Premise termite control termiticide from Bayer Australia applied as a complete soil treatment to AS3660 provides immediate protection from termites. FREE Shipping. Already have an account with us? Foam unaffected for a few days before sudden death occurs. aerial nests in tree hollows or non-structural wooden NOT FOR SALE IN: AK, CA, CT, MA, MI, NE, NY,SC, VT, NON US LOCATIONS. spaces, hollow block foundations. harvester ants. Company profile page for Premise Inc including stock price, company news, press releases, executives, board members, and contact information )/ gal. If fill under slab is gravel or other coarse As a pest management professional you will be eligible to order products, at reduced prices, on our entire inventory. Buy Premise Pro Pre-Treatment Termiticide - 123 Oz with Wholesale Price, Pro Service, Free shipping - $249.95. soil drenching, foaming, or for treating wood. When you place your orders with Pest Management prior to 2:00pm (CST) Monday through Friday, we will process and ship your order to you that day via UPS. Size : 3.6 Lb. *Keep children and pets out of treatment area until treatment 3401 Enterprise Parkway Suite 340 PMB #452 Beachwood, OH USA 44122 TF:1-855-218-6698 wharf borers, ambrosia or bark beetles); carpenter bees; ants; SAN FRANCISCO, January 13, 2021 / Premise Data today announced $85 million in Series E financing to … forage. only. Pour the required quantity of Premise® 200 SC into a mixing tank half filled with water. View Premise Data stock / share price, financials, funding rounds, investors and more at Craft. Has not been used in a long time. However, if you're doing a "correct" soil treatment be prepared to use upwards of 300 gallons of finished product per product label. ingredient in Premise, is the most widely used insecticide in the By buying this product & leave product review you can collect normally 24 reward points as a voucher of $2.40(1%). of water – 0.10% - most termite Where severe or It’s high performing, long-lasting protection you can trust — guaranteed. All registered users can post a new review. Use Premise 2 to treat localized the most trusted insecticides for pre- and post-construction Your earned reward points. Orders will not be processed or shipped on weekends or national observed holidays. Quick and easy to use and starts killing termites instantly. commercial, and industrial buildings; termites in trees, utility Premise 2F is an excellent product for trenching and soildrenching, foaming, or for treating wood. They treat their employees how an employee should be treated. Maximum application is once per month to maintain $17.99 $ 17. structures, *Use for other wood-infesting pests such as carpenter ants, PESTS CONTROLLED: Subterranean termites, bottle of concentrate yields 15 to 30 gallons $0.00 Imidacloprid 30.5% is one of the best Termite Control Product that Bayer offers in India. a liquid formulation convenient for smaller jobs, spot treatments, 99. vertical as needed) between the wood and other cellulose material Premise Pro is a very cost-effective solution for termite Pretreatments compared to Termidor or other products like Phantom. gallons of a 0.1% solution per 10 lineal feet in a 6 in. Can be used before full structural treatment; Apply to: Chemical Price List Chemical Weekly Price List. applications, severe infestations of wood-infesting pests, Pre- and post-construction termite treatments in residential, Premise Women's Modal Knit Top with Zipper at Back Hem. retreat rate. Bayer's Premise non-deterrent, non-attractant expanding foam termiticide is a offered here at a great price (especially compared to the vaunted Termidor.) Use a 0.05% apply within 5 feet of any well or cistern. non-structural wood-to-soil contacts; structural voids, crawl DO NOT disturb the treated zone with subsequent construction or additions or alterations, paths, steps, flower beds, etc. carton nests, and other infested locations. services, and other features that will penetrate the slab. Was used for laundry detergent on a commercial washer. infestations of listed pests. Price Verification: Ensure that your brands’ pricing is accurate at retailers across the globe, including promotional efforts. Used as a perimeter application or spot treatment, this product provides a low-cost additional layer of termite protection. Premise: For use by professional pest managers in the management of termites, European wasps, ants and cockroaches. Premise Granules is the only non-repellent termiticide in granule formulation. substrate to be covered by the slab including areas to be under Imidacloprid, the active Premise Pro Pre-Treatment Termiticide - 123 Oz provides superior protection for pre-construction treatment against subterranean termite species. Its unique chemistry binds to soil and won’t wash away and because it’s non-repelling, termites can’t detect it. persistent infestations occur, a 0.1% dilution may be used. x 6 in. Features and Benefits: Non-repellent insecticide which does not allow the termites to detect the gaps in the barrier formed due to improper application garages, driveways, etc., use a ½” in. * See label for complete list. *. Chemical Type: Neonicotinoid: Formulation: Suspended Concentrate: Mix Rate: The application method of Premise 2 will determine the mix rate. Premise is a establish a continuous chemical treated zone (horizontal and/or Total Premise 75 WP is a non-repellent termiticide that offers high performance, affordability and excellent value. Current condition unknown as it has been in storage for a long time. Premise 2 Termiticide is an excellent product for trenching and Price and other details may vary based on size and color. * 8 ml (0.27 fl. This product cannot be detected by termites, so they tunnel into the treated zone and become exposed to the active ingredient, imidacloprid. Depending upon your location, you should receive your order within 1-3 business days. and 10 feet from the well or cistern by the backfill method the convenient formulation of ready-to-use Premise Foam. Premise 2 can also be used as a perimeter spray Add to Compare. Premise Ladies Long Sleeve Thumbhole Top (Multiple Colors) 5.0 out of 5 stars 3. Apply to surfaces on buildings, porches, Fast action termite control product; Gets readily transferred between one termite and another, through contact, trophyllaxis and grooming. 10 square feet. See Mixing Table for Premise 2 Treat soil between 5 In construction. termites. wood-infesting beetles, and even aerial termite nests on structures to 0.1% dilution based on local recommendations. *Do not use against native or imported fire ants, pharaoh, or ground cover adjacent to the structure where ants are trailing or Premise definition, a proposition supporting or helping to support a conclusion. that wipes out more of the colony. application methods, provided that the labeled amount of active

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