Rufus dans Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. After his death, he ordered her permanently … Rufus is typically fairly even-tempered much of the time. He also sometimes has a little fun by undermining employees or insulting them outright. Overview Rufus Shinra is the son of President Shinra, and the Vice President of the mega-corporation Shinra Electric Power Company, located in the city of Midgar in the role-playing game Final Fantasy VII. Rufus is the ambitious and ruthless president of the Shinra Electric Power Company, who believes in controlling the populace through fear. Rufus, for his part, remains dormant in his plans at this point, having suffered a major loss in the wake of his failed coup with AVALANCHE. Dans le film Advent Children, il porte un drap blanc qui cache en partie son visage, drap blanc censé dissimuler les effets néfastes des géostigmates sur son corps. Let’s do this! The Turks & Rufus Shinra. He has made several low-key visits to Midgar since his exile, but prefers to remain in Junon to stew over his failures and concoct new plans. "People are ignorant. Rufus is the vice president of the Shinra Electric Power Company, currently led by his father, President Shinra. Lors du combat entre AVALANCHE et les Incarnés à Edge, il se lève enfin et ôte le drap qui le couvrait, montrant à Kadaj que la maladie n'avait pas autant progressé qu'il le laissait croire, et que ce qu'il cherchait à cacher était en fait la boîte contenant les restes de Jénova. Rufus considers his father an ineffective leader. Boss: Rufus and Darkstar. He eventually favored the shotgun as his weapon of choice and began carrying a custom sawed-off, pistol-grip shotgun on him for protection. Le président finit par lever la sanction tandis que les Turks s'emploient à sauver Veld. His eyes are also noteworthy as his pupils are white instead of black. Bad Boss : Implied in Denzel's segment in the OVA On the Way to a Smile , since Denzel's parents, both of whom worked in Shinra… Palmer, who was hidden during the assault, claimed that it was Sephiroth who killed him. what bullshit. In the remade version of Final Fantasy VII, Shinra plays more of a villainous role in this retelling. These interactions softened over time, but Rufus had no capacity to feel anything truly meaningful toward what he would always consider a piece of property. It was during this time that Rufus got to know the Turks and gained a fondness for the group. Rufus reached into his pockets and pulled out a little black box, "Evelynn Rose Falen, you are the most amazing and gorgeous women I have ever met," Evie began to realize what was going on, he was on his knees, making a speech, the box, "you have been with me ever since my father died, and you have supported … He is young, however, and prone to making mistakes and acting rashly without considering the full consequence of what he does, the price of inexperience. Rufus kept her under even tighter guard; she was monitored by the Turks at all times. It was one evening when Rufus suggested that the President have an escape route from his planned office in the Shinra Tower that the President called Rufus "scared" and "a fool." His visits are rare and usually kept quiet with little fanfare, mostly to keep up appearances as the President wishes to hide his son's treason and lingering desire to keep his son at arms length until he can fully be trusted again. They'll feel better as long as someone is punished." Final Fantasy VII Antagonist. Rufus Shinra. Romaji A short and old scribble about how Rufus Shinra's childhood. Whilst the Turks work for Shinra, they are ultimately loyal to the Vice President and Tseng is the first to acknowledge Rufus as the new President following his father’s death. This insult, among others, left Rufus in a state of inconsolable rage for some time afterward. This restriction was the first of many that put him at odds with his father. Notably, Rufus Shinra, a character who dies on-screen in an FMV, comes back to life. ルーファウス神羅 Shortly after the start of Final Fantasy VII, Rufus Shinra's dreams are realised. Rufus believes fear to be the ultimate tool to controlling the populace and makes no secret of his distaste for the average person. Rufus a survécu à l'attaque de l'Arme grâce à une issue de secours secrète qu'il avait suggéré à son père d'installer vingt ans auparavant. L'attaque de l'Arme Saphir interrompt cependant l'exécution, et dans la confusion, les deux prisonniers parviennent à s'enfuir dans le Hauvent. NSFW Friendly on … -23 Mar 2020-FFVII: Dating Headcanons [Rufus Shinra] Originally posted by valninja. La tentative échoue cependant lorsque Cloud vole l'avion et s'enfuit avec son pilote. On le voit ensuite à Junon, où il donne une grande parade pour inaugurer une "ère nouvelle" sous son égide avant d'embarquer sur le cargo où les membres d'AVALANCHE se faufilent également ; les deux parties se croisent sans pour autant interagir. Even his own son Rufus, who appears on the scene shortly after the fact, cares more about taking his father's place than his actual death, and no one else in Shinra seems to miss him either. Ce dernier prend un hélicoptère en urgence ; à son arrivée, tous les occupants du bâtiment sont morts, son père y compris.

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