Bag 5.PVC Poly Vinyl water pipes The seed of cotton is called (a) Bolus (b) Ginny (c) Binola (d) Silver ... Plant fibre (c) Synthetic fibre (d) Natural fibre (d) Natural fibre. Answer. To which class, animal fibre or plant fibre, artificial silk belongs to? (c) plant products (d) kerosene. Silk and wool 2. A) Jute done clear. Some are amorphous. Answer: The jute plant is normally harvested at flowering stage. (f) Silk fibre is obtained from the stem of a plant. Name them. Jute. some are very thick and stiff, others are very smooth, fine and flexible. (g) Polyester is a natural fibre. Bakelite was originally used for electrical and mechanical parts. Cotton is a flowering plant, which belongs to … Cellulose 4. Cotton is plant fibre obtained from the Cotton plant. Which one of the following is not a natural fibre (a) Nylon (b) Cotton (c) Flax (d) Jute (a) Nylon. Give two example of unstitched garments ___ and ___ Answers: 1. Which of the following is not a man-made fiber grouping? Plant Fiber. Shawl and Dhoti. Answer: Fibre (marked 1) which is used in filling quilts is cotton and fibre (marked 2) is jute. Question 15. Cellulose is a. polymer. A-Photosynthesis B-Binary Fission C-Meiosis D-Mitosis 4) Which of these is a nonvascular plant? (e) Silk fibre is obtained from the stem of a plant. (cotton and jute are plant fibres). Jute 3. 3.Polyester. Answer: Artificial silk is a plant fibre. Answer the following questions: Question 1. Plant fibers vary greatly in their physical characteristics. Question 10: The correct sequence to get cloth is (a) fibre -> fabric -> yarn (b) fibre —> yarn -> fabric (c) fabric —> yarn fibre (d) yarn fibre … True False 3) Plant meristems produce new cells by which of these processes? Examples of Fibre Crops. PET is a very familiar form of (a) chemical (b) monomer (c) polyester (d) polyphenyl Give one use of each of the following: 1.Nylon. It is a tropical plant which is mainly grown in regions having black soil and warm conditions. cotton. For example, polyester, nylon, and acrylic etc. 2.Bakelite. In the examination of fibers, the first and most important step in the examination will be: a- the determination if the fiber is natural or man-made. Fibre (marked 3) is wool and fibre (marked 4) which is used for weaving saris is silk. Jute is obtained from a plant called ___ 5. ___ is an example of dietry fibre. Which of the following plant fibre is used for Bed-Sheets? The most common plant fibers used in textile. B) Hemp done clear. III. A- Collenchyma B- Parenchyma C-Sclerenchyma D-Xylem 2) Reproductive structures of a plant are always produced by the plants leaves. 1) Plant fiber is which type of cell? 4. a. Answer: Following are a few examples of fibre crops: Cotton. DIRECTIONS: Read the passage (s) given be low and answer the questions that follow. What is fibre? a) Mohair b) Spandex c) Rayon d) Polyester. Parachute. The most prevalent plant fiber is: cotton. So, Beera should grow cotton plant in his field. Name the process of taking out silk fibres from the cocoon for use as silk. 7. Answer: Silk and wool are two fibres which are made up of proteins. (wool and silk are animal fibres). Two fibres are made up of proteins. In hot humid conditions, which of the following fabrics will you choose for wearing? It is used to make conveyor belts. seeds, fruits, stems, and leaves all produce natural plant fibers. Answer: The fibres which are made from chemical substances or which are not obtained from the plant and animal sources are called synthetic fibres. 2. C) … 3. Question: Explain how jute is obtained from the jute plant. 4. Question 16. Patsun 5. (b) Cotton fibre comes from the cotton plants and cotton crop is usually grown at places having black soil and warm climate.

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