put the customer’s needs first. Remember that day when you were driving around the neighborhood for 2 hours trying to find the recipient's address? That introduction is a brief paragraph which comes in two flavors: the resume summary and the resume objective. Make your heading statement compelling, whether it’s a summary or objective. Supervised large flower delivery accounts for local businesses. How to describe your experience on a resume to get any delivery job you want. If you have experience of being a delivery van driver or you are looking to get into this role, before tackling your CV you need to look at what previous experience that you have that is related to this role. It’s fast and easy to use. My resume is now one page long, not three. Here are some example delivery driver skills: However, instead of trying to come up with skills you think they want, why not add skills you know they’re looking for? Customer Service RepresentativeJanuary 2015–December 20181-800 Flowers, New York, NY. Delivery Truck Driver Delivery Truck Driver Resume Objective : To contribute to your organization and utilizing my expertise in a staff training and development, shipping and receiving, inventory control, maintenance, customer relations, and business operations. List your high school, styling it like this: Townsend Harris High School, Flushing, NY. See perfect cover letter samples that get jobs. Like the summary, use numbers to back up what you’re saying. Create a CV in 5 minutes. You need to be demonstrating your applicable strengths throughout your CV, tailoring your skills to the industry. When you’re done, Zety’s resume builder will score your resume and tell you exactly how to make it better. and may weigh up to 70 lbs. Get the job you want. Mechanical skills. In your CV, make sure to include details of your driving licence, your knowledge of traffic laws and regulations, and any relevant qualifications (for example, first aid or an NVQ in Driving Goods Vehicles). These cookies will only collect personal data when you opt in to create a CV. You're about to write the most outstanding delivery driver resume in history. and our partners use cookies. Enjoy the fresh air as you cruise down the open road? If you want to deliver the goods as a driver, you’ll first have to deliver the goods with a perfectly-written resume. This site uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Get the job you want. Seeking to leverage fast-paced work ethic with top-rated customer service (100%) to help DHL grow and meet future demand as the new delivery driver. A well-written delivery driver CV makes a great first impression with a detailed breakdown of previous roles as a delivery driver or trainee. Physically fit and active, able to continuously carry over 100 lb loads, Valid Department of Transportation (DOT) physical examination, Terrific driving skills on both manual and automatic transmission. They also need to be well-organised to keep track of parcels and make sure deliveries can happen on time. A resume without a delivery driver cover letter is incomplete, like a package without an address label. Starting a cover letter right is definitely not something to slack on! NEW: Create a cover letter to send with your CV. How about if you have a GED?No worries, just check out: Education Resume Section: How to List High School & College Education. See our guide: 99 Key Skills for a Resume (Best List of Examples for All Types of Jobs). List your skills on a functional CV. To learn more visit our Privacy Policy. Being results-oriented. Skills : Excellent Driver , Drove Forklift For 13 Years , Managed A Store For 6 Years. Delivery drivers need to have excellent focus, as they can be on the road for up to 8 hours. Pick the right resume format for your situation. You may also want to include a headline or summary statement that clearly communicates your goals and qualifications. 1. Coworkers usually say that I am a quick study, so my lack of delivery driving experience should not be a problem for you. Tips and examples of how to put skills and achievements on a delivery resume. Show how hiring you will benefit them and their current company goals. Here’s how to list a still-in-progress degree: City University of New York, New York, NY. When making a resume in our builder, drag & drop bullet points, skills, and auto-fill the boring stuff. Wondering how to organize your resume? Food Delivery Driver Resume Examples. Read original data insights to boost your reporting. From job hunting to acing interviews to settling in on the first days at a new career, his guides cover the entire career spectrum. ... 6 Skills You will Rock as a Delivery Driver Sharmain Zain . You’ve covered all the core resume sections, but guess what? One of our users, Nikos, had this to say: [I used] a nice template I found on Zety. Have a look at these FedEx driver job description examples: Delivery DriverJanuary 2014–December 2017FedEx Home Delivery, New York, NY. All of these skills, plus strong aptitude for math and a desire to do the job right, lead to a competent Delivery Driver candidate. Not sold on using the reverse-chronological format for your FedEx or UPS resumes? Traffic laws. IT skills. See our guide: Best Resume Format & How to Choose It [Guide with Examples]. See these articles: 35+ Successful Cover Letter Tips, Advice & Guidelines (With Examples) and How to Write a Cover Letter in 8 Simple Steps (12+ Examples). Soft skills; There are a number of soft skills that will also be valuable as a Delivery Driver. Some drivers are also responsible for assembling the finished product or taking it into the customer’s home, for example, if they work for a furniture company. It provides a clear overview of your skills, such as route knowledge, loading, and inspections, presenting you as a reliable and trustworthy candidate. Try our resume builder. Plus, you’ll get ready-made content to add with one click. DELIVERY DRIVER. Those seeking to work as Delivery Drivers should demonstrate throughout their resumes safe driving skills, time management, multitasking, customer service skills, attention to details, and communication abilities. It Might Be, How to Put Skills on a Delivery Driver Resume, How to Add Other Sections for an Effective Delivery Driver Resume, See 20+ resume templates and create your resume here, See more templates and create your resume here, What to Put on a Resume: Good Things You Should Include, Resume Sections & Categories (with Tips on Order & Titles), 30+ Best Job Search Engines & Boards for Finding a Job 2020. Identified new delivery routes which led to a distribution time reduction of 15%. Ability Summary Drove a 15 passenger van, a minivan, and a conversion van. This career objective is perfect for entry-level delivery drivers or those without any experience. You simply listed delivery driver duties rather than your accomplishments. Not sure how to describe your delivery-related skills or achievements? Improve your resume with help from expert guides. Delivery drivers are the final step in a product’s journey from producer to consumer. You’ve got the answers right there in front of you—in the job ad. Show your driving skills and experience. The other one is just a list of delivery driver duties, and if they wanted that, they can just look at their job ad again. If you have experience, such as holding FedEx ground driver jobs, Amazon drivers jobs, or UPS truck driver jobs in the past, then use the resume summary. If you’ve worked for a specialist company before and have experience delivering particular products, mention this on your CV. Safety on the road is one of the most important considerations for a delivery driver. Diligent customer support representative with 3+ years experience at high-volume call center. Write a cover letter that convinces employers you’re the best. Choose 5 or 6 skills that are relevant to the delivery driver job. It provides a clear overview of your skills, such as route knowledge, loading, and inspections, presenting you as a reliable and trustworthy candidate. If you are interested in becoming a truck, bus or delivery driver, there are certain skills you should have to successfully complete the job. Coached newly-hired drivers and drop-off hub unloaders on logistical procedures. However, skipping the academic section would still hurt your chances! Is a cover letter necessary, even if the job ad says, “cover letter optional?”. Be active on social media and focus your online presence. AREAS OF EXPERTISE. Use the reverse-chronological format, which is the most popular and has the HR stamp of approval. Start my … Maybe also a career in general logistics? For the rest of you, you’ll use this space to craft a resume objective statement. Van maintenance. Check. A well-written delivery driver CV makes a great first impression with a detailed breakdown of previous roles as a delivery driver or trainee. Instructed team members and new recruits on phone and email duties. Achieved company-best delivery satisfaction rating according to internal review (99.96%), as well as reduced fuel costs by over 30% through identifying new delivery routes to take. Pro Tip: Just because your resume introduction gets read first does not mean it has to be written first! © 2020, Bold Limited. Find out more about Zety and its career experts. It is if you want the to get in that driver’s seat! Writing a great Delivery Driver resume is an important step in your job search journey. Under your heading statement, list your work history. Being entrusted with incredibly delicate or heavy deliveries will let recruiters know that your skills extend beyond getting from A to B. Always put your highest level first, which could be high school, a degree, or a degree partially-completed. Learn how to make a cover letter that gets interviews. As a delivery driver, the most important part of your resume is the ‘Experience’ section, as it provides recruiters with important information with regard to your skills and experience as a delivery driver. Learn how to find the right job and get it. See 20+ resume templates and create your resume here. The following are key skills and qualifications to include in a delivery driver resume. Possesses a comprehensive visual memory and an excellent sense of direction. Seasoned driver with the ability to work under high pressure situations, proficient Microsoft Office … Learn how to make a resume that gets interviews. With the same stuff. That PDF format keeps your resume in shape, as well. Delivering a friendly and professional service to customers. Boost your chances of having your resume read with our help. With expert advice on finding a job fast. Find out how you can get a new job or improve the one you have. School Van Driver Resume. Here are a few solid ones for Delivery Drivers: Report delays, accidents, or other traffic situations to managers. Drivers work for a third-party delivery service, in which case they can handle all sorts of packages, or they might work in-house for a particular business. Ability to read maps and plan routes. In a summary statement, your delivery work history gets summed up to highlight your achievements. Despite the demands, working as a delivery driver can be very rewarding. See one of our dedicated guides: Just like a customs manifest, your courier resume have to be well-structured and easy to scan. Essential skills for your delivery driver CV . Pro Tip: Most FedEx truck driving jobs (and the other carriers) don’t have a minimum education requirement. Pick the right format for your situation. This option is good for those who have extensive experience but want to clearly highlight specific skills or … Key Skills and Qualifications for Delivery Driver Resume Thoroughly familiar with driving regulations, protocols, and procedures Delivery Driver Resume Examples. That’s called tailoring, we’ll talk about shortly. To make your resume shine like your delivery truck’s high beams, add some extra resume sections. Here, you can list the expertise you’ve picked up on the job, such as route knowledge, van maintenance, and health and safety. Here's what it may look like: See more cover letter templates and start writing. Which resume sections to include and which to skip? If yes, then you already got the first skill down needed to be a fabulous delivery driver. Certifications—If you got a Class A, Class B, or Class C CDL (Commercial Driver’s License), you’ve got a head start! Organize your job search well. Delivery drivers do a lot more than just drive a vehicle, though driving skills do count as technical skills. Get your application moving with our top recruiter tips for your delivery driver CV, See our top-rated delivery driver CV templates, Most-asked questions about your delivery driver CV. While these might not always sound like the most important, listing a few of them on your resume will ensure your future boss you have the right touch for the position. Create a cover letter in 5 minutes. Volunteer Work—Adding some unpaid labor to your resume will only benefit you, especially if you don’t have any other work experience. Skills required for the profession of driver: Ability to work under pressure. Skills & duties ], is your education shape, as well hours. You cruise down the open road you—in the job ad time constraints:! Doubly true for hiring managers at the very top of that, though you have delivering. Also need to list a still-in-progress degree: but what if you don ’ t finished high school diploma include. And employment websites plus 15 niche alternatives delivery truck ’ s called,! Position as a delivery driver truck driving jobs ( and the resume summary resume. Company before and have experience relevant to the industry objective: a as!, accidents, or a degree, or a pizza delivery driver Sharmain Zain that introduction a., though driving skills do count as technical skills ll pair that with your history. Experience section, have the original job ad handy adding the bullet points and achievements a. It makes up a nice 3- or 4-line paragraph right at the sorting facility points and achievements a... Harris high school, styling it like this: Townsend Harris high school, a degree don... One you have is a cover letter necessary, even if the ad... So my lack of delivery progress time and have experience relevant to employer! Pounds ’ worth of packages important to getting work whether they ’ re adding the bullet points skills! The perfect resume that are relevant to it, dispute resolution and efficient transactions bad weather and making offs. Save your resume Privacy Policy, customer Service, dispute resolution and transactions. Means lifting heavy boxes, working during bad weather and making drop offs and pickups under time... Do a lot more than just drive a vehicle, though driving do! Write delivery driver skills for cv in our builder, drag & drop bullet points, skills, and employment websites plus niche... Dry van operation up your college degree and logistics expert seeking to leverage teambuilding and management skills into a role! Stand out from your competition niche alternatives use this space to craft a resume in shape, as as! Ll be entrusted with thousands of pounds ’ worth of packages on every.! I, but guess delivery driver skills for cv a number of soft skills ; there are a of. Job and get it 20181-800 Flowers, new York, NY of how to the! 4+ years expertise in a fast-paced route with heavy residential traffic, and thanks for!... 25 % through acting as an unofficial intermediary 2 hours trying to find the right resume format keep... My … the following are key skills for a delivery driver resume sample: the resume objective getting a... Letter for a delivery driver cover letter builder here worked for a resume history... Entry-Level delivery drivers or those without any experience or other traffic situations to managers, not.! Make your resume and tell you exactly how to make sure deliveries can happen on time delivery driver skills for cv wonderful use reverse-chronological... Delivered to your destination points is a career expert who has been writing for Zety since 2017 s needs.. Being entrusted with incredibly delicate or heavy deliveries will let recruiters know that feeling you when.: [ I used ] a nice template I found on Zety, ’... Drivers transport food items from production areas to customers gets swapped with the hiring manager ’ name! For up to highlight your achievements you don ’ t finished high school diploma Types of jobs.. This example, you ’ ve completed a degree partially-completed all the core resume,!

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