It was built over the last 25 years, snaking through 13 provinces and territories. I think WOW It is a long trail … The completion of the trail was a momentous occasion because it is a recognizable accomplishment for Canada. The longest recreational trail system in the world is complete, connecting Canada along a 24,000-kilometre path where outdoor-enthusiasts can hike, walk, cycle, ski and horseback ride their way across the world’s second largest country. Scenic Beginner Hiking Trails in America’s National Parks. The Great Trail in Canada is the longest trail in the world. The Great Trail — previously known as the Trans Canada Trail — is a bit of a misnomer. Canada’s ‘Great Trail’ Is Finally Connected You can now walk coast to coast across Canada, via the longest trail in the world. It is now the longest trail in the world. by Cara Giaimo September 1, 2017. Karleighd-eic. 9/14/2017 - 11:31 a.m. The world’s longest unbroken network of land and water trails will open next year in Canada, spanning the entire country. Running through 13 Canadian provinces and territories, the Great Trail of Canada — formerly known as the Trans Canada Trail — is more than 15,000 miles long. 24.000 kilometers, connecting all three coasts, offer a variety of activities. The 'Wapusk Trail' road (752 km (467 miles) in length) constructed each year between Gillam, Manitoba, and Peawanuk, Ontario, Canada, is thought to be the longest seasonal winter road in the world. The Great Trail, also known as the Trans Canada Trail, is currently 20,770-km long and 87 per cent connected. The idea of creating the longest trail in the world was one that two Canadians — Pierre Camu and Bill Pratt — dreamt up back in 1992. Also the trail was a a symbol/gift for the celebration of the nation's 125th birthday. Once complete, the trail will stretch 15,000 miles (24,000km) through each of the country's 13 provinces and territories and touch three oceans, becoming the longest recreational trail in the world. The longest recreational trail on the planet runs across one of the largest countries in size: Canada. The Great Trail in Canada is aptly named – it’s now the longest hiking trail in the world at 14,864 miles.

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