All customers get FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon ... Speedup Super Mario 6.5" Bowser Jr. and 10" Standing Bowser Koopa King Character Stuffed Plush Toy Figure Gift. (But he can't be convicted of the crimes due to his age.). Date of Birth: Join the SML Community for SML Fans. He debuted in Super Mario Sunshine. Whenever he asks for something, he usually pesters Chef Pee Pee asking for what he wants. Junior also somehow dislikes The Bunny Do! And if you go off the track, everyone thinks your crazy. Bowser Junior first met Rosalina in Jeffy's Birthday! Crazy Driver. Friends: Boomstick: Rusty, the farsighted impresionable Pokemon trainer. It's pretty apparent that Junior has some serious mental instability, if anything happens that may affect him badly, or something doesn't go his way, he will react in very unhinged and insane episodes. BirdThe KidnapperEmily ColemanBlack YoshiThe CrocodileBrooklyn T. Guy (formerly)Bully BillJacques Pierre FrançoisPeachSaltyThe Corn Dog GodThe Loan DolphinMrs. As of late 2019, fans have started hating him again because of him going back to his bratty and selfish ways as well as the constant Cody torture. When Bowser Junior was born, he would start as an evil baby and burn Mario and kidnap Peach until Black Yoshi wounded him. Brooklyn T. Guy then arrested him, calling him a “cereal killer”, and he was taken off to jail. 4.6 out of 5 stars 193. Bowser Junior has saved a life before, In. Reputation. They often get along well too in Jeffy's Birthday! What does anything have to do with trains. Toad would later lose his status as the main character as of mid-late 2017, and Bowser Junior hung out with him less. Black Guy! Despite this, however, Bowser Junior’s brattiness returns at the beginning of Bowser Junior's 9th Birthday! Like Logan, Junior's favorite Pokemon is Poliwhirl, coincidentally this is also Satoshi Tajiri's (The creator of Pokemon) favorite Pokemon. One time, Bowser Junior locked himself in his closet for a week straight. This is evident in The School Project when he makes up excuses to make Cody seem more guilty when he accidentally destroyed his helicopter and takes revenge by destroying his project. They complain about how exhausting it is and decide to run and get some energy drinks. Even though his name is "Bowser Junior", he's rarely called that but he is mostly called "Junior". And in Bowser Junior's Cookies! when he asks Chef Pee Pee to buy him a snack at the gas station even though Chef Pee Pee told Junior that there is a mountain of snacks to eat at the house. and the secondary antagonist of the series starting from SML Movies Season 5 to Season 8. Junior cries, "Oh my god! Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick. When the Last Leaf falls..|Bowser Jr x Cody SML Fanfiction. Playing with Trains and DinosaursBeing a spoiled brat (Formerly)Making messesBothering Chef Pee Pee (Formerly)Catching Pokémon ((1-6)) Making Fun of Cody's MomHanging out with Cody, Joseph, Jeffy, Toad and Richard Goodman Bothering Bowser (Formerly) Having Game Nights with Joseph, Cody, Jeffy, (Game Night 1 To Game Night 6) Chef Pee Pee and Brooklyn T. Guy (Game Night 7 only) Junior also invited Joseph over for a sleepover in Bowser Junior's Wings!, when he attempted to break Joseph's wings with a hammer because he was jealous of his new shell as it meant stealing the girl he had a crush on. They usually get into big fights in the Home Alone series and they didn’t like each other in the past years. Principal Steinbeck (Arch Nemesis)Mine! Logan has said that Junior is his favorite character because he brings out his inner kid. As of late 2019, Junior has reverted back to his bratty and stupid nature. Junior used to be addicted to a TV show called 'Doofy the Dragon', similar to how Bowser is addicted to 'Charleyyy and Friends'. Bad Driver. He is, as his name implies, the son of Bowser and serves as the heir to his throne. As Junior has had enough with Chef Pee Pee for pranking him, He gets the voodoo doll and thinks that the voodoo doll is Chef Pee Pee and begins to hit it and send it off to space along with Chef Pee Pee being send off to Space. Later on, they seemed to get along, but in Jeffy's Kids!, Junior ate Puss Hole 1 and 2, so Jeffy called the cops. Junior is very childish, despite being 9 years old (as of 2017). Bowser Jr gets Chef Pee Pee to get his Friends and Go to Toys R Us. Chef said 1, but 7. he states that superstitions are not real and that all the bad luck he was getting were coincidences. Currently Junior doesn’t bother Chef Pee Pee anymore, however, Chef Pee Pee still hates him. he caused Jeffy to lose his teeth by using Jeffy's mouth as a tee for playing T-Ball and hitting him with the bat. Bowser (Only when Bowser is punishing him, or not giving him what he wants). Enemies: In Smash Bros., he'll fight from inside his heavily armed Junior Clown Car. After Junior says he loves him, Chef Pee Pee mutters the same, yet does not say it directly to Junior. Junior is revealed to be a Flat Earther(a person who believes that the earth is flat) as said in Cody's Sister and The Science Fair when he claims the Earth to be flat. Junior's behavior is somewhat similar to that of Eric Cartman from the TV show. Super Mario Party Don't Wake Wiggler - Mario & Jr. Bowser & Bowser & Donkey Kong Gameplay. Robert Bernard Junior (full name, non-canon). These characters are. Male Dragons Art. However, this was in the older episodes. She is now currently a pet that the crew is keeping around. His favorite song is "All-Star" by Smash Mouth. King Robert "Bowser" Koopa is the King of the Koopas, formerly the main antagonist, and currently one of the main protagonists of SuperMarioLogan. However, despite all of this, even Junior is capable of genuine kindness, the shining example of this is when he felt bad for Chef Pee Pee's suffering on his birthday, and as an apology, threw a surprise birthday party for him, with Joseph and Cody's help! Despite liking Thomas and Friends, he is never seen watching the TV show. Bowser Junior met Jeffy in Bowser Junior's Game Night 3 and have shared a good relationship ever since. As Chef Pee Pee gives Junior a bowl of macaroni and cheese, he was tricking him to give him macaroni and cheese much to Junior's Fury. When someone choses trains for play time and the other people pick Thomas, he says Im always Thomas and you cant pick him. He also has a habit of confusing simple English such as thinking the word "Birthday" is actually 2 words. 1 Synopsis 2 Plot 3 Characters 4 Trivia Bowser Junior tries to make more YouTube videos. DinklePrecious (in Bowser Junior's Bad Luck! TBA Bowser Junior Joseph Cody Chef Pee Pee Jackie Chu Logan Thirtyacre (Puppet) Toad Jeffy (cameo) Bowser (mentioned as "dad") Kermit the Frog (cameo as a play puppet) Gonzo (cameo as play puppet) Miss Piggy (cameo as play … It's also noted that Junior doesn't have a sense of empathy because he told Joseph to stop crying over his “dead” mom in Bowser Junior Sneaks Into A Movie! He also uses a bowling ball, a trail of Cheez-It, an oven, a golden watch, and an electrified doorknob as a trap to kill 3 robbers (1 survived but was imprisoned). though, Junior developed a hatred for Jeffy when Jeffy came up with terrible tricks and ideas with a card that Junior desired. 17:35. Mime (Cody)Mr. Quiet (Cody) and (Joseph)Mime (Brooklyn T. Guy)Shadow MarioJimmyJohnnyJesse (Bowser)JamesJaredMiserable Piece of Sh*t(Mickey Mouse)BJ (Cody)Poor Guy (Richard Goodman)Assh*le (Cody)F*ckhead (Jeffy)Peasant (Richard Goodman) LoserLittle Turd (Bowser)ImNotAn18YearOld (Brazzers Username)Stupid Idiot (Cody)Baby Bowser (Bowser, early episodes) Cheeseball Man (Hansel) GetRektFgtLOL (Xbox Gamertag/Reported for Voice Communication)Weird Turtle Man (Ping)Junebug (Pong)Benedict Cucumberback (himself) Turtleman (Brooklyn T. Guy) Bedwetter (Chef Pee Pee)Bowser Juniorla (Cody and Joseph)Popsicle Stand After that, He got 2 Trains. Origin []. Reply to: junior(gay) He's saying no because he doesn't like jody. Bowser jr Sml. Bowser Junior's gamer tag is "GetRektFgtLol", but it was reported because he kept ruthlessly insulting everyone, especially. where Junior was strongly encouraged to do as good as possible and fighting the retardedness of Jeffy. Edit. Out of the trio, Junior is the second oldest of the three due to Cody being born in February and Joseph being born a month after Junior in October. Bowser Junior's personality is somewhat similar to how Bowser Junior in the, The Junior human puppet went viral on TikTok because a user called felpav which is now private used the puppet to react to famous TikTokers and reused, A minor plothole with Junior is that in Bowser Junior's first appearances, he was 3 turning 4, and the videos took place in 2013-2014, therefore making him born in 2010, but as of ". Despite his father often straining his relationship with his son, Bowser has been known to spoil Junior by giving him anything he wants, and allowing him to torture his chef, Chef Pee Pee. Then, they went to Chuck … She's a Sulcata tortoise. In Bowser Junior's Piggy Bank! He hangouts with his current friends such as Cody, Joseph, Jeffy and occasionally Richard Goodman and formerly others such as Toad. He pronounces "ever" as "evur" sometimes due to his unusual speech. But after the release of 2 Tickets, they are now currently friends as their past as enemies are over. SML Movie Jeffy Has Kids - Supermariologa SML Movie Bowser Jr. Life Hack. As of late 2016 or early 2017, He doesn't act very bratty anymore, as he improved from military school. He debuted in Super Mario Sunshine, where he painted over most of Isle Delfino with a Magic Paintbrush he somehow obtained from Professor E. Gadd. He dislikes Chef PeePee, Black Yoshi. Wiz: And Bowser Junior, SuperMarioLogan's resident Pokemon trainer. In certain episodes, Joseph and Junior do not get along. 13:00 (SML Lovell Re) SML Movie: Bowser Jrs Big Spill!! Hi author here I was very bored today so I decided to do a fan fictions out of one of my favourite ships, I don't see many of these around the internet so I'm gonna step it up a little :) Disclaimer: The Character belong to Logan and his crew Even though videos made after they move out to the. He even apologizes for treating Chef Pee pee badly for the entire time they've known each other (although, thanks to the new status quo, this is rendered redundant via negative continuity). It is not very often when Bowser Junior swears uncensored. (クッパJr., Kuppa Junia) in Japan) is a video game character who appears in Nintendo's Mario franchise as an antagonist. Super Mario Party Don't Wake Wiggler - Mario & Jr. Bowser & Bowser & Donkey Kong Gameplay. Since Bowser Junior has turned 8, he has gotten a bit more mature. when he and his friends were about to go on the SkyTubes at Chuck E. Cheese's with Jeffy and found her to be really hot. The SuperMarioLogan Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. Junior has only made 2 appearances during the Golden era. In Bowser Junior's Flu Shot! Bowser Junior and Joseph (his last name being "His friend from school") are friends that mostly meet at school or at Junior's home to play toys. Joseph also took Cody's side as they both told Junior it was an accident. On many occasions, he asks for something very stupid such as in Bowser Junior's Midnight Snack! When the rabid squirrel bit him, he turned into a wild animal and was foaming at the mouth. for information about the Super Mario version of this character, go here. Bowser Junior Goes To Disney World! Thomas was a piece of me and when he left, I lost a piece of me!”, "F**K LITTLE CAESARS! Details File Size: 6326KB Duration: 4.067 sec Dimensions: 498x364 Created: 3/11/2020, 5:44:48 PM In the video Loch Ness Monster! In later videos, He would stop bothering Chef Pee Pee and ask him for something, even though Chef PP still hates him. Very much like our animal companions in real life, but very different. Bowser Jr. Super Mario Wiki (Wikia). In The School Project!, Cody and Junior got into an argument because he broke Junior's toy. Before late 2016 Bowser Junior usually hung out with Toad. and Shrunken! He snuck Hansel into his home and provided him with Chef Pee Pee's bed, as well as cheese balls, earning him the nickname "Cheeseball Man." I'm So Sick (Bowser)Sexy bastard (Chef Pee Pee)Stupid Spider-Man (Chef Pee Pee)Lanky Spider-Man (Brooklyn T. Guy)Maggot (Brooklyn T. Guy possibly Does Bad Things Guy )Soldier (Brooklyn T. Guy)Lanky (Brooklyn T. Guy), Jeffy (1 2 Switch Bodies!) For some reason, he is not angry or insulted from Chef Pee Pee calling him a Brat/Idiot/Slut. Jeffy's Anger Management! His theme song is "Get Outside" by Jason Farnham. Skittles (not to be confused with the character, Getting bullied (even though he has no problem doing it himself), Goldfish (formerly) (co-owned with Bowser), "CHUCK E. CHEESE! If Junior's age being misconstrued by others is the case, then it makes sense why Bowser Junior is in the Fourth grade as most 11-year-olds are supposed to be in 5th or 6th grade. As of Season 9 to onwards, he went on to become one of the main characters. Bowser Junior Sml. )Lance Thirtyacre (1 2 Switch Bodies!) Bowser Junior is kept being called a "n***a" by Chef Pee Pee in older Videos. Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures, Mario and Bowser's Stupid and Crazy Adventures, Characters in Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures, Characters based on already existing characters, Mario and Bowser's Stupid and Crazy Adventure, Bowser Junior Goes To Disney World: Part 1. In his first appearances in 2013-14, Junior was portrayed as a spoiled brat who portrayed a general child that age. I don’t know what Thomas left. Junior is also known for sharing fake stories. You can either go forward or backward. Part 1,,, This page needs to be cleaned up in order to follow SuperMarioLogan Wiki's. However, Logan could have possibly either forgot Junior's age in his first appearance or his age is misconstrued. Relatives: Super Mario. Don't take my money! These items can't be displayed right now. Originally, Bowser was an outright villain, kidnapping Peach and wanting to kill Mario for perverted reasons. Like Patrick, Bowser Junior has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) as supported by these videos. Bowser Jr. shares many physical similarities with his father, but he has a red ponytail as opposed to Bowser's spiked hair, small black beady eyes, a more rounded snout, and a single sharp tooth visible in his overbite—features which, along with his body shape, make him look almost identical to Bowser himself at a younger age. In Super Mario Sunshine, it was originally blue with a messy drawing of Mario's distinctiv… In Bowser Junior Goes To Military School!, Brooklyn T. Guy, as his full name was revealed, treated Junior and the other students badly, as they went through a dangerous course, as the other students were killed by an explosion, but Junior made it. However, in the game's ending cutscene, Bowser tells his son that Peach is not his mother, which Jr. admits to having known all along. In Bowser Junior Needs Glasses! Before 2015, he was hated by fans due to his bratty, selfish, whining behavior. Share to Tumblr. Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders Account Returns & Orders Jobs: He is also addicted to Doofy The Dragon, similar to his Dad's TV addiction to Charleyyy and Friends, though to a much lesser extent. Bowser Junior on SML Wiki. SML movie:Bowser Jr's Rampage. Like Joseph, he invites Cody to his house regularly. Hansel stated that he loved Junior and that he'd never forget him before disappearing. From 2013 to mid 2016, he was the unbeloved and spoiled son of Bowser, and was usually parented by Chef Pee Pee, who was constantly annoyed by him. where Bowser Junior figures out how to change Cody back to normal, in Bowser Junior's Bad Luck! Despite that, in the recent videos, they often get along well. He and Joseph both think the sun is a planet because of its spherical shape. In Chef Pee Pee The Octopus!, he falsely said Chef Pee Pee wants to be an octopus.

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