The average score required to earn college credit in a CLEP exam is 50 (which is equivalent to about a C in letter grade). With a passing score on one CLEP exam, you could earn three or more college credits at more than 2,900 U.S. colleges and universities. Missouri State awards credit for 10 CLEP exams, with minimum scoring requirements ranging from 47 to 54. You must take their Cornerstone and Capstone courses to be eligible for graduation. Florida State accepts credit from 29 CLEP exams. Additionally, it may be helpful to discover if a college has a cap to the number of credits students are allowed to earn through CLEP. You should note that while the literature CLEPs have a higher minimum score requirement, the university explicitly does not require the optional essay for these exams. Purdue University Global responds quickly to information requests through this website. With approximately 75% of all U.S. colleges and universities offering college credit for CLEP exams, there is no way to cover every institution and their CLEP policy in a responsible enough manner to track the changes and transitions taking place all the time. CLEP exams are accepted, and there is a search tool provided on their website that helps students learn the details on minimum scores and credits awarded. Twenty-six CLEP exams are accepted as Freshman and Sophomore class equivalencies and class electives. My test center receipt always lists the wrong test -the Accuplacer- but it has always been accepted by Modern States.) The University of Wisconsin has high standards set for students interested in earning college credit with CLEP examinations. They will accept Biology and Chemistry CLEP exams as four credits, including the lab credits usually accompanying the classes. My oldest son graduated high school with 18 CLEP/DSST credits. We will never sell or share your email address. At New Mexico State, you must complete your CLEP examinations prior to your senior year, except with express permission from the dean of your college. Exams can only be taken in a certain subject area a maximum of once every three months, though students can take multiple exams in different subject areas without having to worry about how much time has passed from test to test. According to their current CLEP policy, the University of Arkansas will accept credit for 19 CLEP exams. Take the CLEP exam. The College awards credit on the basis of scores on the CLEP Examinations for the scores indicated below. This table serves as a guide for students and advisors to calculate UofSC credit earned through international study. Grand Canyon University responds quickly to information requests through this website. While there is a policy that declares “most” CLEP exams will be accepted at the minimum ACE recommended scoring (50), there is not a detailed list available at this time providing specifics on which exams “most” includes. These exams can be taken at specified exam centers which can be colleges, universities, or other testing locations. A college’s CLEP credit policy explains: which CLEP exams are accepted by the institution; what CLEP score you need to receive credit; how many credits are awarded for a particular CLEP exam; The policy may also include other guidelines, such as the maximum number of credits a student can earn through CLEP. The policy states they will accept “more than one CLEP examination,” but does not provide a clear cap on the number of CLEP credits accepted; students should consult an advisor on this cap/maximum credit policy before enrolling. This program allows students of practically all ages and backgrounds to showcase their proficiency of lower-level college subjects and earn college credits by attaining qualifying scores on any of the 33 CLEP exams. No more than 25% of any degree may be earned through alternative college credit methods, including but not limited to CLEP examinations. Thirty CLEP exams are eligible for college credit. More than 2,900 U.S. colleges and universities grant credit for CLEP. College credit is awarded for 20 CLEP exams, and the limit on credits applied to degrees is liberal as long as students meet the residency requirement and fulfill their class requirements for their degree path properly. There may be an option for foreign language CLEP examinations, as well, but they would be under the authority of the University’s Language Center. Current students must obtain permission from their advising college before taking a CLEP exam. Up to 35 hours of general education or elective credit may be earned for successful performance on the CLEP general examinations, excepting English Composition. Credits are a way of assessing the amount a course contributes to your degree. This could easily let you get your degree in half the … Departments may individually determine if they award credit towards their degrees, as well as how much credit they will award. How many CLEP credits are accepted? The University of Oregon requires students to have registered for the term during which the exam is given. With the open credit-by-examination policy, students should look into other types of exams that may be stacked with CLEP to maximize alternative credit sources and fulfill the 30 upper-level-credit minimum. Currently, 1,800 testing centers administer CLEP exams, and approximately 2,900 colleges and universities nationwide actively accept CLEP exams as college credit. Optional CLEP essays are not required to earn credit. Only three CLEP exams are acknowledged for credit, and each requires a passing score of 60. CLEP is a credit-by-examination program offering 34 exams you can take to earn credits that are accepted at 2,900 colleges and universities. Students seriously considering Ohio State should study the CLEP credit opportunities thoroughly to take the best advantage of the possibilities. Before enrolling, students should consult an advisor about potential limitations or caps on the number of CLEP credits that may transfer. However, there is no limit to the number of CLEP credits that can fulfill the other parts of the General Studies requirements in any degree program. Learn more about important information like what CLEP credits are, how to earn them, and the schools that will accept them. Consult an advisor regarding potential limitations before enrolling. However, some schools have CLEP policies requiring higher (or occasionally lower) scores to earn credit. Important aspects of an institution’s CLEP policy that you should note: Although most universities accept at least some college credit from CLEP, not all 33 CLEP exams will be awarded credit at every college or university. You may have to score 52 or higher, depending on the exam, to be awarded credit (reference policy for specifics). Credit is approved for 20 CLEP exams. Twenty-nine CLEP exams are recognized for credit, but all of a student’s CLEP exam scores must be submitted prior to the end of their first semester as a student. The University of New Hampshire awards college credit for 17 different CLEP exams, and the maximum number of CLEP credits which may be applied toward a bachelor’s degree is 64 credits or 16 courses. One of the best kept secrets in early college planning, CLEP exams offer students the opportunity to earn college credit and/or advanced placement status while potentially saving thousands of dollars in the process. Before signing up for a … Following is a short directory of some of the larger colleges and universities across the United States, including links to their CLEP policies and summaries of what the policies mean. If you have an above-the-line individual on your team who performed multiple roles (such as a writer/director), don’t list the person twice. Please note that 30 of the minimum 120 credit hours required for a degree must be “upper level” (Junior and Senior level classes). Finally, some exams may be worth three, six, or more credits, at the college’s discretion; one exam may be worth three college credits at one university, and six at another. This depends on the university and the degree program. There are more than 2,900 colleges and universities in the United States that are known to accept CLEP credits. All of their tests are also reviewed and accepted by ACE Credit, which is the organization that determines the general standards for how schools handle credit for prior learning. Students may earn up to one-third of their total credits required for graduation in a combination of all forms of alternative credit (including CLEP exams). For most exams, the standard minimum passing score of 50 is acceptable. What Are CLEP Credits? > Parents & Teens. Excelsior awards credits as designated by ACE credit recommendations, thus requiring scores of at least 50 for credit. CLEP is an abbreviation that stands for College Level Examination Program. They will accept Biology and Chemistry CLEP exams as four credits, including the lab credits usually accompanying the classes. In my experience looking at schools around the country, the more prestigious a university is, the fewer CLEP credits they will accept. While Penn State boasts a generous CLEP policy, there is a tuition increase for students transferring more than 59.1 cumulative credits. These exams cover common introductory level college material and help students to earn college credit in a way that is inexpensive compared to traditional routes. These exams typically cost $89, and this fee is usually non-returnable. Registration forms and information regarding available test dates may be obtained from the Office of the Registrar. Yet, the cap for CLEP credits applied to a bachelor’s degree is 24. What Extracurricular Activities are Colleges Interested In? Each institution awards credit to students who meet the college's minimum qualifying score for that exam, which is typically 50 to 60 out of a possible 80, but varies by site and exam. Note that they do require that English and Literature CLEP exams include an essay in the scoring for credit. 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