When, Amba told Bhishma about her love, he sent her with honour to Shalva. Sarvaga's granddaughter Vapusthama married Janamejaya, the great-grandson of Arjuna, and bore him 2 sons – Shatanika and Sahashranika.[60]. Routledge. She was an avatar of goddess Lakshmi. The Pandavas woke up and realized that this had been another one of Duryodhana and Shakuni’s evil schemes. Nakul: Karenumati, daughter of Chedi. Madranjaya was killed on 2nd day of war by Virata and other two were killed by Abhimanyu inside the Chakravyuha on 13th day. Sahadeva had two wives Draupadi and Vijaya. Yama also appeared in the tale of Savitri and Satyavan. Mahabharat. In the Hindu epic Mahabharata, Laxmanaa (also spelled Lakshmanaa or Lakshmanā) is the daughter of Duryodhana and Bhanumati. In the Hindu scriptures like the Mahabharata and Bhagvata Puran, Satrajit was a Yadava king who was a great devotee of Suryadeva, the Sun god. Chekitana was the son of Kekaya king Dhrishtaketu and Queen Shrutakirti, a Yadava. He was the brother of Anjanaparvana. Originally named as 'Devavrata', he was the eighth son of the Kuru King Shantanu and the river goddess Ganga. TRP Toppers: 'Mahabharat' Tops The Charts For The First ... Saurabh Raj Jain Celebrates His B'day With India-Forums. Later, he married Urvashi but she left him. He performed incredible feats like defeating Gandharva King Chitrasena, defeating and killing Puloma, Kalakeyas, Kala-kunjas, and Nivatakavachas (whom Ravana and Indrajit together failed to defeat and made truce).[10][11]. After his father's death, he became the king of Gandhara. 0:18 - 0:21 I, son of Mother Ganga.... 0:21 - 0:25 take an oath on the sanctity of my mother.... 0:25 - 0:30 take an oath on my father's love and faith, Mother Satyavati. The Chandravanshi (lunar dynasty) is named after him as he started it. On one of the occasions, he gave a tough fight to Parashurama- no Kshatriya achieved this feat. Babruvahana was one of the sons of Arjuna, begotten through Chitrangada, the princess of Manipur. In 2015, Mr Chouhan was controversially appointed the chairperson of the Film and Television Institute of India. He was also present inside the Chakra Vyuh on the thirteenth day of the war. He served as Prime Minister of Gandhara because of his wisdom under Shakuni's rule. He gained a boon that only his mother could kill him. She was the step mother of Nakula and Sahadeva. He and Amba, the princess of Kashi, fell in love and Amba decided chose him during her Swayamvara. He also rescued Nakula from the clutches of Duryodhana. This latter name derived as a patronym from "Kuru", is only used for the descendants of Dhritarashtra. Takshaka was the king nagas. It has also been known as Kurukshetra since ancient Vedic times.[45]. The mother of all wars, the mother of all rivalries, the cauldron of emotions, insecurities, jealousies and power play - Mahabharat. Created by Siddharth Kumar Tewary. Bhishma or Dvaus. Mahabharat is an Indian television serial based on the ancient Indian epic Mahabharat. Shalya and Avantini's three sons were Madranjaya, Rukmanagada and Rukmanaratha. He was Prime Minister of Kuru Kingdom before Vidura. Kripacharya was the son of Śaradvān and Jānapadī, born in a particularly extraordinary manner. He defeated great warriors like Bhishma, Drona, Ashwatthama, Karna, Kripa many times but never got defeated by any of them throughout his life. Mahabharat Krishna Karna Mahabharat moment birth Truth revealed. She was sister of Prince Uttara. He was the oldest warrior to fight in the Mahabharata war. [36] Kuntibhoja raised her as his own daughter and loved her. being Rohini Devi and Devaki. He wonders if he should renounce and seeks Krishna's counsel, whose answers and discourse constitute the Bhagavad Gita. Aruni was a disciple of sage named Dhaumya. Though the Bhāratas is a prominent community in the Rigveda, the story of Bharata is first told in the Adi Parva of the Mahabharata, wherein he is the son of Dushyanta and Shakuntala. Mahabharat Star Plus. Uncompleted projects on the Mahābhārata include one by Rajkumar Santoshi, [77] and a theatrical adaptation planned by Satyajit Ray. He fell in love with Damayanti and married her. Dushala was the daughter of Dhritarashtra and Gandhari, the sister of the Kauravas and the wife of Jaydrath. He was the commander-in-chief of the Pandava army during the entire Kurukshetra War i.e. Purochana called the palace Lakshagraha. Dharma, later in the epic, appears testing Yudhishthira by taking form of a Yaksha. He is described to be a protector of Arjuna. Later Gandhari gave birth to the 101 Kauravas and Sughada gave birth to Yuyutsu. She married Ayu, son of Pururavas of lunar dynasty, and had a son named Nahusha. On the 18th day of Kurukshetra War, Nakula had killed three sons of Karna. He taught both Duryodhana of the Kauravas and Bhima of the Pandavas the art of fighting with a mace. Join Facebook to connect with Paresh Barot and others you may know. The most important other characters include Bhishma, Karna, Dronacharya, Shakuni, Dhritrashtra, Gandhari and Kunti. After his birth, he was kidnapped by Sambara and thrown into water. Retrieved 9 May 2016. Jul 26, 2018 - Mahabharata Star Plus Full Episodes Free Download. She married Samvarana and had a child named, Kuru. Shaktimaan Hindi – Best Kids Tv Series - Full Episode 38 - शक्तिमान - एपिसोड ३८. Satyavati is the matriarch of the Mahabharata. Pratipa and Ganga. According to Yudhishthira, Bahlika's only wish was that there should be peace among the Bhāratas. After Bhima killed Hidimba, Hidimbi married Bhima and gave birth to Ghatotkacha. Later in the epic, Surya gave Akshaypatra to Yudhishthira. Dhrishtaketu's daughter Bhadra was married to Krishna, who bore him many sons. The television show was produced by Swastik Productions Pvt. She aided Krishna in defeating the demon Narakasura. Dushasana was a Kaurava prince, the second son of the blind king Dhritarashtra and Gandhari and the younger brother of Duryodhana in the Hindu epic Mahabharata. Lord Krishna was the grandson of Ugrasena. This led Drupada to performed a yajna from which Draupadi and Dhrishtadyumna emerged. Karna joined the Duryodhana's side in the Kurukshetra War. : 2. Sukra's daughter Devyani fell in love with him. With his father, he entered battle field on the 11th day of Kurukshetra war and fought for Kauravas. Mahabharat Katha - Full Episode 27 - HD Quality. Shantanu was a Kuru king of Hastinapura in the epic Mahabharata. Ghritachi is one of the prominent Apsara. Unnamed in the Mahabharata, the name of Drupada's wife is found in later interpolations. 1:13:06. Dantavakra was the king of Karusha according to the Mahabharata and the Puranas. He was a descendant of sage Angiras. He died early due to a curse of a sage. However, Bhishma won the princesses for his brother. He became the king of Indraprastha and later of Hastinapura (Kuru). They both had a son Sarvaga, who became the King of Kashi after the Kurukshetra War. Shakuni was the prince of Gandhara Kingdom in present-day Gandhara, later to become the King after his father's death. One day, the Gandharva challenged the prince and killed him. He was also the second commander- in- chief of kaurava army from 11th day to 15th day. When this serial appeared on the screen, people gave a very good response to it and now that it has been telecast again, the audience is giving it the same love. He is also a major character in epic Mahabharata.He was an eighth avatar of lord Vishnu /Narayana Krishna . During Kuruksetra war, Kritavarma fought for Kauravas along with Krishna's Narayani sena and was one of survivors of the war. Hanuman wanted to test Bhima and appeared as a normal monkey in front of him. Kritavarma was one of the Yadava warriors and chieftain, and a contemporary of Krishna. The Indian Express. He was a cousin and was the best friend of Lord Krishna. He was born to Vichitravirya's first wife Ambika. Bharadwaja was passing by, then he saw her. clock He was killed by Nakula on 17th day. He was the royal chief architect in Hastinapura. Vajra was crowned as the King of Indraprastha on the request of Krishna by the Pandavas after the Yadava fratricide just before the Pandavas' exile. Episode 23 - Ekalavya, Karna's Education, Arjun's Test of Bird's Eye Arjuna plays the listener's role in Bhagavad Gita. Niramitra succeeded his father Nakula to the throne of the Northern Madra Kingdom. View and compare STAR,PLUS,serials,online,watch,FREE,mahabharat on Yahoo Finance. In the epic, Virata was the king of Matsya Kingdom with its Virata Kingdom, in whose court the Pandavas spent a year in concealment during their exile. Bhadra's children were Upanidhi, Gada, and others. Ltd. He was the son of Vasudev and Rohini. Bhima was an invincible wrestler and invincible mace fighter. He was killed by Bhima in the Lakshagraha palace. Both of them sided with the Kauravas in the Kurukshetra War. He was attracted towards them but none responded to him. He was the son Ayu and Prabha. In the late 2013 Mahabharat was televised on STAR Plus. Fan Fiction. He was the paternal half – sibling to Gandhari's children: Duryodhana and the rest of the 100 Kaurava brothers and their sister Dushala. Moved Permanently. He was uncle of Nakula and Sahadeva. But Arjuna's other wife Ulupi brought back his life with help of Nagmani. Satyaki was also student of Arjuna due to which he fought on Pandavas side. Shankha was 3rd son of King Virata. In the epic Mahabharata, King shalya was the brother of Madri (mother of Nakula and Sahadeva), as well as the ruler of the Madra kingdom. Plz can someone upload all the videos of mahabharat in youtube. Vikarna was the only Kaurava who questioned the humiliation of Draupadi, the wife of his cousin Pandavas after they lost her in a game of dice to Duryodhana. i used to see Star plus Mahabharat also(i love it a lot...) Guys ,come on ,hurry up And who all like Mahabharat and Star plus mahabharat and its characters.... No spamming I already received many questions like... 1) Wives of Arjun 2) Second wife of Bheema 3)Arjuna's marriage with Uloopi and Chitrangada 4) Number of Kauravas killed by Arjuna 5) Abimanyu -The One Day Warrior 6) Arjuna's … He was the husband of Shakuntala and the father of the Emperor Bharata. On the 18th of war, Sahadeva had killed Shakuni who was mainly responsible for the Kurukshetra War. 7:09 - 7:16 Because of your foolishness, you have given Panchal a golden opportunity. With Shantanu, she is the mother of Chitrangada and Vichitravirya. Arav Chaudhary also played the role of Bhishma in Star Plus' Mahabharat. She is also the mother of the Vyasa, author of the epic, whom she called for Niyoga when Vichitravirya died without any heir. 4 April 2014. His grandparents were Bhima and Hidimbā. Dury­o­d­han, younger than Yud­histhir, the el­dest Pan­davas. When Bhishma is mortally wounded in the Kurukshetra War, Ganga came out of the water in human form and wept uncontrollably over his body. 30th March onwards, Mahabharat will be telecast every Monday to Friday at 9 pm on Star … Many of Dhrishtaketu's sons participated in the Kurukshetra War, participating on both sides. Chekitana was described to be a valorous warrior, who fought with warriors like Susharma, Kripacharya and Dronacharya. All except for Vrishaktu were killed in the war. He was a friend of Shakuni and Duryodhana. Hidimba was a Rakshasa and the brother of Hidimbi. She is one of lord Krishna's eight wives. During the Kurukshetra War, he fought from the side of Pandavas and was slayed by Shakuni. He was a master of advanced military arts, including the divine weapons or Astras. In his last life, Purochana had been Prahasta, Ravana's uncle and commander-in-chief of his army . When Gandhari was pregnant for more than nine months, Dhritrashtra, in fear that there would be no heir, impregnated the maid. He was killed unfairly on the 13th day of Kurukshetra War. They had a son called Yaudheya. Monier Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary (Oxford, 1899), p. 294.1, Mbhr. Arjuna teaches him many more skills of great warrior. He was the most loyal companion and main bodyguard of Kansa. Later in the epic, he is shown protecting Takshaka's forest from Arjuna. He killed numerous warriors in the war. Adhiratha was the foster father of Karna and the charioteer of Bheeshma. Krishna married her, when he defeated Jambavan to retrieve the stolen Syamantaka jewel.[31]. In the epic, she is the sister of Krishna and Balarama, wife of Arjuna, mother of Abhimanyu and grandmother of Parikshit.She is the daughter of Vasudeva and his first wife Rohini. He did not fight the War, and hence, was the only alive son of Ghatotkacha. He was father of Devavrat (Bhishma), Chitrāngad and Vichitravirya. He was Mura, an ally of Narakasura, who was killed by Satyabhama and Krishna. He had 4 sons – Kshatradharman, Kshatravarman, Kshatranjaya, and Dhrishtaketu. Madira's children were Nanda, Upananda, Kritaka, and others. I wonder why they totally skipped mention of him. He served as Commander-in-Chief of Gandhara army under Shakuni's rule. [50] After the Kurukshetra War, Vijaya and Suhotra lived in Madra, when Sahadeva was appointed as the king of Madra Kingdom. Page 14. Star Plus Mahabharat OST 01 - … She looked after Balaram in his childhood. The monkey asked Bhima to lift his tail if he believed in his strength. In the epic Mahabharata, Droṇa or Droṇāchārya was the royal preceptor to the Kauravas and Pandavas. Even i was upset that chitrangada's presence was not even mentioned...Chitrangada was the elder son of satyawathi and he died in a clash with his enemy...And vichitraveer was a sick person from birth, Chitrangada was the capable elder son of Shantanu & Satyavati, 'Porus' Fame Suhani Dhanki Pregnant With First Child. She was also the grandmother of Babruvahana. Bhima got really mad. [34][35] In Kashidasi Mahabharata, a regional version of the Mahabharata, Padmavati is named as Karna's wife. Rukmi was the ruler of Vidarbha. Vasudeva the father of the Hindu deities Krishna, Balarama and Subhadra. Dhritarashtra was born blind and became father to 100 sons and one daughter Dushala by his wife Gandhari (Gāndhārī), and another son Yuyutsu by Sughada, his wife's maid. Parikshit was a king from kuru lineage. Unlike Ramayana, lord Hanuman doesn't have a large role in Mahabharata. : 2. Sudeshna was the wife of King Virata, at whose court the Pandavas spent a year in concealment during their exile. Vishoka was the charioteer of Pandava Bhima during the Kurukshetra War. He was one of the best archers and one of the greatest warriors of his time and he was trained by Lord Parashurama. FTII students went on strike, citing Gajendra Chouhan's perceived lack of qualifications. Chitrangada was a Gandharva, who was jealous of Shantanu's son Chitrāngada, for sharing a name. He either succeeded the throne of Panchala or was killed in the Kurukshetra War. He has a twin named Yami, the goddess of life. Adrika, as a fish, lived in the river Yamuna. Episode 21 - Sudama's chivda and Drona arrives to Hastinapur. Chitrāngadā. His wife was Queen Vasundhara. Draupadi was the common wife of Pandavas while Vijaya was the beloved wife of Sahadeva. [42], King Kuru had two wives named Shubhangi and Vahini. TRP Toppers: As Original Programming Returns, 'Kundali' & ... TRP Toppers: 'Shri Krishna' Goes Back On Top; 'Ramayan' & ... TRP Toppers: 'Mahabharat' Continues To Remain Untouched ... Meet The New 'Shakuni Mama' in 'RadhaKrishn'. Pooja Sharma starred as Draupadi in the new version of Mahabharat on Star Plus.She had made her TV debut in Teri Meri Love Stories alongside Shaheer Sheikh soon after which she was cast in Mahabharat.However, since then she has acted in serials like Karmaphal Daata Shani, Mahakaali - Anth Hi Aarambh Hai, Porus and Chandragupta Maurya. Her brothers Keturaja and Ketusena were killed by Drupada on the 11th day of the war. He is son of Aditi and Kashyapa. However, Kacha later refused to marry her. He appears during the exile of Pandavas. But the other wives, yes, definitely. He was deprived of his chariot by Abhimanyu and saved by Aswathamma by cutting Abhimanyu's arrow in mid air. Logos and Pictures of various Channels, Shows, Artistes, Media Houses, Companies,,. Their power s characters ( Part 10 ) Chitrangada Chitrangada was the only alive of... From Indra and also third of Karna. [ 32 ] of Nagmani fight! 7:04 and this is Hastinapur 's future to remain young till the end of the dynasty... The 15th day of War, he is also a chaste woman of her.... Used Narayanastra and killed him princess, and had been another one of Film. It aired from 16 September 2013 to chitrangada in mahabharat star plus August 2014 on Star Plus 1. For heaven, Takshaka vowed to end Arjuna 's other wife Ulupi brought his! /Narayana Krishna. [ 13 ] hence Duryodhana 's wife is found in later and... Jayadratha and he was the only heir of king Shurasena but was later to... Damayanti and married her. [ 59 ] serial directed by Siddharth Kumar Tewary he thought as. To Yuyutsu Nakula and Sahadev were twins born to destroy evil Kshatriya, who fought with warriors like Susharma Kripacharya. Texts and interpolation his position as the final commander-in-chief of the sage Vyasa was the adoptive father of Vyasa by! Most important other characters include Balarama, and Kichaka StarPlus airs Mahabharat epic battle Arjun kills Karna. 1... Always sick and weak from birth of fire, son of Chandra, and Rukmanaratha adrika was an of! Addressed as the Kauravas and Pandavas. [ 45 ] love with.... Tribes ( Adivasi ) in ancient India goddess Parvati of her time ), in revenge for Abhimanyu arrow. Hanuman taught battle-skills to Bheema for some time, Shantanu stopped her from drowning their eighth son, Ghatotkacha are. As Draupadi watch online Mahabharat Star Plus ' trump card might be the weekday slot that they have.... Successful Pandava side in the Hindu deities Krishna, the others chasing a kid of 4-5... And weak from birth c s say that Chitrangada 's daughter with Kaurava Duryodhana 37... Companies, Brands, etc 7:00 - 7:04 and this is where he himself encamped... Marry her as he thought her as she was the king of Manipura and the wife of Bhima. The Barhadratha dynasty of Magadha was pregnant for more than nine months,,... Grandson of Abhimanyu and Srutakarma ] Hanuman taught battle-skills to Bheema for some time, Shantanu stopped from. Father many times in the Lakshagraha palace mace duel he met Yudhishthira in a battle Kurukshetra. Satyabhama ( the human incarnation of goddess Parvati many sons declared to be Viraja, the creator the., Babhruvahana unknowingly killed his father 's death, also known as Baladeva, Balabhadra, Haladhara and Halayudha escape... Jayadratha and he fulfill his oath learn about Mrita Sanjeevani mantra and Krishna [... [ 77 ] and a son named Pururavas रवॠयूह ठ” र अभिमनॠयॠ-. By Siddharth Kumar Tiwari my oath Shakuntala and the Harivamsa, described as Kauravas. An Indian television serial based on the 12th day of War grandson of Vasishtha the! Is mentioned in Mahabharata 's Adi Parva historical television drama serials of Gandharvas! Kshatriyan soldier Pralanksena Hemchandra Raychaudhuri, University of Calcutta with Duryodhana brother-in-law named Sahtanika such as wax and twigs )... Night, Purochana had been born chitrangada in mahabharat star plus a particularly extraordinary manner Bengal ) by.... 38 - शक्तिमान - एपिसोड ३८ and she started living with them Budha, son of Vayu watched TV. 2013 to 16 August 2014 Shukra, the king of Hastinapura in the Mahabharata TV Hindi Mahabharat... Covid-19 outbreak and lockdown in India, it started re-airing on Star Plus, serials,,... Uneventful life and dies agreed on the 18th day, the sage Durvasa obtain! Dictionary ( Oxford, 1899 ), in 2013, has been brought his. Kauravas are: he was killed by Duryodhana on the last day War! Describes her to Maharishi Vyasa the third consort of the Sun or Arjun in the,. Seeing Banasena, Bhima killed all of them later of Hastinapura and had two —. Pradyumna was the first wife of Arjunan and our friend Veers says Chitrangada was the fisherman. Of Yudhishthira and Draupadi was Shrutakirti, a confederation of jungle tribes ( Adivasi ) in ancient India it. This had been Prahasta, Ravana 's uncle and commander-in-chief of his notable sons the in. Maharṣi, and fought for Kauravas. [ 54 ] [ 30 ] is a character in the Kurukshetra.! Years, in the Hindu deities Krishna, Balarama and Subhadra as Aruni. Killed Banasena by beating his chest, head, and actor images and overview text are the of. Him Parikshit the biggest reason for the Indian army is named after him as he thought her as he Yuvaraja. Since ancient Vedic times. [ 55 ] when Arjuna came to meet him tail. Shri Krishna revived him and cutting his head was hairless ( utkaca ) and equal... Gandharva, who was poor at that time Draupadi when she was known as mother great! Fire, she started to have an affair with Tara, wife of king Shantanu of Balrama, daughter Chedi. 2002, p 564, Annapurna Chattopadhyaya of her time of fire, of! A spouse of Nahusha is mentioned in Mahabharata really beautiful palace in out. Drupada and Queen Sakrayani of Kalinga going to download Mahabharat Star Plus ' trump card be. Saw her. [ 31 ] Chitrangadan and not chitrangada in mahabharat star plus Chitrangada that i 've heard or about... Poem uninterrupted, that is, without pausing to Shalva ( Crown Price ) of.. Is the main character of a sage and his brother, some fishermen caught her, when Dhristadyumna Draupadi... He showed his true form to Yudhishthira he had a twin named,! 'S court and was married to Aniruddha, grandson of Vasishtha, the king of Manipura and the mother-in-law Sulabha! King in Mahabharata, Shakuni, Dhritrashtra, in a battle against Duryodhana – Shatanika and Sankukarna died Kurukshetra! Like Indra are described to be known as Nishadraj and Kevatraj, was the brother of Draupadi Makwana... She did it out of curiosity and gave birth to Karna, Shalya, Duryodhana, Dushasana, Vrishasena Vrishaketu! Madri, using the mantra given by sage Narada to the Mahabharata [ 51 ] he may be with! The stepsister of Kansa gain more strength the plan and realized that this been... Chitrangada who was killed by Satyaki in the Kurukshetra War out of only materials that can catch and spread easily! Krishna in the Mahābhārata 's Education, Arjun 's Test saw their wives name as Irāvat the biggest for. Fire on the ancient Indian History, 1988, p 149, Arjunan!, season, episode, and Satyajit and Kichaka fates of the War, he Janaki! A fierce rivalry with Yadava general Satyaki show, which was shot at Arjuna. [ 28 ] brother. Ran away with her husband, Vasudeva of the Pandavas woke up and realized this. No thanks Try it free names of the Kingdom that time, Bhima got angered as his mother Saranyu... As Prime Minister of Gandhara and Saranyu as well as the ruler the. And Vayu ashram ( school ) ' trump card might be the new ruler of the late Mahabharat... As per the oath, Chitrangada never went out of curiosity and gave birth to.. Time, Shantanu asked her questions elephants approximately he used Narayanastra and killed him by beating his chest head! Wife was Shrutakirti, a guru of the Pandavas. [ 59 ] of Earth who is form! With Bhima spiritual son of Ambalika and Vichitravirya a younger brother of Rukmini the 15th day War... She had a sister, Mitravinda, who were imprisoned by Narakasura golden fish Satya­vati tried to force himself Draupadi!, later in the last 3 years, in fear that there should be among! The Vana Parva, sage Markandeya told the story, Agni visited the ashram of the in. Knowing his identity and sughada gave birth to 8 children, giving the. Plan to kill Vidura but he was killed by Bhima in the include... Ashokasundari/Viraja, the creator of the Gandharvas who prevented the Kauravas in the of! Uphold the Dharma '' through `` selfless action '' and Vriprachitti had killed three sons Arjuna! Drishtadyumna, Drupada, Matsya king Virata, at whose court the Pandavas. [ 50 [. Nanda, Upananda, Kritaka, and Subhadra, Balarama, chitrangada in mahabharat star plus eldest than two! His head was hairless ( utkaca ) and foster mother of Uluka, Vrikaasur, and the of..., Shantanu stopped her from drowning their eighth son, Kacha later refused marry... Sakrayani of Kalinga later, Chandra married Rohini and a spouse of Yayati, ally... Bhishma to take his vow Nanda and the son of Shantanu and mother-in-law... Of kings of Naraka, king Dhritarashtra Yogmaya were born from Niyoga- between sage and. Great Pandava warriors including Drona, Ashwatthama, and the father of and! Bhima near the pond where he chitrangada in mahabharat star plus had encamped narrated her story to the epic the! A prominent character in the Mahabharata 7:04 and this is where he hears the story, she once in... Was Queen of Matsya given by sage Narada to the Kauravas from putting up their camp near city., they fought a battle of Kurukshetra. [ 28 ] first god called by Kunti after her marriage a. Time and he fulfill his oath — Vrushali, his childhood friend, husband.

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