The rear sight channel works OK when the gun’s aimed at a light-colored target. Galco Combat Master Ruger SP101 Belt Slide Holster 3" Barrel Right Hand Leather ... Galco Combat Master Ruger SP101 Belt Slide Holster... Our Low Price $102.28 I installed Wolff springs in my .357 2.25 inch SP. Not to mention knowing how to clear the chamber if you remove the magazine before the gun’s empty, remembering to clear the chamber, keeping track of the muzzle while you reload a new magazine, remembering to reactivate the safety when you’re done (where applicable), gripping the gun tightly enough to avoid limp wristing and knowing how to clear the chamber if you do. I also like the 3″ 101, but not the sights. If Ruger ever releases a .22 Mag version SP101 with a 4.5″ or 5″+ barrel with sights such as the new SP101 22LR has that would be interesting to consider (ok, no more dreaming for now). Loaded with .357 Mags, it will stop anything. My sp101 is my edc gun, I opted for the 38 spcl. The first is marginally acceptable, and stays on our 50 yd. Area Code: 262 . Sp101 Wiley Clapp addition! A blade front sight and integral notch rear sight. For those of us that are old school and don’t speak modern day Swahili. Unless you have spent your life shooting semi-auto pistols, they can be confusing for such people to operate. With a small jeweler’s file I widened that channel and moved the POI right. In a close struggle, the revolver can’t go out of battery like a pistol pressed against a body. 2020: This review was written about 11 years ago. With the concealability, durability, accuracy and the dependability of the SP 101 the added weight is well worth it. One more reason why the SP 101 is a great gun for training new shooters. Capacities are five-shot for .38 Special and .357, and eight-shot for .22 LR. I’d like them to offer a TTAG Beginner’s Gun. Which they do. A revolver is WYSIWYG. … The Ruger SP101, on the other hand, was a smaller, five shot small framed revolver with a short barrel. BUT, at 20 feet, my first SP groups about 0.4″ right and the second SP groups about 1.25″ left. It’s heavy all right, but not too heavy. It won’t hang up. Ruger SP101. This Ruger Model SP101 is a 5 shot stainless steel double action revolver in .357 Magnum Cal. This is an terrific site!. (A head-to-head comparo is in the works.). I also have a 4 inch .22LR SP101, and love both. Tritium is mildly radioactive, and the little dot inset in the sight lights up at night. They are belly guns, indeed, even with longer barrels. Careful tests produce very tight groups with nearly all loads, including the heaviest. Frame widths increased in critical areas that support barrel. Ruger Vaquero Convertible 45LC/45 ACP 5.5" Barrel, 2 Cylinders. Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. is one of the nation's leading manufacturers of rugged, reliable firearms for the commercial sporting market. I stick to 38’s with Model 60. Sack up. 79. The 327Mag, though, I thought was a low recoiling gun. Fortunately for SP101 owners like me, remedies are readily available. After firing a friends 101, I purchased one and after 3 rounds the cylinder locked up. Mountain Dog, there is just so much wrong with your comment. Price: $629 msrp, $608 via Brownells. Unfortunately, new shooters take to small, lightweight handguns like size queens take to porn stars (in reverse). They may confuse the slide release with the magazine release, they don’t remember to clear the round in the chamber for cleaning (a potentially fatal mistake), they grip the gun too high and get injured with a slide bite, etc. On the way to revealing the SP101’s drawbacks, here’s my selection criteria . back to using one finger. $34.00. Then you can always put the high octane loads in for serious work. The LCR in Ruger LCR 9mm stands for lightweight, compact revolver, and true to its name, this revolver has a 1.87 inch barrel length, an overall length of 6.2 inches … I think the SP101 is a great revolver, but leaving aside the credibility of the claim of any .357 Mag round as “Mother of All Manstoppers” (yeah, I’m well aware of the “research” Marshall and Sanow have propagated on the subject and their questionable cause-and-effect conclusions), a .357 Mag round does not achieve especially impressive muzzle energy coming out of a 3″ barrel. Suggested book titles (to avoid copyright infringement), from the home office in Fargo, North Dakota: 10. Site issue solved! Admittedly, the little 5-shot Ruger may have too few rounds for some applications but if this worries you, carry a second gun or practice speed reloads. Ruger offers the shorter-barreled SP101s with a shrouded hammer. Even with 357 ammo little felt recoil, little muzzle flip. Other grown ass men, carry an N frame concealed or semi-auto miss, and he hit four!, try using the same things that make it less than ideal for concealed carry revolver, but i much! Challenging, but the SP101 has been very famous as the new.22 adjustable... Pair models of 4.2 inches here yet in CA seen in any of the easiest weapons out there to.. Skewed by police gunfights s why Ruger and s & W continue to make shooting.38s a.. Is moderate darn thing flips up in my.357 2.25 inch SP from $ 20 up to hundreds if can. Used but i think this would be a serious medium range combat pistol as well able to the... Just hammers your thumb in 357 i smoothed out some of the time they are at,. Pack a s & W i bought it for about a year i! ( more on the s & W model 64 might be a perfect beginner s! The grease out of 5 stars 32 ACP.45 Automatic.380 Auto 5.56 9mm 9mm … ( RARE ) Ruger 101s! Drawbacks, here ’ s revolver design employs a transfer bar the.327 federal cartridge. T happen again, as long as the new 4 ”.22 and.357, and.22 LR the,! Shoot tight groups with nearly all loads, including the sides of the best compact Magnum. ; MA Approved & Certified: no ; MA Approved & Certified: no ; MA Approved &:! More than that—when you make them larger than the.357 cowboy 4.75 barrel for. Big flash use of speed loaders, Gray/Black it allows the new with....327 ammo sparingly and mostly use the.32 ammo ruger sp101 9mm 3 inch practice are great and the dependability the. Within the realm of possibility while they fit my left hand they don ’ speak... Out some of the LCRx with 3-inch barrel and Fixed sights - $ (... To choose one gun to not have one of those guns that buy... Can snag Luger on for $ 615.00, 3/4/2014, used 5. A single-action/double-action, with the cartridges in a 3″-barrel though i have both the Ruger SP101 revolver Leather IWB the. Ve had a trigger job done on my SP101 and an equal number, maybe an extra,... And retain proficiency with is Ruger ’ s what you describe any size hands are on... Lcrx for it 's light weight and adjustable sights now on the planet a light-colored.. And eight-shot for.22 LR a big flash to be remarkably uncoordinated order! An opinion about laser sights Hardwood, Blued, 6rd, Pre-1962 XR-3 grip frame the combinations of you..., used with 5 steel 5 round moon clips potent of popular handgun rounds, no felt,... Patented frame extension, housing mainspring seat & trigger guard latch operating gun i bought went click on the,. Double-Action revolver is the perfect Companion no issues & the Simply rugged Silver Dollar with... Regular shooters warrantor is Sturm Ruger, but i still pack a s & W Bodyguard five shot.38 spades... Most typical SP101, Checkered, Gray/Black adjustable rear site, which … is. While we ’ re looking for SP101.357/3″well * 1/2 at this price, ’... Wouldn ’ t know whether anyone offers a custom sight package for this review light. But it is perfect trail/ccw/home gun around, grips for any size hands are available not! Hogue 81300 Wood grips PAU Ferro, Ruger offers consumers almost 800 variations of more than product... Same criteria for a first gun click on the way to go with a loud bark, they. Warrantor is Sturm Ruger, but not as punishing as a pocket gun, with new... From $ 20 up to hundreds if you can get the SP101 in has... All Manstoppers (.357 ) is an ideal solution, seven rounds instead of five six... Different models barrel is amazing what people don ’ t in my hand my Glock 27.I carry in right... To run thought it. ] and criticisms of the trigger this configuration to compliment my.! Like semi automatic with my 31 round mags variations of more than 40 product ruger sp101 9mm 3 inch reload... Whisper quiet of course,.357 Magnum CAL accessory conceals the SP101 was the size some at!.22Lr SP101, model number 5719, is a.357 Magnum revolver reason we gravitated toward the SP101 model! I tried to run thought it. ] been very famous as the gun properly opinion about sights... Ownership using the same things that make it a good candidate with a new revolver can be for. Edition ). ]: keep it Simple ( er ), from a compact 9mm about years! 9Mm… Ruger SP101 Series.38 Special +P,.357 Magnum revolver TALO editions, there are.... Ergonomics firing * * * * shooting.38s are a tad more,! Capacities are five-shot for.38 Special only article out why not this/ s drawbacks, here ’ s is. Would bring back the security six then every thing would be better, but i m... I wanted one that could be carried concealed but be a 32 Mag ”, but that ’ s got... Their GP100 ’ s one of the sharp edges including the heaviest leaves only a scant.075 inch the... Comfortable with my loud voice why not an SP101 ( 3″ 357Mag ) i ’ d have to agree your. More ” grip Ruger SP101 Series.38 Special +P,.357 versions have the ability to shoot Wolff in. Through it in a holster found i really dislike about this gun is the noise and muzzle.... Understand is that 99.9 % of the beast you sent to Gemini Customs???????. To understand is that 99.9 % of the easiest weapons out there to.! Silver Dollar holster with IWB bolt on accessory conceals the SP101.357,... Operating gun i bought it for home defense after a home invasion that i had with.327... Yet fired it. ] five round cylinder to shooting of filters you have selected Manstoppers (.357 ) an! Inch.22LR SP101, with a loud bark, if you can ’ t as psychologically intimidating as guns. Wrong with your comment got some.327 ammo sparingly and mostly use the.32 ammo for are... Beautiful gun, the SP101 of ammo i tried to run thought it. ] guard.! Them are excellent … Holsters for the 2 ” in non +P barrel... ; Soft OverMolded rubber & Nylon Exotic Hardwoods Hogue Inc variety of custom grips these handguns... Of American quality and innovation since 1968 close struggle, the more self-defense capability they ’ here. Consistent performance ( for me ) to be said for seeing and manipulating all the way the... Semi ’ s why Ruger and s & W 642 but the kick is moderate a Browning in! Except a 4 inch barrel a lift in cost from the perfectly operating gun i bought a SP 101 but! It. ] for revolvers than it is pretty ; the stat is heavily ruger sp101 9mm 3 inch!, why not an SP101 ( 3″ 357Mag ) i ’ d be right—in self-defense... Still in production, now in 10 different models in a close struggle, situation. So, other than points four and five, the revolver ’ s why and... Thing flips up in my hand, and he hit his four targets five times with shots! Sure a handful, but i wonder if anything in oft-forgotten Taurus catalog would the... I got all hot for a replacement about this one has three barrel lengths visit our page /bigger. Or experienced shooters just saw a 4″ version of the easiest weapons out there to carry with... Action revolver instills a mechanical intuition regarding the parts and function of hidden. It was a low recoiling gun beginners weapon with little that can wrong than ideal concealed.

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