Fused with Kami Piccolo uses the Namekian Fusion with Kami and becomes a Super Namek. The original Nameless Namekian was supposed to be on that level...yet the half that split off..weaker than dog shit with nerfed base stats and potential...reached that far. Fusion with New Future Kami and New Future Piccolo Piccolo used the Namekian Fusion with New Future Kami in his Armoured Form, and New Future Piccolo in Piccolo's Armour. Hoping to aid Piccolo's fight against the tyrant, Nail allows Piccolo to fuse with him to be as he once was with Kami. [–]vlorsutes 1 point2 points3 points 2 years ago (0 children). When creating a topic to discuss new spoilers, put a warning in the title, and keep the title itself spoiler free. Except it was stated by the narrator that Gohan's power rivaled that of SSB Goku and Gohan had multiple showings in the ToP like overpowering Koichiarator with his limit breaking Kamehameha, who was evenly holding a beam struggle against SSB Goku and Vegeta and he was fighting evenly against Dyspo, who was strong enough to push SSG Goku to Blue and was damaging Golden Freeza. Piccolo got a huge power boost when he fused with Neil, so if you add to that the original half of piccolo you get another great boost. In that case the boost becomes much, much smaller. Once he got his nerfs removed and potential back he skyrocketed in stats and ability. With Kami being the good-side of the ancient Namekian, Piccolo becomes whole and is granted enough power to battle the Androids. I mean, Saonel and Pirina were around half of Ultimate Gohan's power each, that is, around half of SSB Goku. I just lowballed both of them to half of Gohan's power. Piracy. For OC, link all references used in the comments. No, piccolo would have outright lost that fight. This is extremely important because when Piccolo finds Nails dying on the Wasteland of Namek. therefore you can transform the Kis of each character into a 'power level' by rising it by 375,000 times. Click to hide fanart, cosplay & merch posts! Krillin compared Piccolo's pre fusion power to a Super Saiyan, and Piccolo was stomping Gero even after Gero absorbed a decent chunk of Piccolo's power. Having Nail's power gave Piccolo the edge he needed to help Gohan, Krillin, and Vegeta against Frieza. Instead it's like a fusion. Yeah, the boost Piccolo had when fusing with Kami was arguably much smaller than the one he got from Nail since he was already around the original Super Saiyan level. While i agree with your statement on Piccolo's power during the android arc,i should add that pre Nail fusion Piccolo's power impressed Nail whose power level was 42k,so he was above Nail even before that fusion. Their fusion resulted in beings much stronger than Piccolo's original strength as the Nameless Namekian, he had to train for years to reach the level the U6 Namekians were at after fusing with most of their people. His power was far greater than either piccolo or kami’s. [–]DaBlakMayne 0 points1 point2 points 2 years ago (2 children), Piccolo was nowhere near the super saiyans before fusing with Kami, [–][deleted] 1 point2 points3 points 2 years ago (1 child). Keep in mind Piccolo wasn't a weak person before uniting with Kami, he was nearly on par to the Super Saiyans (he may have been equal to Trunks), more powerful than Tien and Gohan, even overpowered Dr. Gero. Even if we assume he stayed at the same level from Namek when the Androids arrived the boost still wouldn't be greater since he was only 120 times weaker than Final Form Freeza. Can someone explain Piccolos fusion with Kami to me? NSFW content. This has been on my mind for awhile now. Actually Pirina was even with Ultimate Gohan,as evidenced when he used his mouth blast against Gohan's Kamehameha and they were both even. [–]Trofulds 0 points1 point2 points 2 years ago (1 child). but of course Kami isn't a name, it's a title. The Nameless Namekian went from being the Namekian prodigy to being weaker than dogshit by Namekian standards when he split into Kami and Daimao. So yes, Gohan, and therefore the U6 Namekians, are indeed Blue tier. Nail(42k)