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This job description may be amended from time to time in consultation with the role holder. <> Referring all cases of suspected abuse of any pupil at the School to children’s social care, Supporting staff who make referrals to local authority children’s social care, Referring to the Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) team all child protection concerns which involve a member of staff, As required, liaise with the case manager and the designated officer at the local authority for child protection concerns (all cases which concern a staff member), Taking part in strategy discussions and inter-agency meetings and/or to supporting other staff to do so and to contribute to the assessment of children, Referring cases to the Channel programme (and supporting staff who make referrals) where there is a radicalisation concern, Making referrals to the Disclosure and Barring Service where a member of staff is dismissed or resigns in circumstances where there has been actual harm, or risk of harm, to a child, Making referrals to the police where a crime may have been committed which involves a child, Ensure the School’s child protection policy, and the implementation of it, is reviewed at least annually and is up to date and liaise with the Governors about this, Ensure the child protection policy is available publicly, Ensure that parents are aware that referrals about suspected abuse or neglect may be made to children’s social care and the School’s role in this, Maintain links with Hertfordshire Local Safeguarding Children Board to ensure staff are aware of training opportunities and the local policies on safeguarding; and. Deputy DSL – to liaise with the Head in respect of police investigations or investigations under section 47 Children Act 1989 which involve the School. DSL Job Description Guidance Version 1 2015 Page 3 Example of Job description for DSL Job Description Job Title: Designated Safeguarding Lead Responsible to: Setting manager/owner 1. <> Description - Skills - Education - Trends. <> �J+��L��x����EWp("��^�1!Pқ In some documents there are sections: "Need to know", "General", "Final provisions," and others. 6 0 obj Arundel. endobj Purpose:The Deputy DSL will share responsibility for safeguarding and child protection across the school. 167 Deputy Coordinator jobs available on Indeed.com. Please navigate to our Parents/Admissions page to see a virtual tour of the school. <> Undertake the professional duties of the Deputy Headteacher reasonably delegated to you by the Headteacher 1.3. Requirements: %PDF-1.5 Description Job Description: ... Dsl Jobs. �5��. Deputy Sheriff Job Description. This post is a teaching position with Designated Safeguarding Lead responsibility, training and support will be provided. $.' International Jobs Career Advice Salary Search. endobj [ 13 0 R] Posted: (5 days ago) Posted: (1 months ago) Job Description The Deputy General Counsel is a full-time, regular position with the CIW’s legal department DC. Learn more about Deputy U.S. 130 open jobs for Deputy chief of police. To be available for staff to discuss any safeguarding concerns. 4 0 obj The deputy headteacher will have a teaching commitment and the duties detailed here are in addition to those in the job description of a teacher. endobj 1 0 obj In accordance with the Prevent Duty Guidance for England and Wales and Channel Duty Guidance: Protecting vulnerable people from being drawn into terrorism (2015) the DSL has the following responsibilities: The DSL & Deputy DSL should receive appropriate child protection training every two years (and refresh their knowledge and skills through network meetings, email updates and documents on an ongoing basis) in order to: You may also be required to undertake such other comparable duties as the Headteacher or Governors require of you from time to time. ����t]O?��VsQ�.� Deputy General Counsel Job Description - CareHealthJobs.com. Search Deputy chief of police jobs. 3 0 obj • Managing the diary of the Deputy Head (Pastoral), and organising meetings and appointments. To be the School’s Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL). In partnership with the Headteacher and … Other operational leadership duties to be agreed by negotiation This job description is not exhaustive and you will be expected to take on any reasonable work Deputy Sheriffs provide law enforcement services in counties. Our model is based on the Headteachers' Standards 2020. 21 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 595.32 841.92] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> 11 0 obj Save Search. DESCRIPTION OF MAJOR JOB DUTIES The Deputy Chief Financial Officer for the Department of Management and Budget reports directly to the Chief Financial Officer (CFO…) and assists the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the CFO on all strategic and tactical matters as they relate to oversight, coordination and implementation of all activities pertaining to the Wayne County Budget… <> $52171 national avg. endobj endobj Apply to Assistant Coordinator, Building Manager, Coordinator and more! <>>> Prepare a weekly report for DSL and attend weekly meeting to discuss ongoing issues. <> Displayed here are job ads that match your query. endobj Get the right Deputy chief of police job with company ratings & salaries. Sort by: relevance - date. <> x��[�o�8�����⬊E�@��$�bw[���>\G�]�'�]�����HI��N[�����3���bo��nn�|����%���c��� Read the requirements for the role, and take a look at examples of job descriptions from a range of schools. endstream 13 0 obj <> JOB DESCRIPTION JOB TITLE: PASTORAL DEPUTY HEAD DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE TO: Head DATE AMENDED: ... 12. (���=۴j�)�ueS�o�|� �i$V^�4}a��� JOB DESCRIPTION: DEPUTY HEADTEACHER Job title/Post: Deputy Headteacher Salary: Leadership Scale L16 - 20 Responsible to: The Headteacher Job Purpose: To raise standards across the school; particular focus on a key phase from Early Years to KS2 as directed by the Headteacher. 15 0 obj endobj Where children leave the School ensure their child protection file is transferred to the new school or college as soon as possible. They will take part in strategy discussions and inter- agency meetings, and contribute to the assessment of children. Apply to Chief of Police, Deputy Sheriff, Public Defender and more! Salary Information. 12. endobj Deputy Headteacher with DSL responsibility job vacancy at My Choice Children's Homes : We have an exciting opportunity for a Deputy Headteacher at a small independent SEMH school in West Sussex. }���@�#^?>[����b����I��PŴ�XIt��c?� ��D�y�Ek������T�y��L:����U���K��@�q}b+#�� 150 Deputy Police Chief jobs available on Indeed.com. <> Employers. endobj To act as a source of support, advice and expertise to staff on matters of safety and safeguarding and when deciding whether to make a referral by liaising with the relevant agencies 1.4. The successful candidate will be required: To support students with a diagnosis of Autism and their families. 10 0 obj An assistant manager might help the company to achieve its vision and goals by arranging employee training workshops. <> endobj endobj ... Deputy Headteacher with DSL responsibility. JOB DESCRIPTION Title: DEPUTY HUMAN RESOURCE DIRECTOR Department: Human Resources Class Code: 1610 FLSA Status: Exempt Effective Date: July 1, 2005 (Revised 11/2007) Grade Number: 23 GENERAL PURPOSE Under general supervision of … endobj "�RzA�l|��ս^��Yh̴�TE��d�}�ouHx�y�@%�&]����kR3�Ն��3+2���� Mr�Iֈ/� �U.B_\��\k�l��3p��_g'�9���h�X�ã��[�A҃����t�ĻEI�6��рb*BZv0���F敪eh�]Ը�u�䪳''�[/|�5p�"y��Ըf�������zFCk�k���>Sj-�ykg6�g%�tj̤�0R�3���$ oь��X�m�uT��s�7��U4=4�[Gٴ�v�y�X=��E�wQ}����"ˋg��}���R�*׸P=j�W��s����Q�l��g�z4�Ox-'J�4��~��p� N����E�1����ό�^=QvO֓啖3b� B��i���' �؀�X�C궈�(OZY��"�V�҃U�c�M�I�r��4��y2���Fm���x�R�dYu�sݤ�c�H�����.�cc2ɐ�(#X�Yo`ٖ�J�B�Kf�/�JFw���e�U��Ȏh��K��g��Yx%�M��! 16 0 obj O��K��g,Q��ZI�N�s�M��.N ���#%��w�II᫾��:E~��2���َjx�h�9�.��l���Ԩ�R~2�R�N���u��5�2����$�"[�E�tї�KYɏ���Me���.�嘹��P�iDZzZ�*ɀI�>�v���{Mq��4Y^uʈ#����S�w�=����o����E�oTK�K��t��TZ:L���L�N����X�)��ij�^�;�����Fx�v^G7�*�ҽ��uսXcF�[�g�Akn�^]�Z�m�ن���-'�������y�~\4���'������~��Md?#İ��.��z�����5�Y�O�ѝ��g{^��jG�zBS���AF��UgoMGaٓ1�gk���x(�Bi���v�ʱ�J%q���R_S}�4X帗�xrQ�� �|O�;�q->�zmڌ��W��3��w��l����� ֗&���b�w

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