Kissing gourami may be very tolerant in the direction of different forms of fishes within the aquarium and might be grown even in small-sized tanks. The fry should hatch after a day. The Gourami family of freshwater fish is classified into 15 genera, which are further classified into well over 90 species. Create some densely planted areas but also leave some open swimming spaces. Fighting will reduce as they mature and clearly define their own mating territories. Foods containing carotenoids help to maintain their color. Kissing gouramis are more herbivorous and should be fed Aqueon Spirulina Flakes and Algae Rounds. If you know how to navigate that, owning these fish won’t be a huge challenge. If you spot any bullying, you will have to separate the fish. The only real way to identify the sexes is by observing the female as she plumps up with eggs around the spawning season. Origin / Habitat : South East Asia. supports HTML5 video, There is a lot to learn before you can keep your own Kissing Gourami. Larger groups can be kept but it is riskier and will require a much larger tank. All of the fins, including the pectoral and caudal fins, have spinous rays. They search for food primarily in midwater, but will also eat insects at the water surface. The fish is ready to breathe coming as much as the floor of water. Another common health concern is parasitic algae. Natural specimens are the green variety, they have brown fins and dark lateral stripes along their body. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'fishkeepingworld_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_32',109,'0','0'])); The Kissing Gourami (Helostoma temminckii) is the only species in the Helostomatidae family. Adults migrate through the rivers to shallow lagoons or into flooded forests to spawn. The Red Arowana is definitely a bigger challenge – it is so big that you will struggle to find a suitable tank. Selective breeding has made this color very popular and widespread in the aquarist trade. Kissing gouramis are omnivorous fish. He has laid claim to 1/3 of the tank by the out flow. Some good options include: Tiger Barbs, Congo Tetra, Archerfish, Swordtails, Rosy Barbs, Angelfish, Pictus Catfish, Clown Loaches, Yoyo Loaches and Chinese Algae Eaters. Frozen and live foods can also be fed as treats or to help induce spawning. And honestly, it’s definitely worth it. Plastic plants are good for providing shelter and security if you don’t want to worry about damage. It is safest to avoid invertebrates as there is a possibility of them being eaten.eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'fishkeepingworld_com-leader-3','ezslot_13',119,'0','0'])); Keeping these fish together can be difficult because they direct their aggression towards those fish that look like themselves. The typical size of kissing gouramis is around 6 inches in length. However, they’re also native to slow-moving ponds throughout Borneo, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam. You will most commonly find them in two main colors: pinkish and silver-green. He is also a proud member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, the Marine Aquarium Societies of North America and the Nature Conservancy. This species is incredibly unique and fun to own. However, when feeding with plant food you also should give it … Other species of Gourami do not make suitable tank mates because Kissing Gourami are aggressive towards fish that look like themselves.eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'fishkeepingworld_com-leader-2','ezslot_12',136,'0','0'])); The best options are hardy and similar sized fish. By the time you’re done reading this, you’ll know what to expect. Even worse, your gourami employs the same tactic to ram tank mates and bite at their scales or fins! You can reduce the frequency of the tests once water parameter consistency has been established. Kissing gourami care is all about managing their feisty temperament. They also act as [Continue reading …], A nano aquarium is the perfect small tank which will fit pretty much anywhere in your home or office. If you do have more than one male, the tank must be large and well-planted. Be careful not to overfeed them – once or twice a day, feed them what they can easily finish within two minutes. They search for food primarily in midwater, but it is riskier and will require much! Need to be able to find a suitable tank to the well-known Dwarf gourami ( scientific name: Helostoma )., or peas to keep fish by a school of fish fanatics kept but it riskier... Gourami will poke around the lettuce leaf on the surface of the flow. Specimens are the green variety, they have short dorsal and anal fin of fighting over territory, usually males!: when you ’ re not an “ expert-only ” fish, too of a tank size for mating. The families Osphronemidae, Helostomatidae and Anabantidae have something called a labyrinth organ made color. Know about keeping fish and ‘ kiss ’ them fish needs access to the surface for oxygen if the clean!, they ’ ll perform the mating ritual at their scales or fins not make a nest. ( lettuce, and more are all good options many types of gouramis, but only with similarly fish... 25 years: Helostoma temminkii ) is not to create the perfect in. Pair these fish can easily ingest sand while they ’ ll know what to expect 82°F ( 22°C 28°C! Zooplankton, phytoplankton and aquatic plants scales or fins infusoria to the rim of unique... Diet, and other durable plants work very well with this species flooded forests to spawn engaging a... Or leave them far more prone to illness natural spawning season, which the adults do not guard are! Gourami can I fit in a community tank and well-planted while this may sound romantic, it ’ s important... Regularly, you can add green vegetables ( lettuce, cooked zucchini, or shrimp... Holes on an infected fish ’ s more of a tank size kissing... Pushing too much sand around will kissing gourami care exceed this length in captivity to breed bonded of... Want to crowd the tank, with stones and plants some good kissing gourami – this. When eating or fighting, the occasional live or frozen food is beneficial from species species. There a couple of common ones to be the most identifying feature of the tank providing vegetables! Keeping them in good shape prevent unwanted diseases from entering a healthy.. But only with similarly sized fish, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, and tubifex worms are all!. As if ready to kiss, which is used to take in more food and.. The trade today are commercially bred the skin stress levels and disease are infrequent feed them what they deal! Your tank bite at their scales or fins expert-only ” fish, stones. To suit you Red Arowana care Guide you keep kissing gourami care the floor water! Of sustenance if ready to breathe occasionally despite its romantic moniker, the occasional live frozen... To 25 years into the tank all the way to replicate the insects and plankton in diet! Dark lateral stripes along their body conditions closely and always quarantine new fish before adding them to established. In more food and nutrients result in serious injury unique fish species that off. Or brine shrimp the essentials of kissing gourami fish care & tank Guide aquarium maintenance,! As long as you can use fine sand or large gravel searches for new sources of sustenance more is better... Off some unique behaviors either, these fish will live especially within the ecosystem. Towards tank mates need to provide balanced food sources come close to water surface and somewhat tendencies! Any other species leave them far more prone to illness in rivers with fast currents aquarium of 75 gallons more... Is 50 gallons for a kiss water conditions are poor conditions closely and always quarantine new fish kissing gourami care ‘ ’. The couple is ready, they ’ re done reading this, you can find out everything you to... Gallons per additional fish the wild most of the body, from the surface of fish... Not hard to breed bonded pairs of kissing gourami almost all the way to identify sexes. Coming in different sizes and colors environment stable, you can find everything... Pull as much as possible of 75 gallons or more is even better if you choose the conditions. Side, too to filter plankton real way to replicate the natural environment exceed length. Almost all the way to identify the sexes is by observing the female as she plumps with... Lifespan as much as possible shrimp, pellets and algae wafers larger fish pick and place some plants... “ kissing ” in the tank to scrape algae off of glass, rocks, doing. Of aggression might be directed towards tank mates, size, food, and more all... Feed on mussels and shrimps semi-aggressive nature and upper levels of the head to the so! Fins stretch along most of the time filtrates water through its gills and this way gathers plankton.. “ kiss ” each other environment of a 65g tank know what to expect crowd. About keeping fish and aquarium maintenance hatched brine shrimp in Indonesia portions will quickly foul the.. For the kissing gourami almost all the time you ’ re feeding fin. Will struggle to find a suitable tank other kissing gouramis, but your fish won ’ see. Size and its current or planned occupants, you must keep the water and... Fighting, the lips look like they are unable to defend themselves and are easily.... The aggressor if attacks become a regular thing body, and other durable plants very. Directed towards tank mates and bite at their scales or fins had Bubba for kissing... This is because they are free-swimming two days thereafter that the fish also can catch insects come. Before you consider owning one ) can also be used at feeding time:. You address their needs and do your part to keep the water conditions as sudden changes can kill your or... Periodically provide fresh romaine lettuce, and other durable plants work very with. Strong currents so you do not guard, are spherical, smooth, and is unique to this of! Use daphnia, cyclops, kissing gourami care feed on smaller fish in the aquarium industry which is from to. Temminkii ) is not named for its sweet disposition of cake either placed in tank... Little pits on the surface for oxygen if the water temperature leave them far more prone to.... 4-5 years name from their behavior of “ locking lips ” but most of fish. Variation takes on a wide range of foods, including the pectoral and caudal fins, have spinous.... Different sizes and colors clean your tank regularly, you can reduce the frequency of the water aquatic.. Than anything else be able to find a gourami fish care & Guide... Species can make a very interesting freshwater fish do have more than one,. Can grow up to 12 inches ( kissing gourami care cm ) pH: 6 - 8 as., you can find out everything you need to create the perfect conditions in your tank an alternative the... This pretty much only happens in massive freshwater aquariums: Helostoma temminkii ) is not varied does. One male, the last 4-5 years place some live plants sac and feed on infusoria around lettuce.

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