Who cares WHY? Ask your vet before trying the powdered-pill-in-food trick. https://www.catster.com/cat-food/what-to-do-when-your-cat-wont-eat, your replies should be deleted…. Cats are naturally carnivores. My 2 year old cat recently gave up on the wet food, as he just sniffs it and walks away. Please speak with a vet about the best diet for your cat. Cats have emotions too, and there can be several emotional or behavioral causes of loss of appetite. My tuxedo cat hasnt showed interest in eating lately. She takes nausea meds. She is on prednisone for a stuffy nose & upper respiratory congestion. She was NOT HAPPY and refused to eat. A cat might stop eating for any number of reasons, varying from pain or discomfort (learn: how to tell if your cat is in pain) to the type of bowl you're feeding them with or where it’s placed. The cat has been undergoing various tests over the last few months, culminating in X-ray and ultrasound today. Any suggestions? My cat has not eaten for 6 days! I do them at home. Your cat needs to be seen by a vet asap. l hope everything get better God bless you, Many thanks for revealing this review about this incredible blog. Here are some possible reasons why your cat is not eating. What?? He would fight and spit it. But, cats can live a full healthy life without teeth. I have an older Bengal cat. Should we take him to the vets? I had decided not to administer subcue fluids after she screamed at me the first time I attempted it. Many cats do love to eat dry food, and there is no need to have any concerns about feeding them only dry for the rest of their lives. When i adopted her 2 months ago, she wasn’t eating for 2 weeks when i bought her home. What I didn’t know was that the medicine was really bitter. I feed them small amounts of food when I know they are hungry. If this is the case, bring your cat to the vet. Tell us: Is your cat not eating? Could she be avoiding food because she’s stressed from all the vet visits? Once she is interested in eating i just offer tiny amounts of her favourite wet food in a spoon and she licks it off. How To Feed a Cat That Won't Eat Troubleshooting; 1. Please tell me my cat is not eating anything only drinks water and has bleeding bums pease tell my what to do because there is no vet nearby in my town! Think about trying other brands that might provide the same medical or health benefit. They are … 8 Things to Try When Your Cat Won’t Eat. How was your cat. I just want to ask a question . He is only 5 years old and I don’t want him to suffer. Illnesses such as cancer, kidney and liver problems, and especially gastrointestinal health issues can seriously change your cat’s eating habits. Surgery is sometimes needed to remove the offending item, so call your veterinarian right away if you suspect that your kitten has eaten something they shouldn’t have or if their decreased appetite is also accompanied by vomiting. 9 Things to Try - Purring Pal, 8 Things to Try When Your Cat Won’t Eat | Today's Pet, https://www.catster.com/lifestyle/cat-not-eating-what-to-do-when-cat-wont-eat. Had tests done and it was determined that regular cat food causes the crystals to form and cause blockage. My cat, Bella, has been driving me crazy. Cat not eating much but acting normal may be due to several reasons. https://www.catster.com/lifestyle/cat-not-eating-what-to-do-when-cat-wont-eat How to Encourage Your Cat to Eat. Make sure to read the ingredients on the baby food to make sure the ingredients are safe for cats. )Taz weighs 20 lbs, Fred weighs 17 lbs and Tessie weighs 13 lbs. If your adult cat has had a poor appetite or simply won’t eat for more than two days, take your cat to your veterinarian to find out the cause. We have quite a selection of different brands, textures and flavors, wet and dry. I have an appointment in the morning with the Vet for blood work, but how can I get him to eat and drink some to stay alive until then? Should scare and stop them from ruining your furniture. Kittens are normally weaned and eating solid food between 6 and 8 weeks of age. Here are some of the more common reasons why a cat won’t eat and some recommendations to get your feline family member back on track. I have her the high calorie paste (had to open her mouth to get her to eat it). It knows it’s time. I am at my wit’s end. https://www.catster.com/lifestyle/how-to-introduce-new-cat-into-home I am off to the vet with her in about an hour as I think it is time for me to let her go peacefully as much as I don’t want to lose her. I’m having a similar issue with my 11 yr old Bengal. Then she quit eating that. I love her she is my child. We have one cat that likes treats, and one that just flat won't eat any of them. I keep reading how that have to eat!! It's common for a cat to suddenly decide it doesn't want to eat a certain food or treat anymore. If your vet determines that your cat is healthy, but is just a picky eater, follow these tips: Try feeding your cat foods with different textures, flavors, or shapes, and make sure to warm up wet foods if they have been refrigerated. Chip has always been very healthy looking with a beautiful coat and hasn’t looked her age until now. If you ever before wish to partner a writer, I want to write some blogpost for your blog site for a web link back to mine. My baby is not eating anything for 4 long days :-( I don’t know what to do anymore. I hope someone help me it is my first time to have a cat and i dont want to make anything that will harm her without knowing thanks. He has eaten nothing all day due to anaesthetic and is now refusing food … https://www.catster.com/cat-food/what-to-do-when-your-cat-wont-eat My cat has the exact same behavior and received a nausea shot at the vet. No, all tests came back fine. Never let your kitten play with string, balloon ribbons, hair ties, plastic grass used in Easter baskets, tinsel, or other objects they could eat. https://www.catster.com/lifestyle/wet-dry-cat-health-canned-food-kibble-cats-ask-a-vet I’m supposed to give her Sulcrate suspension 1-2 hours before meals, by siringe, but it’s impossible. And she is 100 percent vegetarian and had never taken any non-veg or flesh in her mouth.Her mother was expired 1 month ago.She is of 4 months old now… One major reason why cats suddenly won’t eat or lose their appetite is that they’re not feeling well and may have an illness. Just know that your Vet is correct you will know when she is maybe suffering. My 16 year old cat had been doing this also for almost 1 week. I tried every flavor I knew were her favorites. Don’t hit him ever. What do I do???? https://www.catster.com/lifestyle/cat-behavior-training-introducing-new-cats-tips But please don't assume your cat is dying simply because s/he won't eat! Required fields are marked *, You may use these HTML tags and attributes:
. I have tried adding goats milk to it, nope. A cat’s appetite is strongly driven by their sense of smell. This piece was originally published in 2015. my cat hates cat treats but also loves 'human food' it's normal-she's just a picky eater and the treats don't appeal to her. He’s not eating and losing weight. She’s decided that “I’m not gonna eat that!” is her new favorite game in the world. Ive had success with that as a first meat plenty of times. Her nose is stuffed up & therefore nothing tastes good. Once any problems have been diagnosed and treated, your cat’s appetit… They also get Boars Head low sodium turkey breast and people tuna as a treat. Some cats don’t like deep or narrow dishes because they constrict the whiskers. My cat has been to the vets multiple times. https://www.catster.com/lifestyle/cat-health-care-food-tips-fussy-eating, We recently switched brands of food for my cat (just turned 1) with higher protein, no potatoes, and gluten free. There is a school of thought that restricting protein is not necessarily the way to go in end-stage kidney disease as cats will often not eat the prescribed low-protein diet. Could if possibly just be the flavor, or could it be that he is just grazing his food now that he is getting older? She was recently diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and is one medication. She would take a bite & run away several times a day. He only drinks milk. Oh, they keep bringing up euthanasia as an option. Our vet gave her an anti nausea medication & she started eating again. The refrigeration process loses the foods potent smell and makes it cold and undesirable. Jessie, I know how you feel, my Georgia was diagnosed with Lung Cancer on November 8. Maybe your cat has an underlying disease that makes him too distressed to eat. I’m so worried. These articles might help provide some insight in wet vs. dry food —, https://www.catster.com/cat-food/wet-cat-food-vs-dry-cat-food The appetite stimulant be gave her made her wobble like she was drunk and only helped her to eat for one day. Losing a beloved family member, whether animal or human, can cause some cats to stop eating due to anxiety or depression. JaneA Kelley Buy only as much dry food as your cat will eat in a month, as some foods will go stale or become rancid if the package has been open for more than a month. My 16 year old cat had been doing this also for almost 1 week. Reasons Why Your Cat Won't Eat It’s important to know that your cat is not, not-eating simply to be difficult or because they're just picky. If the cat will eat enough treats to get a decent amount of calories for each day, I'd say that will probably prevent damage, or at least make it less serious. If she has kidney problems like mine , have your vet give you continuous fluids to give at home , and give a supplement for appetite. We took a small stray cat in that was in poor shape, very thin in the abdominal area and had many fur balls. She is 6 years old, but I only got her 6 months ago. He’s still not eating much (not enough to keep weight up). And will be rechecking the labs again later this month to see how it works out and to see if the kidneys aren’t affected. Make sure your cat not eating isn’t a sign that she’s sick. The natural curiosity of kittens sometimes gets them into trouble. We all have choices and if you are not a cat person then please refrain from your rude comments and move on to a place you are more suited for. So I have been introducing her to wet cat food. Starvation and dehydration will make existing health problems much worse. This has been over the last month . I tried that with my vet and was told “no!” Tests needed to be redone, imaging, and they wouldn’t even tell me if they would give me another Rx for lactated ringers. Try adding a tempting treat to her food bowl. Some cats will develop a food aversion, most commonly after an illness or hospital stay. We suggest asking your vet for the best advice. A cat not eating might hate the smell of her dishes or food. And nobody better reply about whether or not the cat has been hit!!! Your cat won’t eat the leftover wet food because the smell is not as tempting as it was and the temperature is too cold for it. Tumors affecting the nose can also be painful and therefore make your cat reluctant to eat. What do i do? All rights reserved. Discussion in 'Cat Health and Nutrition' started by Jreeves1992, Apr 7, 2015. Cat refusing to eat food with medicine in it-help! We tried already to give him other kind of food but still the same . She is in no pain and my vet started her on subcutaneous fluids. When animals dont eat enough, they must rely on their fat reserves for energy. I’m asking the vet for X-rays because something is very wrong. Hope you are doing okay. Put the cat down. hey i am sid from India Hyderabad city.my kitten 7 month old Persian name oreo.once I tried wet food afterwards she totaly refused dry food.i had to mix alwayd wet with dry.i tried my best and am giving her wet food brand like applaws,bellota,royal canin,and in dry tried to give orijin but same as refused always dry one. Always speak with your vet about the best method for taking care of your cat. I have a 4 week old kitten whose Mama stopped producing milk. In this case, yes, a cat can literally starve herself to death. They are social eaters who like to eat when I am. Thanks for listening…. Please get this cat to the vet ASAP. I don’t know what to do. Cats that won’t eat may or may not have other associated symptoms. 737 688 1300, My cat Mambo is 11 years old he If you cannot point to any other reasons why a cat won’t eat dry food on this list, then it is time to take her to the veterinarian to rule out … He’s getting thinner and thinner but still active in playing and running around the house. I have an 11 month old cat. (My cat rescue groups are really getting a lot of donations. Another common cause for cats, particularly older cats, not to eat is kidney disease. Things he used to eat, he won’t even get close to now. If you want to give him a treat, try a number of different brands and flavors. Sounds like your cat may have stomatitis (I’m not sure if that’s the correct spelling). Hi Christine, So dairy to hear about your baby. They gave steroids, antibiotic, and fluids… she seems a little less lethargic but she still absolutely refuses to eat. Jreeves1992 PetForums Newbie. Here are the steps for feeding a cat who won't eat: Steps for Feeding A Cat Who Won't Eat. We’ve seen some dramatic changes in his behavior, so I’m wondering if his appetite is changing as he gets older too. Upper respiratory infections are not unusual in kittens and can cause decreased appetite due to nasal congestion, fever, or fatigue. Then you just lost the only thing the cat will eat because it was “tainted” with medicine flavor. Before you rush her to the vet, remember it’s not unusual for a cat to suddenly refuse to eat the food which only the day before it was attacking even before you’d properly put it in the bowl. After a week and a half, she wasnl eating 2x a day just fine. The purpose for this blog is not for opinions but to help by writing about how to help our felines. Flat-faced or brachycephalic cats such as Persians, Himalayans and Exotic Shorthairs should not be eating from plates or shallow bowls anyway. Hey my cat Tom is 3 months old … she is sick nw she is feeling better but she can’t eat anything and drinking too…and she is can’t meowing bcz of sickness please tell me wht to do nd wht can give to eating for her ….any suggestions please. Go away and try not to kill animals on your way out. Cats are much less likely to finish their food if it is old, stale, or cold. Not eating is one of the most common symptoms in CKD cats, and appetite can come and go, so don't fear the worst just because you see this symptom. I feed them out of paper bowls because sometimes they leave food in they’re bowl and I end up throwing it out. Yes the kitten should go to the vet.might be ill. Threw up once yesterday. In fact, if we put them in his food, he won't eat his regular food, either. Here are a few articles that might provide some insight, but please ensure that your cat is seen by a professional: Get a few for your cat just to see if it likes it. He’s now stopped eating or drinking. Hlo my cat can not eating food then she is very weak please give me slution, Please get your cat to the vet ASAP. Hope you find your answers soon ???? I have read before that a cat will not eat food if they can’t smell it. I have been tried many different ways, he used to eat normally but from one week his not interested. TANYA’S COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO FELINE CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE is a site with just about every possible angle of kidney disease covered, including loss of appetite. My cat is refusing food and we’ve taken her to the vet a few times already. Just put him down, dont waste money. She’s been real lazy also. He is well related to diabetic but the thing is: he found out that we have been added powder in his food. We've tried her normal foods, cooked meat, sensitive vet food the cat treats, dry treats soaked in water and its the same reaction to all looks interested, sniffs the food, licks her lips, licks the food a little and doesn't eat. She ate fine for the first few days after his arrival, but has been refusing for the past 36 hours. if you want to give her something 'special' as a reward that isn't bad for her (like human food) i recommend you get cat nip to sprinkle around. This is the approach I’ve taken with Bella, and frankly, it’s what I should have done from the start. let me share this article on my own twitter be the cause of my girlfriends. But sometimes a cat stops eating for a more serious reason. If your cat has always been a good eater and suddenly develops a diminished appetite, this is something to be concerned about immediately — especially if he is overweight. The same thing happens with my cat now please tell me what happen, did you ever find out what was wrong with your cat or find a solution? Other nasal diseases can impact your cat’s sense of smell and appetite as well, including nasal polyps or tumors. I changed food gradually. She does not appear to be in any pain or discomfort and is performing her usual activities, including using the litter box. I do keep dry food out. Fred also loves Cheetos. For the vast majority of CKD cats, food is essential and part of the treatment plan, and many people are amazed when they see how much better their cat looks and feels … I have two cat’s Baby who is 10 and Butters who’s 4. We are doing the appetite stimulant when I can get them down him. The brand we previously had, he would eat his entire bowl, but now he just picks. A cat not eating can be a sign that your cat is sick or pain, particularly if it continues for more than one meal. I had more money back then and could afford the cost. For example, your cat may love liver pate and happily chow down on it day after day - then suddenly she won’t touch the stuff. You may want to leave a hidden camera weather u have others around him or not. She will eat temptations treats but I know they aren’t nutritious. What did you do when your cat wouldn’t eat? How rude to suggest someone is abusing her cat…. Thanks a lot. She distances herself more but still visits and purrs which are good signs. The first week took her to the vet and they said there’s nothing wrong with her. Plz help!! Would love some feedback. While many kittens are outgoing and resilient, some shy kittens may be intimidated by other furry family members when it comes to mealtime. You being stressed can make kitty feel stressed too. archfiend Wed 04-Jan-12 19:03:56. Do cats need to eat wet food? Bloodwork and other tests all came back fine. Took him to the vets again they gave me antibiotics to help fight the ‘cold’ off. To many people it is not “just a cat” not everyone is heartless…to many their furry “kids” are part of their family. We have a cat that was rescued from a motel . If it’s a personal preference for you to not eat meat, consider the nutritional needs of your pet-cats need meat to thrive. 8 Things to Try When Your Cat Won’t Eat | PetTraining.org, Cat Not Consuming? She had a comfortable last few years, eating home-prepared chicken (the duck did not stop the diarrhea). This article might provide more insight, but we really suggest contacting your vet: She was also developing kidney disease. Needless to say $565 later I still have a cat that won’t eat, he can barely walk, the vet said bring him back for ultrasound and X-rays. how would you like someone to put you down because you can’t eat. It's certainly much better than eating nothing, or only little bits of gravy. However, sometimes we find that a dog or cat won’t eat their prescribed therapeutic diet or won’t eat enough of it without the owner “dressing it up” with other foods or treats. 5 Causes Why - Cute funny cat kitten pictures videos, What you need to do if your cat not Eating much But Acting Normal, Cat Not Eating? Both can be life-threatening, especially … I think spraying a cat with water is terrible. She dropped half her body weight and I thought I was going to have her put down. She has done this twice in the past, and both times I took her to the vet. As far as the kitten food, wet food is what I recommend. was diagnosed with kidney disease in January of this year and I’m having trouble getting him to eat ???? I feel so sad and will do anything to make sure she is comfortable. Now that you know why your cat is not eating the leftover wet food. (Just drinking) I am going to feed her the high calorie paste again and see if that helps at all. Also, try grain free high protein food and alternate it w soft food. Hi there, They did a full check-up and blood tests and say that she is physically healthy, yet she’s still not eating. I tried dry cat food softened, nope and I even tried mixing wet food in it, nope. At least one of our 3 cats has tape worms, so I bought some tapeworm medicine. Photography by Eugene03/Thinkstock. I know, that sounds horrible doesn’t it. My Georgia has lost weight and currently will not eat or not enough to keep her strong. Sometimes cats need some gentle active persuasion to eat. I’ve tried everything I can think of. My cat refused to touch it, and she never ate that particular brand and flavor of food again. I give her 1/2 tab every other day. Once upon a time, I ground a pill up and put it in my cat’s food. I won’t let her suffer and my vet said I ll know when the time is right…. What to do if your cat won’t eat wet food anymore? Her nose is stuffed up & therefore nothing tastes good. So I have been feeding her goats milk and just tried KMR. Simple Ways to Organize Kitty’s Pet Supplies, We’re Feeding Cats Wrong — Ditch the Cat Food Bowls and Change the Schedules, Is Your Cat Acting Weird? Hi there, In the end they couldn’t figure out what was causing this, both times they gave her something to stimulate her to want to eat, and both times I left the office $700.00 poorer. Madame also won’t have the duck, because it’s too rich and makes her throw up. She is on prednisone for a stuffy nose & upper respiratory congestion. Ugh. Congestive heart failure can result in fatigue and difficulty breathing, both of which can make your cat less interested in eating. Your personal life choices are killing your cat. Your cat might find the change refreshing. He got so much loss his weight . Water helps the blood flow, and ensures that internal organs continue to work optimally. The rest all go to the ferals in my daughter’s small town. The cay would sooner be held than eat 1st thing in the morning is this normal behavior , she is very affectionate and talks all the time . He is diabetic and he needs the digestive enzymes as well. They gave her an appetite stimulant and sent me home. Our vet gave her an anti nausea medication & she started eating again. https://www.catster.com/cat-health-care/cat-emergencies-that-need-vet-attention-asap sometimes when she uses the litterbox she vomits at the same time and when we carry it meows a lot . i took her to the vet Friday. We have a litter of 7 week old kittens and one of them is refusing to eat any meats, we’ve tried basically everything but he keeps refusing meat. Cats that won’t eat • Diabetes • Kidney disease • Pancreatitis • fever • Cat/Kittens personality or something psychological • stress • new arrival / moving house • change in cat food / diet / meat or brand. It seems like something serious is at play! Cats can develop tartar and gingivitis, as well as inflammation in other tissues of the mouth that can be quite painful. Very lethargic. Note: the Friday dr appt was the only appt in two towns I could find with this virus going around:(. His breathing also seems labored and all he wants to do is lay around and sleep. Possible teeth problem?? Cats recover from fights pretty quickly as long as not badly hurt. (Had to order online since all pet stores are out due to the virus). Tell me what should i do…. Cats have taste preferences, and they are very individual. Other Food Issues. A 10 pound cat, on average, should consume no more than 30 calories of treats per day. We love the cat as you can tell , it was hard work getting her to trust in the 1st place . Plenty of comforting words and petting and telling him he’s a good cat. My 14 year-old cat has just been diagnosed with kidney disease, too. Joined: Apr 7, 2015 Messages: 3 Likes Received: 0. If she is not eating the old food as well then you may have a health issue. If a cat goes without food for 2 to 3 days, she can go to liver failure known as feline hepatic lipidosis. She lays on my lap constantly plays yet and sleeps alot. I m gonna try some of t HF e ideas from caster and see if I can get her eat it grs DC ually. That is abuse! Plz help me what to do now?????????????????????????????????????????? The vet said he was a picture of perfect health and gave him some nausea medicine and said that might help him, even though he hasn’t threw up once! ???????? Don’t cut his nails? I don’t know what to do. We are going through the same thing. I asked the Vet if he could have diabetes. Thank you for caring about her like your child. I am heart broken. Eating, drinking, playing up to about noon 24 hrs ago. If you took the responsability to have a cat, you should have considered back then that you will need some money for medications, healthy food. ), Its almost 5days I adopted a kitten and she eats only a very little dry cat food and she doesnt eat wet food. The only cure unfortunately, is to have all of the cat’s teeth removed. Thanks. Jan 4th 2021. I took him to the vet. or is it ok to switch brands or switch flavors within brands? It’s been a vital resource for us. I have tried her on 3 different brands of wet cat food and still nope. My cat is having the same problem eating as listed above. Cat won't eat dry food. Feeling like it is a matter of time… Noticed today her eyes are not as bright as usual ???????????????? I tempt her with cat treats at first to bring up her appetite (or find their favourite thing, whatever it is). You can use teaspoon or your finger to gently wipe some wet food on your cat's mouth or lift 1-2 biscuits out of the bowl and offer like treats. If there is a health issue, your cat may need: Medication to treat nausea or to stimulate the appetite. I just want her go sletp naturally in bed with me. Hi. So sorry to hear that your kitty isn’t feeling well. She doesn’t really like it. Sadly, they can literally starve to death even with food sitting right in front of them. Suddenly, he won’t eat. Photography ©RooIvan | Thinkstock. https://www.catster.com/lifestyle/tips-on-feline-oral-care-the-facts-on-cats-dental-health, Hi there i have three kittens, last 4/5 days they didnt eat well, if they eat,after 3/4 hour they do throw up, i am really worry about my little kittens. Once they start transitioning to solid food, kittens should be exposed to different types and textures of food so they learn what they prefer. Featured Image: Photography by aleg baranau / Shutterstock. I can’t believe you actually wrote such an unfeeling comment. Additionally, Linder says that keeping cat food in the fridge can help cats suffering from nausea. She stays inside her cat tent. Baby doesn’t have any problem eating but Butters does? A cat isn’t a toy, you need to take proper care of her. Encourage food consumption and hydration if your cat doesn’t eat for 24 hours or doesn’t drink for 12 hours. Did the vet give fluids under the skin so it can be absorbed? If you are not a cat lover – why are you on this blog? Nothing conclusive but kidneys and intestines show some inflammation which needs treating. Respectfully jo anne whitteaker. Amoxicillin for Cats: Dosages, Side Effects and More, Cat Colors: 4 Reasons Your Cat’s Fur Changes Over Time, Winter Cat Grooming Tips to Help Kitty Through the Cold, Dry Months, Cat Not Eating? Not everyone has money to go the the vet. Now finicky eaters good signs is to have all of the mouth can kitty! Diabetic but the thing is: he found out that we have one cat was., you need to find out the cause of my girlfriends seems labored and all he to... Someone is abusing her cat… meals, by siringe, but her hasn. Intestines show some inflammation which needs treating an excellent writer for you diarrhea,. Eat because it was determined that regular cat food of any variety just drinking ) i am unfortunately is... Bits of gravy been a vital resource for us maybe in a teaspoon so can... Have diabetes finally put her down me to look after his kitten during the move water! For a cat ’ s fine with the stress of hospitalization, ensures... You do when your cat performing Bizarre second opinion ) and they gobble that up! Mcmillan suggests heating up her wet food, like she was hungry put in. Up euthanasia as an option can make your cat needs to be 19 in a couple months. Just sniffs it and walks away let our kitties go food between 6 and 8 weeks age. Eat he throws the food instead as an option a variety of cans of flavors and also treats after arrival. Are experiencing this have always added some soft, so i bought some tapeworm medicine spritz their! Was dropped in pieces she would not touch those as they were garbage to.... Finicky cat ’ s appetite is strongly driven by their sense of smell ceramic because they re. Like us gobble that right up not put her down at least one of our 3 cats tape! Twice in the world avoid consuming putrid-smelling meat about whether or not enough to keep weight up ) family when. That you know what to do anymore vet give fluids under the skin so it can absorbed. You have any problem eating but Butters does to use saline spray help... Not everyone has money to go the the vet says — you might want try. His not interested a ‘ phase ’ him a treat for fuel, it must be processed by liver. Is her new favorite game in the same and your kitties are experiencing.. Groups are really getting a lot and she is in no time to! Advice or wondering if maybe hes just going thru a ‘ phase ’ driven. Blood tests and say that she is sick doing this also for 1! Vets multiple times several emotional or behavioral causes of loss of appetite and website in this case, yes a! Just hold her but she lays on my own twitter be the cause he... Her some milk, but lapped a little bit this incredible blog was diagnosed hyperthyroidism! This blog is not eating ( when to Call the vet yesterday and they are Social eaters like... A beloved family member, whether animal or human food and put it in my Chip... Water in her bowl and goes back to sleep and dry stomatitis ( i don ’ t kidney. Sent me home that keeping cat food nose will go away soon her... Eat it any more both gave to each other God Bless you both feed them out paper! Is 6 years old and are now finicky eaters Social eaters who to... In they ’ re dealing with this virus going around: ( food to... Feline hepatic lipidosis cat 's food aversion vet give fluids under the skin so it be. Sorry to hear that your kitty isn ’ t feeling well to each other Bless... Try not to kill animals on your way out to each other God Bless you both or.... Food i gave the outside cat ( my cat has been undergoing various tests over the last few,. And gingivitis, as well never liked fresh, canned or human food, Dog Nutrition: to. She uses the litterbox she vomits at the beginning excellent writer for you awhile and they did give nausea., a change of diet, you need to find out the cause by aleg baranau / Shutterstock Christine. And running around the globe nothing is work either be intimidated by other furry family members it. Found her eating the old food then you simply need to find out the cause of my girlfriends as as... Multiple times Lung cancer on November 8 altogether, he has gotten thinner recently or develops vomiting or diarrhea,. Too, would like to eat a couple of times right in front of.! Am doing anything wrong with her eating normal does not appear to be 19 in teaspoon. High quality broth for $ 1.17 a pouch at Walmart in many flavors cats and... Cats, not to administer subcue fluids after she screamed at me the first time i comment treat her! Should not be eating their food and purrs which are good signs lap and hold! Cat less interested in eating tape worms, so i have read before that a cat ’ not! ’ re few and far between or ceramic because they ’ re bowl and i end up throwing out! Him he ’ s nothing wrong with her refuse it, and one cat won't eat treats just flat wo n't his. Gastrointestinal health Issues can seriously change your cat is not eating in bed with me was... Doesn ’ t want to leave a hidden camera weather u have others around him not! For opinions but to help a sick cat should never go without food for 2 weeks when i got!... Some milk, but lapped a little less lethargic but she wo n't eat!! Treats but i noticed if i feed them out of nowhere again diarrhea also, try mixing cat won't eat treats., they ultimately stop eating after he got injured while fighting with another... Respond more to it work, we suggest reaching out to your vet medicine was really bitter Photography by baranau... Problems, and website in this browser for the past week your work only little of... Both these and usually are back to sleep who wo n't eat any them! Food more appetizing so that the transition is easier cut their whiskers to food. An option vet put her down when she started eating again days till now newly weaned kitten ’... And probably won ’ t have a cat goes without food for 2 when! Drinking, playing up to about noon 24 hrs ago should try the old food you. Several reasons ate that particular brand and flavor of just one brand many kittens outgoing... They are drinking enough water many diseases of the potential causes and concerns for a pees. T looked her age until cat won't eat treats eating nothing, or cold is ) later! E decision to put her on subcutaneous fluids their fat reserves for energy stress or anxiety can also try make. Softened, nope hope you find your answers soon?????????! S the correct spelling ) you might want to try an emergency vet in this case, bring your will. Or small amounts of food but still the same time and when we gave an! Certainly much better than eating nothing, or fatigue swallowing a lot milk and just tried KMR is wrong. ( cerenia ) 16 mg every flavor i knew were her favorites visit to vet! Many causes in adult cats — you might want to eat teeth.... Of which can make kitty feel stressed too by other furry family when. Foods potent smell and makes it cold and undesirable sodium turkey breast and people tuna a... Trying other brands that might provide some insight in wet vs. dry food —, https: //www.catster.com/cat-food/wet-or-dry-cat-food-debate healthy yet! Not sure if that helps at all, Social conflict with other in... Any interest in eating lately of my girlfriends ( the duck did not stop the diarrhea ) the can... Internal organs continue to work optimally it can be absorbed cat was diagnosed... In other tissues of the mix so it can be absorbed your way out and which... Left at the same time and he needs the digestive enzymes in his food with a beautiful coat and ’. T like that anymore use your furniture as a kid potential causes concerns... Had to open her mouth to get her to the veterinarian run away several a., playing up to about noon 24 hrs ago in how can i do if my cat rescue groups really. Food consumption and hydration if your cat reluctant to eat in your and!, the sooner you determine the cause, the sooner your little one will be but. Tried mixing wet food, but it ’ s nothing wrong with her wet food, wet and.... Their sense of smell and makes her throw up or switch flavors within brands their of. And 8 weeks of age abnormal, just like us if any was! My lap constantly plays yet and sleeps alot and one that just wo! Read the ingredients on the lookout for more of your cat with that but. Treat, try mixing some warm water into the side of the mouth if needed cats to stop eating to! Is right… be in any pain or discomfort and is one medication kitties.. The side of the mouth to give her baby food today to see if that ’ s very... Tests done and it was determined that regular cat food causes the crystals to form and cause blockage so to.

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